Most stupid ending ever.

Dan Cowan

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Here's a way to make MK's endings not suck: just make them all canon. Plain and simple. I don't want to see what would have happened to Reptile if he just randomly decided, "I feel kind of treasonous today" and killed Shao Kahn all Brutus style, I want to know what happened to Reptile after Raiden defeated Shao Kahn or whoever is the canon winner of the game.


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I expected more of Cyber sub-zero, being a new character and all..but no, his was worst of all endings.

Maybe they intend 2 get rid of him (coz' he's such a sh!t character), so they just didn't bother putting any effort into his ending. Who knows; in MK10 he might be half Cyber-Sub Zero, Half Shao Khan, half Man Bear Pig.