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Hello all. In this thread, I will be writing a fanfic that I started work on a while ago. It never really hit off here, so I 'm just making this in hopes that the title change and things will help. Please leave any comments of what you think of my story. It would really help me, seeing as I still have a lot to learn in the writing section. And if one of the mods would merge this thread:!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this one, I would appreciate it. Anyways, here goes.

Kombat in Zaibatsu
By Bishop Oldfield​

Liu Kang awoke on an operating table. He looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings. He was wearing his normal attire, a red headband, no shirt, and black pants with red stripes on either side. The room he was in was large, and mostly in white. There was instruments scientist use on a bedside table next to him. But the wall across the room from him, however, was the biggest attraction in the room. The wall was made mostly out of glass. On the opposite side of the glass wall were some people wearing lab coats, something written in purple that Liu couldn't make out. The man in the front was wearing a purple, sequined T-Shirt and brown pants. A nurse to the man's left said:
"Project Alt. Universe was a success, Mr. Chaolan." The man, Mr. Chaolan, replied, "Excellent." Not fond of the project's name, Liu Kang sprinted to the glass wall, shouting "Let me out!"
"Impressive." Said Mr. Chaolan. "He's been here only for a few minutes, and is perfectly capable of movement." A nurse to Mr. Chaolan's left said "Should we neutralize him?"
"No." Mr. Chaolan said. "I'll take care of him." He then pressed a button and a door to Liu's left opened up. Mr. Chaolan walked to the door and stepped inside. The nurse that was to Mr. Chaolan's left pressed the button, and the door snapped down shut.
"Well, I see you're awake." Mr. Chaolan said. "We expected you to be unconscious for a little while longer." Liu Kang, still a bit shocked, replied "Who are you? And where are we?" Mr. Chaolan grinned, and said" My name, Liu, is Lee Chaolan. And if you want to know where we are, you must first defeat me in combat."
And with this, Lee assumed his battle position, standing on his toes and bending his knees up and down repeatedly. Excited that Lee was welcome to a fight, Liu Kang smiled, assumed his battle position, and proclaimed, "If it's a battle you want, then it's a battle you will get! Fight!"

Taking Lee lightly, Liu threw a simple punch, but Lee ducked under it and countered with an uppercut, sending Liu 3 feet into the air, and landed on his back. Surprised to find Lee was a skilled combatant, Liu jumped up and threw a flying kick followed by a bicycle kick towards Lee. They hit with perfect accuracy, all of the strikes landing on Lee's chest and pushing him a few feet back. Lee stayed where he was, taunting Liu. Angered, Liu Kang ran towards Lee. When he got close, however, Lee unleashed a series of rapid fire kicks to Liu's stomach. Liu was hit by the first three, staggering him a little bit, but Liu, immediately recovered, grabbed Lee's head, turned around, and flipped Lee over his shoulder. Before Lee could get up, Liu put a foot on Lee's chest, bent down, and said, "I think that's good enough. Now, tell me where are." Lee smiled, turned his head, spit out some blood, and said, "Impressive, Liu. You win. Let me up, and I'll tell you where are." Still cautious, Liu lifted his foot off Lee's chest and lowered it back to its spot. Hacking, Lee stood up.
"Follow me. I'll explain along the way." Leaving him no other options, Liu sighed and followed Lee.

"Alicia, please open the door." Lee said. The nurse that was to his right pressed the button, and the door slid open again. Lee and Liu stepped through the door. Liu could now finally see the writing on the scientist's and, written in the color of Lee's shirt, said "Violet Systems" Liu followed Lee to a door and outside. The scenery outside was breath-taking. There were two paths made out of gravel that Liu could see. The rest of the path was made of green bushes. In the center of the square the paths led to was a large fountain. The water was squirting out of a statue of a dolphin's blowhole.
"Hey, you coming?" Lee shouted to Liu. While he had been admiring the scenery, Lee had reached the straight path leading out of the area. Snapping out of his trance, Liu ran to Lee. Smiling, Lee said "Enjoying the scenery, I see? I designed it myself."
"Interesting." was all Liu said. They had walked a little while before Liu said "You still haven't told me how and why I got here."
"Oh. Yes, about that. You see, I have been trying to make contact with other universe. While research was being undertaken, we found your universe, and noticed it had a significantly weaker barrier to collide with than the other universes we found."
"That makes since, since we have been invaded before by another universe." Liu said. Seeing the curious look on Lee's face, he added, "Long story. Continue." Lee then said
"Well, we used our technology to view your world, and decided to take a person from that world, and bring them to our universe to…er…research and document their interactions."
"That's….um….exciting. But I would like to get back to my universe."
"Well, that's the problem." Lee said rather nervously. Liu, now also nervous, asked "And what exactly is this problem?" After a few moments, Lee responded.
"By the time we had breached your universe, we had realized that this person we had brought would have no way back to their individual universe. However, we still had to take someone. So we found and took the next person we could find, which happened to be you."
"I see." Liu said."So, are you trying to fix the problem?
"Yes. But the estimated time it'll take to completion is anywhere from 6 months to a year."
"So what, I'm trapped here until it's fixed?"Liu asked, slightly mortified at the idea of being away from his universe for so long.
"Unfortunately, yes. However…."
"What? Can I get to my universe quicker?" Liu asked, his hope rising.
"Well, since you proved to me you're exceedingly capable in combat, I'll tell you." Lee said. "Every year, or when the sponsor decides to have one, there is a tournament called The King of Iron Fist Tournament. The winner of this tournament will face off against the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, currently Heihachi Mishima, in a battle for control of the company. With their technology, you may be able to create a portal to get yourself back to your universe." Interested at the concept of the tournament, Liu asked, "How do you know this?" Lee thought for a second, then replied.
"Heihachi Mishima is my adoptive father. I've tried to take it from both him and his son, Kazyua Mishima, but have failed every time." Liu, still intrigued at the idea of both winning another tournament and getting back to his universe, asked, " So when exactly is the tournament?". Lee responded, "The latest tournament announced will begin in three week's time. However, you must enter in a week. But be warned, many fighters from around the world come to compete in this tournament. Some are more motivated than others, and a motivated fighter in this tournament, is a dangerous fighter.
"So then I might need assistance?" Liu asked.
"Well, if you want to increase your chance of winning, then yes."
"I see." Liu said. By this time, they had left the grounds of Violet Systems.
"You probably need to stay some place. For putting this burden On you, I'll let you stay at my house."
"Thanks" Liu said. They then entered a limousine that was 50 feet long, with TV every 5 feet.
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"Rick, please take me to my residence." Lee said. The chauffeur, apparently named Rick, responded "As you wish, master Chaolan." Liu had been staring outside the window absent-mindedly through 10 minutes of silence, when an idea suddenly popped into his head. Liu turned to Lee and asked with a sense of urgency, "Lee, can you still make contact with my universe?" Lee, slightly curious, said, " Yes. Got an idea?"
"Yep." was all Liu said. Lee looked at his wristwatch, and said "Wristwatch, on." Immediately after saying this, a red hologram shot out of the watch. Lee then said "Obtain access to… where do you want to go?" Lee asked.
"Outworld Investigation Agency, Earthrealm."
"Ok. Outworld Investigation Agency, Universe MK." After Lee said that, another screen popped up, in front of it was a women with short, blonde hair, with her back turned to the video. Lee took off the watch, handed it to Liu, and said "It's all yours."
"Thanks" Liu mouthed to Lee before turning his attention to the screen.
"Sonya." Liu said. The women turned around, and jumped a little when she saw who it was and where he was.
"Liu? Where are you?"
"I'm in another universe. Long story. Listen, I need to get back to there, but the only way I'll be able to do it is to win a tournament, but I'll need assistance. Can you get a portal set up and bring our allies here?"
"I'll try my best."
"Thank you." Liu Kang said. But then he remembered that he needed to take someone with him.
"Actually," Liu said, "can you relay the message to Jax? I can't leave without taking someone with me."
"Oh." Sonya said "Sure." She quickly grabbed a pen and piece of paper and scrawled a message.
"Ok. Ready. So how do you do this?"
"Honestly," Liu smiled "I have no clue. I'll have him show it to you." He then flipped the screen towards Lee.
"Lee Chaolan, Sonya Blade. Sonya Blade, Lee Chaolan."
"Stand aside." Lee grinned, cracked his knuckles, typed a few things, and within a few minutes, Sonya was sitting in the limo next to Liu.
"Hey." was all Sonya said. The three sat in awkward silence for the next five minutes, until the limo stopped, and Rick said "We have arrived at the Chaolan Estate."
The house was, unsurprisingly, a large estate. It was at least 200,000 square feet. As they were walking into the mansion, Lee started giving facts about the house.
"50 bedrooms, 30 guest rooms, 3 Olympic sized pools, and one hell of a rec room. Welcome to the Chaolan Manor." As Liu and Sonya walked into the house, it looked, as if possible, even bigger from the inside. A spiral staircase as high as the limo was long, with drop-off points at every floor, a large chandelier hanging high above an equally big dining table, and a room to the left where Liu could see a foam pit and a trampoline.
"Wow." Sonya said, clearly awe-inspired. "This place is… amazing."
"Thank you. I always try for perfection." Lee said. "Shall I give you a tour?" Lee then proceeded to show the two around the mansion, taking at least 4 hours. By the time he was finished it was nearing dark.
"Well, it's nearing dinnertime. I have my butler make it, and I'll call you down when it's ready. Take any room you'd like." Liu and Sonya took rooms next to each other on the third floor, and within the hour, Lee's voice appeared on an intercom that was apparently imbedded into every room, saying "Dinner is served."
They met outside of their rooms and walked downstairs to meet Lee at the dining table. The meal, to all standards, was superb.
"Well done, Michael. You've really outdone yourself. Well, I'm heading to bed. Got quite a day ahead. I'd suggest you two do the same." And with that, the three headed to their individual rooms, and all fell asleep.

So, what did you guys think of the first chapter? I have more made already, but I don't want to edit all of it if no one's going to read it. So if you want me to post more, please reply.
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Good story but it's Lee ChaolAn not ChaolIn, and it's sequined(which I think you were going for) not sequenced.

WTF? I edited that before I posted it anywhere. But thank you those for pointing that out. Reserved (Hopefully the last one, if not, would anyone please delete their posts? It would make it a lot easier for me.


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WTF? I edited that before I posted it anywhere. But thank you those for pointing that out. Reserved (Hopefully the last one, if not, would anyone please delete their posts? It would make it a lot easier for me.

Need me to delete mine so it doesn't interrupt your flow? I'll just save my post.

"Sixth post" Good story but it's Lee ChaolAn not ChaolIn, and it's sequined(which I think you were going for) not sequenced.
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