Moves Guide Updated with Fatality

Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
Staff member
Here is a quick early update for today, adding the game's first confirmed <B>Fatality</B> into the <a href="/games/mkda/guides/cubeclub.txt">MKDA Special Moves Guide</a>. The first confirmed Fatality for the game is <B>Scorpion's</B> spear through the head Fatality. Scorpion throws his spear into his victims head. At which time he
starts to pull at the rope attached to the spear a few times. And he eventually pulls his victims head right off their body. The movements for the fatality are <B>B, B, D, B, (X)</B> in the FATALITY fighting style. Thanks goes to Elitekombatant from the <a href=""></a> Message Boards for finding this Fatality at the Cube Club in Phoenix, AZ.
I am still compiling questions that you, the readers, sent in to me. I will make an update either later tonite or tomorrow answering the questions I received, so keep sending me questions via <a href="mailto:patrick@trmkorg">email</a>.