Mortal Movie Monday - History of Fatalities

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<a href="">Since as of today Midway Games is now Warner Bros.</a>, I decided to run a video this <b>Mortal Movie Monday</b> that was put together by Midway called <b>The History of Fatalities</b>. The feature goes into the history of our favorite finishing moves and it's use in <a href="">Mortal Kombat</a> over the past 15+ years. It is over twenty minutes long, and talks with various developers on the <b>Mortal Kombat Team</b> about what their favorite or least favorite Fatalities are. The video was only available on the bonus DVD that came along with the Premium Edition of <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Armageddon</a> for the PlayStation 2.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and watch this week's <b>Mortal Movie Monday</b> clip.

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We at TRMK are always looking for great clips to showcase, so don't forget to <a href="">suggest us a future video</a> to be featured. Come back next <b>Mortal Movie Monday</b> for another Kompelling video.
Good stuff!

My top 3:

1. Quan Chi - MK4 - Leg rip & beat down
2. Kung Lao - MKII - Hat split
3. Sub-Zero - MKI - Spine Rip
I actaully like the smoke one with all the bombs... I guess its because I was like; "Okay, that was just.... WHOA! O_O " I'm not saying I thought it was good, its just by the time I got to MK3 I was used to the fats and that one was just... Different.

My fav??? I don't really have one. If I could remember the accidental one I pulled off in MK1, it would be that because you never take away the magic of the FIRST one you pulled off... Even if it was by accident. :-3

And yes... The neck stretcher is my least fav.
Among my least faves are the Neck Stretcher, Nitara's MKDA suck one, and most of the ridiculous cartoony ones in MK3 like Jax's giant boot.
My favourite and first Fatality is Sub-Zero's fatality in MK1 The spine Rip, My most least favourite Fatality is the Quan Chi's Neck Stretch Fatality its the worst fatality in history of fatalitys.
Least favorite fatalities?

Actually they are so many more dumb FAT's than good ones...

but 3 I dislike alot are Quan's Neck Stretch, Smoke's Blow up the world & Mileena's sai attack (MKII).
I can't believe nobody has mentioned Rain's upside-down uppercut thing from MKT as they're least favorite. Even though Quan Chi's neck stretch fatality is bad, at least it made sense.
Hey! I liked that fatality! The Neck Stretcher is not violent and necks are not made of rubber!

It takes real skill to make somebody land upside down!
I don't know if I have an absolute favorite fatality, but some contenders would probably have to include Kung Lao's vertical slice, Sub-Zero's spine rip and freeze/shatter, and Scorpion's torso slice from MK2 as well as his scorpion fatality from MK4 (at least at the time, I thought that was immeasurably awesome). Now that I think about it, there are probably too many to name. Baraka's blade impale is another one I was always very fond of.

Least favorites, of course, have to include the neck stretch. Also the blackout fatalities from UMK3, the "me too" uppercut decapitations, MK3 fatalities in general, and possibly Kitana's kiss of death just because I've seen it so damn many times and they refuse to do anything interesting with it.
It would be so much better if for the Kiss of Death instead of just expanding, or folding up, they would have the skin and bones melt away...yea, that'd be awesome.

As for favorites, most of what Deathcore said I agree with. Except I really hate the Scorpion fatality from MK4. Many of my favorites are from MK2. Kung Lao's hat slice, Scorpion's Jugular Cut, Liu Kang's Dragon, Reptile's Head Muncher, and Johnny's Torso Rip (it's just BRUTAL). From later games, I enjoy Sub-Zero's MKD Freeze, Decap, and Baseball chuck your head into gruesome explosion one. There really are too many to name, and I can't remember all of them from MKDA onwards.
Awesome Video I never saw that before.
It is very pity that the premium edition's are just as a NTSC version was released.
Sadly i have a Pal console so i can't run NTSC games on it. :cry:

My Top 5 Fatality's :-D
1. Scorpion's 2 Fatality in MK Deception
2. Sub-Zero's Head Rip in MK1/4/Gold
3. Quan Chi's Leg Rip in MK4/Gold
4. Kung Lao's Body Cutter Fatality in MK2 I wished he do that in MK4 too.
5. Reptiles Acid Spit Fatality in MK4/Gold
1. Quan Chi leg tear-off and beat - MK4
2. Sub-Zero skeleton rip - MK Deadly Alliance
3. Reptile eats face - MK4
4. Sindel screams skin off - MK3

Least favorites: every single Friendship, Babality and Animality
I don't understand how you guys can like Reptile's MK4 fatality more than it's upgrade from MKDA. It's nearly identical except it throws in the awesome head eating from MK2.
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