My best character. Can someone help my decide?


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Everyone has a 'best' character for online, but I cannot decide. Can you guys help?

Option 1: Cyrax
Cyrax is a great character, and I tend to use him extremely aggressively, his net is good to catch people off guard, his bombs are useful against people who always block, and the teleport is effective against those spamming iceball or spear. I know his kombos as well and god are they deadly.

However, Cyrax is not the best when it comes to people who use Smoke or Liu Kang, especially those who keep doing the Y,X,A kombo, and he is easily punishable.

Option 2: Scorpion
Do I even need to go into much detail? He is easy to use and is good at punishing. His attacks are easily blocked though, except Hellfire, but i fell dirty using that. However, it is satisfying to burn an opponent to a crisp using Toasty!

Option 3: Sub-Zero
Like Scorpion, his combos are easy to learn and specials are effective, he is more of a defensive player for me, however, being defence doesn't always work for me, but his slide is useful against blockers, except when they crouch as well...

Option 4: Quan Chi
Im happy to be someone who uses Quan Chi regulary, to me he is the 'noob killer' as he can easily punish spammers, his kombos are easy and I even know a X-ray Kombo, his attacks are easily blocked again though, and I shamefully spam a little when using him.

So who is best, would you say, for me to use? Im leaning toward Cyrax or Sub-Zero.
you want us to choose who you play as when we don't know you at all? lol okay um i choose for you to use cyber sub zero. do it now!
Guys stop being so unhelpful, he's not asking you to tell him what character to use...he's asking for helpful suggestions/opinions.

On topic of the thread though...I use Quan Chi because as you said he's a really good character to use to punish spammers online and noone ever uses him so most people are taken by surprise. He's in the 'low tier' of characters for some reason but I think that's just rubbish, any character is great in the right hands.

Scorpion is my favorite character and I mained him for a week or two but I want to try out different characters so I'm using Kabal/Quan Chi online these days. Like you said Scorpion is a great pick-up character to use, his combos are easy to pull and stuff. However he's very overused and predictable. I'm not really a defensive player so I don't like playing as Subby and I haven't really tried Cyrax properly yet so I wouldn't know. Hope this helped.
I think you should use who you feel most comfortable with.
Scorpion is easy fast and powerful.

Haven't really used cyrax much.

Sub-zero is great in the right hands.

Quan Chi would be my choice. I'm a Quan Chi user and his combo's are sick. If you use his skeletal Damage boost you can do a 70% combo. That is if they don't nerf it.