Movie of the Year 2017


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Now that all of the notable movies have been released for the year, what's everyone's pick for their favorite of 2017?

My pick for movie of the year goes to Atomic Blonde.

Atomic Blonde2.jpg

It was the perfect blend of style and substance. The scenes were neon lit but still felt gritty. Some of the best action scenes I've seen in a long time. I knew this movie was going to be good but even I was surprised how amazing it really turned out to be.

2nd place goes to Blade Runner 2049


Great visuals, interesting story. Ryan Gosling wasn't bad but I felt someone else could've done a better job.

3rd place goes to Wonder Woman


My gripe with this movie was the weak final fight/villain. Other than that, it was a great film. Gal Gadot is definitely the Wonder Woman of this generation. She's amazing.
1) Get Out
2) Wonder Woman
3) Logan

Didn't watch some other movie like Happy Death Day, Suburbicon, War of the PotA, Blade Runner 2049, or Justice League yet so it might change when I do.
My personal top 3 movies for this year.

Kong Skull Island

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars hasn't come out yet. But i know it will be one of my top movies this year.
So far for me it's Bladerunner 2049 #1 followed closely by Logan. I did end up liking thor ragnarok, wonder woman and justice league but none of those films left any lasting impression on me like bladerunner and Logan did.
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I didn't see Logan. I thought the previous Wolverine movies sucked so I didn't bother with this one. Maybe, I should give it a shot because I'm hearing a lot of good things about it.
My top 3 favorite movies I've seen so far are:

#1- Logan
#2- Wonder Woman
#3- Kingsman 2 (placeholder; also not as strong as the 1st one but still good and funny)

I didn't get a chance to watch these, but they are on my "must-see" list before Star Wars Episode VIII comes out next month.

Blade Runner 2049 (I've seen one of the 3 short films that serve as the prequel/interquel to the events of the 2nd movie)
Thor: Ragnarok
Justice League
The Foreigner
Yeah, I didn't watch any of the trailers either. This is going to be the first Star Wars I see in the theater.
My first Star Wars at the theater, believe it or not, was the 1997 Special Edition rerelease of A New Hope (I was born 5 months after ROTJ was released in theaters). My favorite theater experience with Star Wars was seeing the midnight showing of Revenge Of The Sith (which, as you can tell by my avatar, is tied with The Empire Strikes Back as my favorite Star Wars film).

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