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I know it's long, but I hope it will catch on and you will enjoy it. You should just give it a try and, if you like it, please choose the 35 most important characters from it that should be in the game.


As long as Shinnok lived, the Netherrealm had known a sense of order. And after his imprisonment, Quan Chi held the realm's most powerful warriors united for a cause. But after their deaths, War began ...... 3 sides, one more threatening than the other, more deadly, more ruthless... all fighting for the ultimate power. 3 powerful warriors had crowned themselves Emperors... Emperors over the dead and the wretched, Emperors of the vast chimera Shinnok had created, Emperors of Hell, though only of the known part of this infinite in size realm. As much as they tried to use their sight and look beyond the outer edge of the known Netherrealm, none of the 3 Emperors had managed to find an end. Even though they could see as far as parsecs and light years, the Netherrealm never ended. The first, Liu Kang, ruling in the center of the former Elder God's Empire, commanding billions from the Great Pyramid, aided by Dark Empress Kitana and the fallen Earthrealm warriors. Another, Emperor Noob Saibot, in an alliance with excommunicated Chaos priest Havik, fallen from the land of mortals, commanding the remains of the Brotherhood of the Shadow's thousand warriors and attacking from the Western territories. The third one, self-entitled Emperor Reiko, who gathered the best fallen Outworld fighters under his command, proving his skill in war tactics, as he rules the Outer territories where Liu Kang's troops can not reach. The damned who end up in Hell must choose one side and Liu Kang gains more and more strength each day. Those who do not join either side are hunted by all... and when found.... are subjected to the worst imaginable torments. Some wish to atone for their sins and leave this wretched world behind. But none has ever escaped the Netherrealm for good. Some had managed to go back into the land of the living for short periods of time but they have always ended up back in Hell, deemed evil at heart by the Elder Gods. Can there be anyone truly good in the Netherrealm? Ashrah and Kintaro lead a group of fugitives who refuse to feed themselves on the week. They pray to the Elder Gods and attempt to escape this place, but the Gods have not answered them so far and the War forces them to lay out of sight. A War which has become more balanced after the recent successes of Emperor Noob Saibot: the betrayal of the Emperor Liu Kang by the enenra Smoke, who has joined his old ally Bi-Han and the bringing of Imperial troops of the Moroi by Nitara, a vampire plunged into the Netherrealm to seek an alliance and take back the living world for the vampires as it was millennia ago.

Emperor Liu Kang...............................Emperor Noob Saibot.................................Emperor Reiko
Empress Kitana..................................Enenra leader Smoke.................................Empress Skarlet
First General Kung Lao............................Queen Nitara.......................................Commander Motaro
Mother Empress Sindel.........................Fallen Priest Havik..................................Commander Baraka
General Nightwolf..............................Contingent leader Kobra.............................Commander Mavado
General Kabal
General Stryker

On Earthrealm, Raiden's madness had consumed him. After years of living a secluded life and not getting involved in the politics of the world, Raiden decides to make his presence felt. In a show of power, he brings the world's most prominent leaders (all greedy and incompetent) for a meeting in Egypt and rises over the pyramids on national television as he reveals himself to be Earthrealm's most powerful God. The world leaders are assassinated by Raiden's followers: Scorpion, Sonya, Jacqui, Frost, Kira, Chameleon and Class, Kano's son. Jacqui and Sonya seek revenge over Jax's death at the hands of Erron Black and have become disillusioned with the United States' army commanders, who have failed to protect Earhrealm. Sonya becomes Commander in chief of the UN troops and institutes martial law in all of Earthrealm, with the armies ready for deployment, as the people of Earth are forced to bow to Raiden and adopt a new religion. Sub-Zero is saddened that Frost has chosen to kill for Raiden rather than protect Earthrealm, but Frost wants to prove that she is the best. Kung Kin is also on Raiden's side, though he only watches in horror the onslaught of the Earthrealm leaders. Kung Jin's only hope of freeing his cousin from Hell is Raiden, as Fujin could not promise him such help.

Fujin has a meeting with the other elders, Johnny Cage, Kenshi, Sub-Zero, Bo'Rai'Cho and Shujinko. They have refused to follow Raiden on the path of madness. Johnny Cage cannot reason with Sonya anymore. She believes that he and Cassie will understand later on that only this way she can protect them. As Earthrealm's armies enter Outworld, Kotal Kahn gains the right to defend his realm in Mortal Kombat, Kotal Kahn prepares his warriors: Reptile, Ferra/Torr, Erron Black and Sheeva. With the help of Raiden, Outworld is weakened, as Rain and Tanya have freed Edenia and now rule over the realm in an alliance with Earthrealm. Many Outworlders have fled to Edenia, where the food is plenty and the regime is not as harsh. Kotal Kahn even gives up his pride and bows to Goro, asking him to fight for Outworld once more. Goro agrees, but says that after the tournament their feud will continue and he will kill Kotal Kahn. “I do this for Outwolrd, not you.” Bo'Rai'Cho takes Li Mei to personally inform Raiden that he will be fighting for Outworld, as this time Outworld is the one attacked. Raiden says that he laments his friend's decision, tells him that he will die on the battlefield and doesn't understand why Bo'Rai'Cho can't see the danger in Kotal Kahn's rule. “He is just like Shao Kahn, can't you see? Bent on conquering, on becoming more powerful. You can't understand things the way I do. Has the death of Major Briggs taught you nothing?” are Raiden's words. The old master takes Li Mei with him to the Living forest where she resumes her training.
The young generation is torn apart, Jacqui and Kung Jin having joined Raiden, Cassie and Takeda have sided with Fujin. Takeda tried everything to comfort Jacqui, but she had changed after her father's death. She is not the same sweet, innocent girl he had fallen in love with. Cassie and Takeda are joined by newcomers Kai and Sareena and await the decision of the elders.

After consulting the Elder Gods, Fujin learns that the timeline keeps trying to correct itself. Raiden succeeded in stopping Shao Kahn with the use of the Amulet given to him by the Elder Gods, but the universe keeps moving in the same direction: Shinnok's liberation and subsequent defeat, Raiden turning evil, the Dragon King manifesting himself from beyond death, Edenia being freed and the center of a large conflict....all will result in the deaths of the ones that also died in the first timeline, inevitably. Now knowing about Taven, Fujin sends Kenshi and Takeda to free him. Taven learns of all the wretched things Daegon has done, but still believes his brother may be saved. He is shocked however to find out he has another brother, Rain, now calling himself the Protector God of Edenia. Johnny and Cassie are sent to the maximum security prison where D'vorah is kept, infiltrate it and open an air vent to get her out in the form of bees, which Cassie and Johnny promptly put to sleep with pesticide, wearing masks. Seeking good relations with Kotal Kahn, the Earthrealm Resistance allows him to have a conversation with D'vorah. A visibly shaken Kotal enters her sealed quarters and has a tearful conversation with a repentant D'vorah. Though Kotal Kahn loves her, he cannot forgive her betrayal. She can only answer that it is in the nature of the Kytinn to seek the best option for their future offspring and she cannot fight her nature. Kotal promises to absolve her of all sins if she fights for Outworld in the coming tournament, but D'vorah says she will not do that. After he leaves, a bug secretly planted on his back exits the room as well and is ingested by one of the human troopers guarding the entrance. He begins hallucinating and eventually frees a patient D'vorah from her prison.
Fujin goes himself to meet Khameleon, who is hiding in India with the few saurians left alive, posing as humans. He asks from her to go to Outworld and speak with Chameleon and Reptile, have the saurians' best warriors join sides.

Sub-Zero asks if the Elder Gods have made Fujin the new Protector of Earthrealm, but Fujin says that they have chosen him instead. Fujin believes in Kuai Liang, even though the cryomancer still feels responsible for doing horrible things while working for Quan Chi and Havik. “They need a better protector. They need you.” Fujin reassures him. Sub-Zero, new Protector of Earthrealm, takes Sareena to Kotal Kahn's Outworld to investigate the reappearance of Shang Tsung. Having cheated death by binding his soul to Shao Kahn's old fortress and waiting for the right time, Shang had lured Ermac into a trap and absorbed almost all his souls, becoming even more powerful than before, but unconsciously absorbing Shao Kahn's soul as well. Ermac is left comatose, a shell of his former self, only one soul remaining. Unable to control the new-found power Shao Kahn's soul grants, Shang Tsung retreats to his island where Sub-Zero and Sareena corner him. With Bo'Rai'Cho's help and Sub-Zero's new Protector powers, they can save Shang, but only if he atones for his sins and fights against Raiden. Shang Tsung refuses to help his enemies and escapes, Sub-Zero and Sareena loosing his track.

Fujin sends Shujinko to Orderrealm, where Hotaru has won the war with Chaosrealm and is keeping Darrius prisoner. Half of Chaosrealm is now under the control of Seido and the clerics of chaos have been spared under the condition that no more Revolutions will be supported and that Seido is allowed to use the natural resources their realm offers. The cult of deceased and excommunicated cleric Havik is however gaining supporters, a new Revolution being prepared in the free part of Chaosrealm by General Dairou. Shujinko asks that the Seidan army occupies Earthrealm, as the new Protector God will not consider it an act of aggression. Hotaru is aware that he doesn't speak about Raiden, agrees on the condition that Earthrealm will return the help in the Chaosrealm Revolution and wants his troops to be lead by his former comrade, Taven.

As Orin senses Caro's location, Kenshi, Takeda and Taven infiltrate the Red Dragon base and free the dragon. Daegon is cornered and they work together to defeat him. As they prepare to land the killing blow, he calls them to wait, as he has information about an imminent attack on Earthrealm. “You killed my mother!” “I can give her back to you” Daegon says. Takeda screams and puts his sword to Daegon's throat. Taven puts himself between Takeda and Daegon in an effort to save his brother as the 4 warriors engage in a stalemate. But reason prevails, as Takeda chooses to spare him. “Daegon, you are my brother and I will always love you. But why would you do this? Destroy our father's legacy? Kill all those innocent people?” “I told you I can bring Suchin back and I meant it. You have come to kill me for things you do not understand. Death is meaningless. It is a mere passing from one world to another- the Heavens or the Netherrealm. Your Suchin was deemed worthy by the Elder Gods and now is granted eternal rest with angels. I did her a favour, but because you are so young you cannot see death as I do and life bears too much meaning for you. I have been preparing for Taven's arrival for 10.000 years. Close to Lord Shinnok I was all this time, his protejee he called me, destined to win the battle of Armageddon. I listened, learned his secrets in the Netherrealm, was worshiped as a God here on Earthrealm and on other realms, amassed this massive army from the best fighters I could find. All in the name of this One War that is to come, foretold long before our mother had sensed it. Everything you've been told, all the history you know.. is a lie! The Dragon King had known it and that is why the Elder Gods feared him, cause when their rule will be over, every damned soul in the Netherrealm will escape into this world and take control. Shinnok wanted to destroy this Universe and re-create the One Being, but there are others who don't want it destroyed...but want to rule it. They are preparing right now, gathering their 5 armies of undead, demons, vampires, tarkata and chaosrealmers. And only we, my brother, can stop them!” “Lies” Takeda said. “How can we know this to be true?” asked Kenshi. “All portals to and from the Netherrealm have been sealed after their invasion.” “Not all portals were known to Raiden. Come with me and see for yourself! Caro, open the gate to the Netherrealm. You think you're too righteous to walk that realm? Think again.”

The proposed “Alliance of Seven” takes place in the Netherrealm. A cease of hostilities is arranged and the most important figures of the 3 sides are brought together to negociate. Liu Kang and Kitana, Noob Saibot with Nitara and the priest Havik and Reiko all come to the table. The 7th warrior to come is Rain, who smugly humiliates Tanya, telling her to wait for him outside. Rain reveals that he had come to the Netherrealm, where the sight of the Elder Gods does not reach, to release his full power, and he has taped into the very power of the realm itself, being now more powerful than the Gods. He had recently been reunited with mother, a powerful demon sorceress as old as the Netherrealm itself, “older than Shinnok and the Elder Gods themselves” says Rain. As the others claim it is not possible, the Elder Gods having crafted reality from the One Being, Rain tells them that time has come for them to learn the truth of how the universe came to be. The living realms and the Universe had indeed been created by the One Being's destruction, but the Netherrealm had existed forever, even before 11 billion years ago. Rain believes that the 7 of them together can bring enough troops in a War that will destroy the combined armies of the living realms and allow them to infiltrate the Heavens to cast down the Elder Gods once and for all, taking their place and allowing all damned souls an escape from the Netherrealm into the realms. Rain can bring millions of Edenian troops, Liu Kang and Kitana command billions of demons, Noob Saibot has the formidable Brotherhood of the Shadow, Nitara the Imperial Army of the Moroi, Havik brings his Chaosrealm followers, Reiko still has loyal Outworld human and centaur troops in and out of the Netherrealm. Their combined armies can defeat an Earthrealm-Outworld-Seido alliance.

From the Netherrealm, Rain informs, there are passageways to a strange realm, known as the Dream realm, where normal physical laws don't function and where one's mind fades if he or she remain too long. It is a part of Hell, but not of the realm itself, as it can only be accessed through remote locations. It is also the place where demons and other doomed souls are reborn if they are eaten or killed in the Netherrealm. Jade, the messenger of the Lady of the Dream Realm, is revealed to be alive and makes an entrance vouching for everything Rain has said. Lady Lamashtu Mephistopheles is presented by Rain as his real mother, a demon sorceress who had remained in the Netherrealm unbothered by either Lucifer or Shinnok the past millennia. She traveled the realms as she pleased, taught Quan Chi sorcery, stole the essence of Argus and created his demon son Rain from it, in the hope that one day he would become the most powerful warrior in the realms. Argus had saved the small child and entrusted him to be raised by one of the First Generals of Edenia, making up a lie about his infidelity rather than have the boy slain for being a half-demon. Argus believed in the good nature of Rain, but knew that his powers would manifest and Edenians will know he is the son of a God. With Tanya's sorcery and Jade's aid, a mature Rain was reunited with his mother, who wishes to change the flow of time and reveal to all mortals that the Elder Gods are liars and were, at first, mere residents of the Netherrealm, just like everyone else, and they were all created by even more powerful beings in a neverending cycle. In the dawn of times, 11 billion years ago, powerful sorcerers and sorceresses wishing to create a new, better world fought a war in Hell, which the current Elder Gods won, leaving the realm almost void of sorcery. They destroyed a great God of Hell, the One Being, and created the Universe from it. This Universe was sealed off from the Netherrealm, leaving behind those who had lost the war, the first demons, among whom Lucifer and the Lady of the Dream Realm.

The demons that the Elder Gods took with them were now called Gods in the new world, the planets of the Universe were created and looked after by these deities, afterwords populated with their new creation- biologic life that would evolve until reaching their image and gain eternal life with them in the Heavens. Gods even mated with their new creations, powerful descendants of Edenia being born, the royal lineage from an Elder God himself. Only from the Universe could souls pass after death into the Heavens, the new infinite home the Elder Gods constructed. But only those deemed worthy by their judgment could enter the Heavens, the ones considered evil or too powerful left to rot in the Netherrealm. Lady Mephisopheles is beautiful and looks young even though she is older than the Heavens themselves. She has an appealing nature and is promiscuous, kissing her son Rain on the mouth as a disgusted Tanya looks from behind. Their relation is revealed to be that of lovers, as well as mother and son. “Don't let yourselves be fooled by chastity! This is the Netherrealm and there are no rules here. My body longs for the strongest male. And who better than my own flesh, my son?”
The 7 agree to bring together their armies, Reiko and Havik surender their feud until after their escape from the Netherrealm, but Liu Kang asks that he be allowed to enact vengeance on the betrayer Smoke. As this is the only impediment, Noob Saibot has to accept and Smoke is allowed to defend himself. Though he fights bravely, Liu Kang decapitates him, which angers Noob Saibot. Lady Mephistopheles tells Liu Kang that he will see the enenra again, in the Dream Realm, where she will wait for him. Kitana is reunited with the old friend she had mourned for, Jade, who promises that she has returned to free her and join her with her son. “Son?” asks Kitana, whose only son had died at the young age of 10 a short while after Shao Kahn's conquest. “He is in the Heavens, held in ignorance by the Elder Gods” says Jade. “I promise you you shall see him again. Lady Lamashtu is unlike anyone we had ever known, Shao Kahn included. She is more powerful and has shown me much more truth than anyone has ever done. She will lead us to victory out of this Netherrealm and into the Heavens. This I promise you Kitana.”
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Kenshi, Takeda, Taven and Daegon watch as the preparations for War commence in the Netherrealm. Billions of troops are gathering, Noob Saibot and Reiko's motivational speeches for freedom received with battle cries that make the Netherrealm tremble. Beasts of all sorts, from demons to dragons, vampires, chaosrealmers, Oni, centaurs, legions of the Brotherhood, all gathering around the Sea of Immortality. Rain in the midst of them all has built an immense gate out of portal stones, fueled by Tanya's sorcery. “Kitana?” wonders Taven from the vantage point. “It is not possible.” “She is not the same good-hearted girl you once knew.” “How did you know?” asks Kenshi. “I knew because I was meant to know. There is a warrior in their army because I put him there. I found him 500 years ago on a Spanish ship, a conquistador headed for the New World on a mission to exterminate the Mayans. His chi unlike that of other mortals called to me to train him, which I have. I turned him from a filthy medieval weakling into the leader of my armies. I gave him the ancient Edenian power not to age and made him who he is today. You didn't think 2 young adolescents were capable of killing him that easily? That was the intention all along, so Emperor Reiko would trust him.”Daegon responds. “Mavado!” “Yes, Mavado”, he continues. “I have done terrible things, but they have been necessary. Indeed, at first Shinnok corrupted me, turned me against my parents. I had lost everything, having been tormented in Shao Kahn's dungeons, gelded and rendered sterile. Our parents, my own brother, Kitana....I hated you all. I killed them in my rage. But then I made peace with myself. I stayed in Shinnok's shadow, doing his bidding while waiting for the Battle of Armageddon to take our father's gift- the power of Blaze. But that power has become corrupted by the holy men of Onaga who forced Blaze into their service. It will no longer stop Armageddon, but enhance the power of all warriors. Shinnok had seen it happening in a timeline that has been reverted by Raiden. He informed me that you or I defeating Blaze results in everyone becoming even more powerful than before, thus the quest meant to prevent it proved to in fact be the catalyst of the Armageddon. In every scenario, Shao Kahn becomes powerful enough to come back to the Pyramid, kill the fire elemental, ourselves and create a cataclysmic event to destroy all of Edenia and the rest of the realms. I had to keep following Shinnok as he was the only one who could give me the answers. I needed to stop this. No matter what. Blaze had to be destroyed. That is why my Red Dragon infiltrated the holy priests of Onaga.” “No matter what? You enslaved Caro., killed our mother's most devout servant Blaze. You killed people on Earthrealm. Good people, honest people. Mothers, children...” “Yes, I suppose you are correct. Pawns, nothing more. In the grand Universe they are but dust in the wind, scattered to the Heavens or the Netherrealm after I ended their mortal life. Sacrifices that had to be made. We are no longer children Taven, someone had to take responsibility of stopping this. After Shinnok's defeat I came to this Hell to find out the truth. But not even I had been able to read the ancient writings in the depths of the Netherrealm. Long have I traveled it, but it is infinite. Only one has learned of its full history and potential- our brother, Rain.” “We do not have a brother.” exclaimed Taven. “Oh, yes we do. Raphael, the greatest human warrior of Edenia back in our days. Or at least, we taught he was human. Spurned from my father's genes by the sorcery of an evil so ancient as the Netherrealm itself, only Raphael is the artisan of this alliance. He now calls himself Rain, hiding his true identity from the Edenians who still remember him as betrayer to the last Resistance Bastion. Protector God Rain that is. I had the Red Dragon do his bidding in order to learn more, even if this meant killing innocents. And I did- I finally know the way to stop him.” “No matter the consequences, the life of an innocent is always precious. Your actions are those that determine who you are, not your reasons. Suchin, the special forces members.... they didn't have to die. We must return to Earthrealm at once and warn Fujin and Sub-Zero. Raiden is not prepared for what will come upon him.” But as they prepare to leave, the portal opened by Caro that they came from is found and shut down in the distance by Tanya. As the Alliance searches for intruders, the 4 are stranded behind enemy lines. “We can't fight them all at once.” says Takeda behind the rocks formation they are hiding. “Here they are!” a scouting party exclaims, as Rain turns his eyes towards the 4 warriors. His eyes glow stronger than the Sun as the brothers exchange sights from the distance for the first time in milennia. The 4 easily dispatch the nearby demons, but many any more are quickly approaching. Baraka, Skarlet, Motaro and Mavado are the first to reach them. Taven slides under Motaro, as the father and son take on Baraka and Skarlet. Mavado feigns a fight with his master, where he has time to fill him in on the schedule. As the group is overpowered and thousands of demons are approaching, Taven senses a familiar presence. Takeda fails to see Baraka's blades in time and is decapitated. Kenshi yells in rage holding his son's corpse. Struck down by Motaro and almost defeated, Taven sees as a figure almost as large as the centaur comes crashing into Motaro. It is his former ally, Kintaro. “Come with me if you want to live!” a voice says. Ashrah and her band of demons emerge from the lower levels of the Netherrealm and fend off the attackers. Kenshi, Daegon and Taven run with them deep into the ground where their tracks are lost. Baraka throws Mavado a suspecting look. “We must begin!” decides Rain.

Back in the Pyramid, Liu Kang keeps Shinnok's head and often speaks to it, him being the only one who seems to hear it. “We do not sleep, we do not eat, we do not need the warmth of clothes or someone else's love.” he tells Kitana. “We are doomed souls, unlike the ones who're still alive. We have chosen this path and would have it no other way because my eyes have been opened and my heart was shown the truth by Quan Chi. I resent the Elder Gods and their way of justice that condemns souls to eternal torment, while keeping the Paradise sealed for themselves. I would have this world end rather than have my eyes closed again by Raiden's magic. But though I need no human food or contact, my soul is consumed by the need to know, to learn the truth. And need I travel this whole Netherrealm to seek it, I will. And need I win this War or fight the Elder Gods themselves, I will. I know only that you are my half, the only one I care for, but the voice of Shinnok in my head tells me to search for answers beyond the borders of my city...deep into the heart of Hell.” Guided by Shinnok's voice, Liu Kang reads the ancient markings on the Pyramid walls, written in a language before humanity was formed. He learns of a doorway into the Dream Realm through the use of the portal stones, able to take their wielder further in the Netherrealm than Liu Kang's sight has ever been. Liu says his goodbyes to Kitana, who he promises will see again, leaves the command and war preparations to Kung Lao whom he hugs and calls “brother forever”, instructs to protect Kitana at all costs against Noob Saibot and the other powerful enemies in the alliance, and travels to find out the truth. Using the portal stone, Liu goes faster than the speed of light beyond the Outer territories and into the darkness of the 12th plane of the Netherrealm, where he crosses the river Styx to reach a massive gate leading into the Dream Realm. There, he finds Moloch, who is immune to the amnesia caused by the realm and has been trying to escape the DR. He says that he had found exits before, always leading him to Earthrealm, but it took him thousands of years each time and the last time he escaped was in Antiquity, when he was worshiped as a God in Mesopotamia.

As he dwells further into the realm, Liu Kang is hunted by visions of the evil things he has done, of his great fear of loosing Kitana, of the previous timeline where he had remained a good spirit even after death. Moloch shows Liu Kang the way to Quan Chi, but the sorcerer is unrecognizable, without powers, senile and withered. He can't remember who he is or what to answer Liu Kang. In a moment of awareness, Quan Chi tells Liu Kang not to trust the Lady of Hell, as she knows more than all of us combined... “Find the Mask of Kun-Lo...” says Quan Chi, “Then you will find its bearer... he will give you answers.” Liu Kang leaves his former mentor who he had followed for over 20 years and finds the ruler of the Dream World, Lady Mephistopheles herself, waiting for him. She has Smoke tied up and tormented, stung with needles all over his body, saying “He now belongs to me.” Liu laments that he had defeated his former ally. Demanding to know the limits of the Dream Realm and when it was created, Liu Kang learns from the Lady Mephistopheles that it is not a place, but a collective imagination of its inhabitants, created by her to resemble the Heavens. But because the inhabitants of the DR are only demons and lost souls, it does not resemble the Heavens at all, for their imagination is grotesque and gives birth to monsters. After failing to seduce Liu Kang, she agrees to hand him the Mask of Kun Lo if he knows which of the amnesic demons outside of her palace is the bearer. Liu Kang uses his connection to Shinnok to remember Drahmin's eyes and guesses correctly. Lady Mephistopheles allows him to take the oni with him, which is exactly what she wanted. Before leaving, she presents Liu Kang with a gift, Mileena, a clone of Kitana with no memory or knowledge of who she is and tells him he should use the ancient power of the Netherrealm when he will know what he wants. Believing she had supported Rain to gain that power, Lady Mephitopheles tells him that there is none more powerful than him, Liu Kang.

After Drahmin puts on his mask, he remembers everything and Liu Kang asks him about his life before becoming an oni. Drahmin recalls being the tallest, most handsome Outworld warrior thousands of years ago, called by people “the Prince of Outworld”. He had a beautiful wife, sweet children and a good life, but jealousy and envy began to eat his soul and corrupted him. He was placed by Shao Kahn in a position of power, named overlord for the Eastern Outworld dominion, where he ensured the governing of the greatest cities. He became ruthless, punishing those who did not agree with the Emperor's rule, even beating and abusing his wife and children. He became feared throughout the realm. When the invasion of Edenia began, he was named commander of one of Shao Kahn's battle contingents, laying waste in Edenia. He worked closely with Quan Chi 10.000 years ago, when the sorcerer aided Kahn in the Edenian War. Drahmin remembers that Shao Kahn had always wanted to create clones of Kitana (at that time a teenager), clones of someone of Royal Edenian blood. Only such blood could be used to open the secret Edenian Temple which was created at the dawn of civilization. One night, Drahmin lead an expedition into the Edenian city of Imortalia, where the ancient Temple was protected by the ward of Argus. They managed to infiltrate it and, with the blood of a Mileena clone who placed her hand in a secret compartment, entered the secret room in the underground. Out of the hundreds of Kitana clones Quan Chi had created in the Edenian War, few survived that night. But those who did enter that room, Drahmin included, were changed forever. They had seen something words cannot describe and their mind tried but failed to inner-neural transmission for the ones entering the room, left behind by the One Being, showing the early years of the Netherrealm, with the first civilization formed, the war of the Elder Gods with the One Being, the explosion that created the Universe, the emergence of life outside the Netherrealm for the first time -through genetic engineering-, the control of the Elder Gods. Some of the ones who joined Drahmin died right there on the spot, unable to receive a revelation of that amount of data and live. The ones who survived were changed forever. Drahmin lead the final assault on Edenia, but was disheartened and gave young Kitana the chance to kill him, sensing he had no more place in this world, wanting to see where he came from. He ended up in the Netherrealm, but it wasn't the point of Origin he expected. He found nothing good in it, realizing that which was hidden by the Elder Gods all along: “All men, regardless of what they do or choose in life are the same. All hearts are evil, for they all come from the same place, which was once Hell. The border the Elder Gods have created is but a line destined to keep out the ones who realize their true selves. The judgment of sins is unfair, as all men don't suffer equally. Liu Kang, you are living prove of this. When your eyes were closed, the Elder Gods would have welcomed you into the Heavens. After your eyes were opened, all the good things you had done in your life up to that point didn't matter anymore. The Heavens are forever shut for you” Drahmin concluded. “I surrendered myself to this place, became a part of it, as I believed the inhabitants here were deserving of torture. At first, I was weak, I was the one tortured. But with time, I grew strong, found the Mask of Kun-Lo, became an Oni Tormentor, I tortured others....But I was wrong....Those souls, those poor souls trapped in this realm, without hope, without love....It's true, they are evil, but I care for them, they are my only family now, my fellow cursed. I would have them freed from this place if I could. I...I am sorry”. “Why didn't Quan Chi tell me this revelation? It would have only fueled my rage against the Elder Gods. Why hide it from me?”asked Liu Kang. “Because then you would have known that there is a greater power than that of Shinnok himself. Everybody fears somebody. Humans fear the Gods, the Gods fear the Elder Gods, the Elder Gods feared someone more powerful than them: the One Being. But even it and the Lady Mephistopheles fear their Creator, an unfathomable power that made this Netherrealm an infinity ago, a power that still resides within the realm, but all who tried to grasp it have perished. Some say it is the power of the One True God, but no body is powerful enough to possess it. Quan Chi had Kitana kill me once more because I knew too much, I knew that he feared you could channel that power. You- the chosen one” Drahmin led Liu Kang to a structure that housed the remnants of ancient tablets and runestones dating back to the creation of the realms, the same place where he had taken Quan Chi in the beginning of Deadly Alliance. There, Liu Kang was inexplicably able to read the runestones that gave instructions for the construction of the Soul Stones in the key points of the Netherrealm, in order to extract the entire power of the realm. Shinnok's voice in Liu Kang's head tells him that he will be lost in the Void forever if he is not ready when he uses the Stones.

Khameleon, Queen of the remaining raptors, finds Reptile in Z'unkharah. She tells him that a few saurians still walk free in Earthrealm, having never left for Zaterra, the new realm the Elder Gods have gifted them after Shinnok's First War. They could not reveal themselves as long as Shao Kahn lived, but now they ask Reptile's help in freeing Zaterra and taking the planet as their home once again. She gives Reptile the Kirehashi Sword, ancestral artifact of her race, and recognizes him as their greatest warrior. However, Khameleon warns him that there is another as powerful as him- Chameleon, who stands by Raiden's side, having been granted to fight for Earthrealm on behalf of the legacy of his ancestors, who were the native species of the realm. He was once also called Reptile (the title of the raptors' greatest General), but lost his world 600 years ago in Mortal Kombat to Outworld and condemned his entire race to genocide in a failed rebellion where he aided the kreeyans against the Emperor. All saurians were wiped out by Shao Kahn. All but two. A small saurian baby was spared, raised in the Emperor's dungeon as his spy, trained to fight and kill- Syzoth, entitled the last Reptile. Chameleon went into seclusion, vowing to one day revenge his people, but has lost his sanity and has become evil, vengeful. Reptile finds a purpose to his life for the first time and promises Khameleon that he will ask the Emperor Kotal Kahn to free Zaterra, but for now he feels obligated to help his friend one last time, in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Taven is shocked to see that Kitana, the teenager Princess he once knew is no the Empress of Netherrealm and that his former comrades Ashrah and Kintaro have ended up in Hell. He is able to walk in this realm as a God, but they have been condemned by the Elder Gods after death. Ashrah and Kintaro say that life has changed them in the last 10.000 years. After Edenia has lost the war they were forced to work for Shao Kahn and Quan Chi. They had done many terrible things. They and the other demons ask Daegon to take them with him out of the Netherrealm the way they came in. They have changed, they aren't blood thirsty anymore, as even demons deserve a second chance. The Earthrealmers have freed one before, Sareena, the only demon allowed to live in their world. If she has changed, they too should be given a chance, they claim. Kenshi asks where did his son's soul go. If he was able to enter the Netherrealm, then Takeda's soul was not purely good, so his death here meant that his soul had been dragged to the furthest plane of the Netherrealm, the Dream Realm. “How do I get there?” Kenshi strangles Daegon. “I have abandoned him before, I will not abandon him now.” “There are greater things happening than your son.” “How? Tell me or you will lead the way.” Kenshi threatens to decapitate Daegon. “Simple- you're gonna have to die.” Kenshi takes a deep breath and asks “My sword? Will it travel with me?” “The Dream Realm is a world of imagination. Anything you think of you will be able to recreate there, even your sword, but it will not have your ancestor's guidance. Know this- you are plunging in the heart of the lion. The mother of Raphael is the powerful demon that rules that realm and neither Lucifer nor Shinnok dared cross her. You will not come back from there. ” “But my son will. Take my sword, Taven, make sure that it gets to Takeda.” concludes Kenshi and plunges Sento into his guts, killing himself. Taven thinks they should go help Kenshi, but Daegon stops him “I need you here. Caro will have suspected something to be wrong when the portal closed. He knows what to do. He will open another one in the 5th plane. Only he and I know the location. We must hurry. I told you, there is only one way to stop this Alliance. And I need you brother. Come with me to Edenia, free the ancient power our father was guarding. You cannot save them now, but the rest of the Universe is counting on you. Come with me!”


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Liu Kang returns to Shinnok's pyramid with an amnesic Mileena who hangs onto him. All the Netherrealm forces are gathered there, waiting for Rain's gigantic portal made of portal stones to become functional. Liu Kang however doesn't find his troops as he let them. The Brotherhood of the Shadow now rules the Pyramid. Thinking the worst, Liu Kang rushes into his throne room, where he finds Noob Saibot standing on his throne with Kitana half-naked on her knees, beaten, bruised and tied up next to him. Noob Saibot has her chained. As Liu Kang enters the room, Noob raises, angrily points to him and says “You took something of mine (Smoke), so I took something of yours!” Kitana barely looks up, visibly in pain, as she appears to have been subjected to much torture. Liu Kang screams in rage and rushes towards Noob Saibot and his lieutenants, failing to notice that by going into the middle of the room he becomes surrounded. From behind the pillars emerge the other leaders of the Alliance of 7: Reiko, Nitara, Havik, Rain, joined now by Kung Lao. Liu Kang is struck in the back and collapses. He gets up and starts fighting, but they are just too many and he is wounded. From the ground, he watches as Kitana gets up, out of her chains and walks sexy to Noob Saibot, leaning herself onto him. Unable to understand what has happened, Liu Kang is explained that it was all a ruse, a trick meant to have him overpowered as he was a menace to all of them, too strong. When he left, Rain convinced Kitana and Kung Lao to betray him once he came back. In the Netherrealm there is no room for feelings. Kung Lao strikes the final blow as Liu Kang fades into unconsciousness.

The 1st Mortal Kombat tournament opposing Earthrealm and Outworld takes place in a militarized Shanghai City, where the Outworld warriors are invited. The Outworld delegation, consisting of Kotal Kahn, Reptile, Ferra/Torr, Erron Black, Bo'Rai'Cho, Li Mei, Sheeva and Goro, was forced to accept this location on condition that Fujin and Johnny Cage are alongside Raiden the tournament's Grandmasters. Atop he highest skyscraper, the arena where combatants are to face each other is constructed. The winner of the tournament, if from Outworld's delegation, will have to face Raiden himself if he is to save his realm.

Match 1: Scorpion vs Ferra/Torr
Though Ferra/Torr fights bravely and even though injured, continues fighting at the risk of death as to honour Kotal Kahn, Scorpion manages to trick Torr and send him unconscious. Though Raiden disagrees with them being spared, Scorpion states “My work is done” and grants them mercy.

Match 2: Sonya Blade vs Kotal Kahn
Angered by the death of Jax, Sonya strikes the Emperor hard. He admits his mistakes on his knees and asks for her forgiveness, but Sonya would not grant it. Dodging her killing blow, Kotal uses the sun to blind Sonya, and subdues the Commander in chief to win the round.

Match 3: Kung Jin vs Bo'Rai'Cho
Though Bo'Rai'Cho is more experienced and starts well, managing to move faster in the arena than his young adversary, Kung Jin remembers their training and finally guesses the old master's moves, winning the round. “You have learned well”, Bo'Rai'Cho admits.

Match 4: Chameleon vs Reptile
At the start of the match, Syzoth kneels with the Kirehashi Sword in front of him, meditating. Chameleon says that only through Raiden can their race win back their realm and he is a fool to trust Kotal Kahn, but Reptile answers that anger will not bring his race back. Their battle is legendary, Syzoth finally proving that he is the rightful Reptile and, in the end, Chameleon being forced to surrender.

Match 5: Frost vs Sheeva
The power of the shokan Queen is formidable, but using the Dragon Medallion she stole and learned to use after the years of training with Sub-Zero, Frost wins. She kills Sheeva for a pleased Raiden.

Match 6: Kira vs Li Mei
Kira had seen her parents killed by the Special Forces years ago and vowed to avenge them. Unbeknownst to Raiden, she is secretly working for Daegon, infiltrated within their ranks. Kira's revenge will however have to wait, as Li Mei teaches her a lesson and makes do of Bo'Rai'Cho's training.

Match 7: Class vs Goro
Kano's son had been trained in the Black Dragon martial arts since a young boy, but when found by Raiden, he was given a new mission: save Earthrealm from outside threats. Class' destiny was now greater than the Black Dragon. His skills in knife combat prove effective against Goro, but the shokan is the multichampion of Mortal Kombat. He defeats Class and, though all expect him to avenge Sheeva, he gives a monologue heard throughout Earthrealm. “All my life, I believed that failure in combat must bring death or you will forever know dishonour. This until I limbs were ripped apart by this Emperor here and I believed I had brought shame to my father a second time. I learned since then that there is no shame in living, but in giving up. The shokan never granted mercy...until today. Even the shokan learn sometimes...”

Match 8: Jacqui vs Erron Black
Without accepting anything Erron Black has to say, Jacqui rushes forward and after a long fight wounds the cowboy. As Raiden tells her to avenge her father, she puts her gun to his head. “Fight me, Jacqui Broggs, I gave the order” Kotal Kahn says. “Jacqui, don't!” Cassie yells to her, but she just can't bring herself to forgive. At the last moment before pulling the trigger she has a vision of her father, who tells her how proud he is of her and that violence is never the answer. Jacqui throws away the gun and says “I'm done. No more killing, Raiden. I'm out.”
As Raiden can't accept her forfeit, he electrocutes her with his lightning, but Kung Jin takes her side and says that he has gone too far, he's not only attacking enemies, but allies as well. Raiden is about to strike them both down, but Scorpion throws his spear and injures Raiden, resulting in chaos all around. Abandoned by his allies, Raiden calls for Kotal Kahn and the other Outworld survivors: “Face me in Mortal Kombat”. Kotal Kahn steps forward and the 2 begin an epic fight in Shanghai amidst thunder and lightning, as the other fighters try to prevent Sonya's forces and the Raiden loyalists from killing anyone. Sonya prepares an air strike above the city, but Johnny Cage and Cassie are fight her. After mildly injuring her daughter, Sonya crumbles to her knees and accepts that she was wrong.

As Raiden is about to win in the battle of the two titans, Sonya's forces are surrounded by armed Seidan Militia and Shaolin Monks. “What is the meaning of this transgression?” Raiden asks General Hotaru. “Traitor!” he looks at Fujin, “All portals in and from Earthrealm were supposed to be sealed. The Elder Gods will not allow you to claim Earthrealm without win in Mortal Kombat.” “We are not here to claim Earthrealm” Hotaru responds. “We were invited by the people of Earthrealm to help them end this dictatorship. Your rule is chaotic, Raiden, and it must end!” Raiden rises above and gathers his lightning “As the Protector of Earthrealm, I, Lord Raiden, command you to leave.. or be destroyed by the power invested in me by the Elder Gods!” “Lord no longer. You have no more the right to demand that.” a voice says. It is Sub-Zero who has returned from Outworld. “I am their Protector!” yells Raiden “They need a better one!” coldly replies the former Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. “It is true Raiden, you have gone mad.” Fujin insists. “The Elder Gods have spoken.” Lord Protector Sub-Zero raises the Amulet receive from the Elder Gods and Raiden sees that his Amulet no longer holds any power. “It cannot be! Liars! Deceivers all of you! You think you know better than me, who have lived for one hundred thousand years? I know what Outworld is capable of. I have seen what they can do. When the time comes, they will stab you in the back and all innocents on Earth will suffer.” “The right path is sometimes heard from the lips of children. Age alone does not grant one more wisdom. Even Gods can lose their fate, although they lived very long lives” Shujinko interrupts. “ brought them here! If, Gods can be mistaken you claim, can the Elder Gods be wrong as well? I have followed them all these years, given them everything, all of me..... Now feel the power of a God!” Raiden raises his hands and, with them, the waters of the Atlantic also rise, creating the tsunami wave unseen since the first war with Shinnok. He unleashes his full might and electrocutes Shujinko to death. Sub-Zero, with his new Protector powers controls the high waters, while Fujin creates a force field that protects everyone else.

As Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Goro join the fight, Raiden is surrounded and wounded, forced to teleport himself and followers Chameleon, Frost, Kira and Class away. “We must follow him!” demands Kai. “He may be headed for the Jinsei.“No, Raiden has left Earthrealm, I sense it.”says Sub-Zero. “He has gone home to seek answers.” “Who will answer for his crimes?” asks Hotaru. “We are all guilty of his crimes. Raiden has become corrupted by Shinnok's essence because he protected Earthrealm. Who of us could have done that? Who of you was there when the Jinsei was corruputed to save this entire realm? He still cares about Earthrealm... His actions, although wrong, came from a good heart, not an evil one.” says Sub-Zero. “We are all to blame.” continues Scorpion. Him, Sonya, Jacqui and Kung Jin join the others. “We were wrong to follow Raiden and the people of both worlds suffered. The blame is on all of us.” “Then you are all placed into custody and will suffer the consequences.” Hotaru says. “Now wait a minute” Johnny Cage intervenes. “What's done is done. Let's just forfeit this tournament, how 'bout it Fuji?, and let Mr Kahn and the gang just go home to their nice little realm.” “Many good people died, from each of our worlds. Jackson Briggs, Sheeva, Master Shujinko...We were wrong to seek vengeance. Let us see that they haven't died in vain.” Sonya concludes with Jacqui agreeing. “Our gratitude for your assistance Commander Hotaru” says Fujin, “but the responsible ones are our concern now. We thank you for helping us and will respect our end of the bargain, helping in turn the people of Seido.” Hotaru turns on his heels and takes Raiden's place in the middle seat of the tournament's Grandmasters. “My troops were invited into Earthrealm by the Lord Protector on the authority of the Elder Gods. We are here to stay until order will be achieved. I believe the Elder Gods have permitted our assistance, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that chaos does not strive again.” The seidan forces arrest Sonya, Jacqui, Kung Jin and attempt to seize even Scorpion, who doesn't look too happy about it. As the conflict seems to be escalating, the Earth begins to shake and the fabric of space opens up in a black circle, creating a portal of gigantic proportions. The human population has elaborated a procedure after the Outworld and First Netherrealm Invasions and a sound alarm is heard throughout the City announcing citizens to take cover. Panic sets in among ordinary people all across the Earth when from the portal emerges the largest army ever seen by mankind, lead by the Alliance of 7, with Kung Lao replacing Liu Kang. “How good of you to have joined us, Lord Hotaru, leaving Seido to me. Our warriors are now at the gates of the Seidan Senate and Z'unkharah, left unprotected by your quarrel.” claims Havik laughing “Chaos is finally restored!” Kung Jin sees his cousin and yells at him to change sides, knowing that a shaolin's power is greater than that of any sorcery.

From the point of entry, portal stones are used by the Alliance to travel to the locations of the Holy Temples in each of the 6 original realms. “The Sky Temple- I sense it attacked” claims Sub-Zero. Kotal Kahn has the same feeling about the Outworld Sacred Temple, as does Hotaru. Sonya claims there is a command unit of 26000, the best soldiers Earthrealm has, guarding the entrance in the Dead Woods. No one can open a portal into the Sky Temple itself, as it is in a slightly different quantum phase than our own, protected by the shroud of the Elder Gods. Kotal claims to have a similar task force of humans and shokans near the Outworld Temple, equipped with free of radiation nukes and Hotaru mentions that the Orderrealm Chaosrealm Temples are both under the protection of the Seidan Army, in direct contact with the ruling Senate. Fujin understands that the simultaneous attack means that Rain has betrayed Raiden's trust and has already taken the kamidogu from the Temple of Edenia. They agree that the use of nuclear weapons at the entrance of the Sacred Temples may be inevitable, but if the hordes of demons and vampires coming through don't seize, then no task force will be sufficient enough to stop this Deadly Alliance. The Protector God Sub-Zero raises above the ground and at his signal 3 Lin Kuei dragon riders emerge from the midst. Together, they kill hundreds if not thousands of demons, but they keep coming. The portal cannot be shut down, therefore Sonya radios for all army units on Earthrealm to initiate defensive maneuvers. The Outworld delegation hurries to their homeworld, stepping through a portal to find the Sacred Temple under siege and the Netherrealm armies of tarkatans, centaurs and humans loyal to the old Empire lead by Reiko, Skarlet and Motaro, aided in the background by Edenians Rain, Kitana, Sindel, Tanya and Jade. Hotaru rushes with his army to aid the Republic's Senate, from where he radio contacts the outposts near the Temples of Seido and Chaosrealm. They are both loosing the battle, so Hotaru request help from Earthrealm. He chooses to personally go to the Temple of Seido, while Cassie and Jacqui take a squad and go through a portal to the Chaosrealm one. The 26000 soldiers protecting the Dead Woods are loosing the battle, so Sonya is forced to tearfully order a non-radioactive nuclear blast from the atmosphere. New fighter jets from all over the world come and fire at the never-ending assault of demons. Reaching the entrance, the Earthrealm warriors Sub-Zero, Kung Jin, Fujin, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kai, Sareena and Khameleon prepare for their final battle. Fighting ensues:

Sub-Zero and Sareena vs Noob Saibot (“It's been a long time since we were children of the Lin Kuei. You cannot stop me, brother. I am the Emperor of the Netherrealm now and my subjects are imprisoned. I will set them free. Give up your Elder Gods and join me.” “They are in the Netherrealm because they cannot adapt in this world. Their own actions have taken them there.” defends Sub-Zero. “You forget that you have been there yourself, after Quan Chi had shown you the truth.” “I was not myself. Neither are you now. Quan Chi did not show you the truth, he blinded you using your own rage. You can brake free, as Sareena did. Help me save Earthrealm, Bi Han.” “You are mistaken brother, I am what I am and I cannot be turned.”)


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Kung Jin, Fujin vs Kung Lao (“Cousin, please...”)

Johnny Cage vs Nightwolf

Sonya vs Stryker

Kai vs Tremor

Khameleon vs Kabal

Scorpion's new Shirai Ryu comes crashing through, killing demons lead by Mavado and injuring the Spaniard himself. As Scorpion is about to kill him, Mavado calls for him to wait, as he is on his side. Scorpion is not about to take anymore lies and strangles him, but Mavado is able to utter “Takeda....”. Scorpion may care for no one else on Earth, but he does care for his former apprentice. Hearing his name and knowing him and Kenshi have not returned, Scorpion screams in Mavado's face “Where? Where is he? Where?” Barely able to speak, Mavado explains that Takeda is dead, trapped forever in the deepest parts of the Netherrealm, in the Realm of Dreams. His leader, Daegon, together with Kenshi and Taven are headed for Edenia, where they will unleash a power that will stop this Alliance, but Scorpion cares not for their plans. He punches Mavado, takes his portal stone and steals 2 more from the surrounding demons. With his teleporting powers enhanced by the portal stones, Scorpion plunges deep into Hell, going at speeds unprecedented. He goes past the rings of the Netherrealm , deep into the furthest planes, fueled by rage and the desire to save Takeda. He goes past the immensity of the 12th plane and past the River Styx, plunging into the Dream Realm.

Fujin, Sareena, Kai and Khameleon are killed and the Earthrealmers can't win anymore. The injured Sub-Zero, Kung Jin , Johnny Cage and Sonya watch as Noob Saibot and Kung Lao enter the Jinsei chamber and retrieve the 3 items guarded there. The Earthream and Netherrealm kamidogus and, between them, the Amulet of Shinnok.

Fighting also ensues in Outworld. In the midst of the innocents being slaughtered, Kotal Kahn summons lightning and the Sun's power to his aid (“Up the star path, to the Fire's edge, I pray the sky...”), destroying a large part of the Netherrealm army. But floods keep coming. Individual fights also take place :

Kotal Kahn vs Rain and Reptile vs Reiko, switching to Kotal Kahn vs Reiko and Reptile vs Rain

Goro vs Motaro

Kitana vs Li Mei

Sindel, Jade vs Bo'Rai'Cho

Erron Black vs Kobra (“Remember me?...”)

Ferra/Torr vs Tanya, Skarlet

Bo'Rai'Cho, in his wisdom, takes advantage of Sindel and Jade's rage and manages to slightly hurt them. He is however shocked when Li Mei is killed by Kitana and grabs her falling body, mourning. From behind, Jade comes and spears him. Erron Black shoots Kobra again, but this time the reborn demon doesn't die anymore. Having new demon powers, it will take more than one bullet to send him back to the Netherrealm, unlike when he was just a man. Kobra enacts his revenge and kills Erron Black. Motaro is more powerful than Goro, but the shokan fights until his last breath, eliminating hordes of demons, before being unable to stand anymore and dying a warrior's death. Ferra/ Torr is finally brought down and killed as well, though the duo takes Skarlet with them. Reiko's rage manifests and he tumbles Kotal Kahn and Reptile with Rain's assistance. Seeing his comrades dead and Reptile barely holding on, Kotal Kahn accepts defeat as Reiko is about to strike the final blow. Just then, the sky is covered by billions of bees coming down on the demons. D'vorah screams to Kotal Kahn and Reptile to leave as she will ensure their retreat. Kotal is injured, so Reptile has to drag him away as would not leave D'vorah behind. Opening a portal, Reptile drags Kotal Kahn through just as he has the chance to look at D'vorah one last time and see her smile at him: “I only serve the strongest. I chose you, my Emperor. Remember!” D'vorah is killed by Rain and Reiko.

Hotaru and the Seidan Militia can't handle the chaosrealmers and demons besieging the Temple. Beasts have begun climbing the Temple and all seems lost. Havik comes to torment Hotaru that although he had hoped for chaos, this has surpassed all his expectations. As much as Hotaru had wanted to get rid of him all these years, here he is, returned, worshiped as a religious figure in Chaosrealm and about to open the gates of the Inferno. Havik completes his mission by killing Hotaru.

In Chaosrealm, the Revolution lead by Dairou, employed by the Alliance has also taken over the entrance to the tower of the Sacred Temple. Nitara's Imperial Moroi Army has aided in their task. Cassie and Jacqui fight the vampiress, but Cassie is unable to use her powers again. Nitara bites her neck, infecting her, but she doesn't kill them, telling them to sit in the front row and watch as history takes place.
Noob Saibot, Kung Lao, Reiko, Rain, Kitana, Havik and Nitara hold up the kamidogus and step through the Temple portals, to the Nexus.

Liu Kang and Mileena are crucified in front of the Netherrealm Pyramid, not killed, but unable to move, tormented. Liu Kang barely wakes up, when he sees a figure approaching, killing the guards and untying Mileena. It is Baraka, who in his love for the clone, has chosen to free her and betray the Alliance. They take down Liu Kang, who is weakened and Baraka tells them to run through the portal into another realm, as far away from all the fighting, from everything. Liu Kang tells them there's nowhere to run to and he remembers Lady Mephistopheles' words. From her Dream Realm, the sorceress can see him and speaks to him from the distance: “Good! Do it... It's your destiny! Do it!” The injured Liu crawls to 2 massive soul stones which have hand placement devices near them. Liu Kang stands in the middle, puts his hands on top of the pillars of the devices and screams as he draws the entire power of the Netherrealm, a power left behind the Original Creator, more ancient than the Elder Gods themselves. The event causes a blackout in the Netherrealm, the entire light going out for a few seconds everywhere, as the very essence of realm is taken by Liu Kang, who rises a Fire God, fire and rage coming out from his eyes and fingers. “Excellent! Says Lady Lamashtu. My son, it turns out you were not the chosen one after all.” Liu Kang is spotted and attacked by the demon contingents that were left behind and have yet not crossed though the portal. He can now move at speeds thousands of times faster than anyone so he runs through their ranks punching and kicking dozens of demons and Brotherhood members at once. They are thrown left and right as he creates a path through them, his thirst for fight unquenchable. He alone fights an entire army.

Kenshi wakes in the Dream Realm. Everything appears idyllic, as Suchin and a young Takeda greet him. It seems as though time has been reverted and all the events that have happened in reality are now just a dream. Kenshi and Suchin have a nice family, living in the isolated mountains of Nepal. He can see, he doesn't use his senses anymore. “Look at me” Suchin asks him. He touches her cheek and observes her beauty with his own eyes for the first time. But then the boy tells him “You weren't here for me!” He tries to explain, but sees Suchin injured, blood coming out of her eyes and mouth. “You let me die, Kenshi. You failed me.” “And now you aid my mother's killer!” an enraged adult Takeda screams as he attacks Kenshi. He dodges the attacks, but Takeda won't relent, so Kenshi imagines his Sento sword, which he uses to block his attacks. “Takeda, it's me” he tries to say, but Takeda is stronger and guts him. Seeing himself injured to death, Kenshi realizes that he can't die anymore and is only in a dream as he hears a maniacal laugh. Lady Lamashtu stops the deception and lifts the shroud from over Kenshi's eyes, revealing herself. Kenshi realizes that he had been hanging, tied up all this time, everything being inside his own head. He sees Takeda close to him, tied up as well, screaming in agony as he is tormented with needles stinging his entire body. “Use your mind, Takeda” Kenshi tries to scream. “It is all just a dream. Nothing is real.” “Oh, but the pain is. The pain is real. The pain of having been trapped here, in this place for... well, forever according to your notion of time. You cannot escape this place, son of Pekara. I am what you on Earth call... God. I have forever been and always will be, just like those worms you call Elder Gods who have been lying to you that they are righteous. They were just like me, demons of this place until they found a way to escape into a new Universe, a Universe they kept for themselves while they let us here, in this infinity without those so very beautiful things you know of on the other side, like air and.. mmm.... innocence....and fresh smells. No plants or animals here. No children to smile to you. No innocence in this Realm, son of Pekara.” “Why do you want to escape? To enslave the children? To feast upon the innocent? To destroy what is of beauty in the worlds?” “Escape? You misunderstand my intentions. You will have time, you're mine forever” she whispers in his ear, as Smoke, now under her mind control, begins ripping off his fingernails. Kenshi screams in agony. Takeda has now to be strong enough to find his inner balance, as his father can't anymore. He closes his eyes, detaches from the pain and hears Scorpion's voice inside his head “Where are you Takeda? Guide me. Remember your training. Concentrate.” Takeda makes mind contact with Scorpion, who runs across the unusual rock formations towards the Palace of the Lady of the Realm. Scorpion finds Takeda and Kenshi, fights and defeats Smoke, unties them and helps them heal their own wounds using their minds. He tells them to stay together as they prepare to escape, but Lady Mephistopheles appears and attempt to mind control Scorpion as well. Having already been subjected to Quan Chi's mind control (which the withered sorcerer was taught by Lady Lamashtu herself a long time ago), Scorpion is now immune and wounds her enough so the 3 of them use the portal stones and get out of the Dream Realm.

Daegon and Taven have found the portal Caro had opened and have escaped the Netherrealm, taking Ashrah's small army with them. Daegon explains that in Edenia there is an ancient Temple, the realm's Sacred Temple, which holds the very essence of the realm, much like the Jinsei of Earthrealm. Only a descendant of the Elder Gods themselves may open the entrance to the Temple. It holds secrets mere mortals cannot reach or even comprehend (the exact same Temple Drahmin had opened 10000 years ago with the Mileena clones). Taven says that there is no member of the Royal family still alive to open the Temple, but Daegon says there is one more. They travel to Outworld, where they find in a ravaged Z'unkharah the close to death Ermac, now only with the soul of King Jerrod in it. Approaching his bed, Daegon kneels by his side and Ermac, placing his hand across Daegon's face, recognizes the child he once helped raise at his court together with his daughter and to whom he had been more a father than Argus. The demigod tells him that the worlds need his aid. Worried that his Ermac body no longer holds any DNA of himself, the King says that he will not be able to open the Temple, but Daegon uses the skills he learned these past millennia to help King Jerrod recover his youth and some of his strength. They go to the Edenian Temple, where the King, the last living heir of the Elder Gods, except for his corrupted daughter, opens the Temple and the brothers are given the same inner neural revelation that had made Drahmin go mad. “Our father,” Daegon speaks, “is the Sun of this realm. Long before you or I came to be, Edenia was a planet which didn't have life. The Elder Gods chose it to prepare people for Paradise, when the end of their lives would come. Our father had no mortal body. He was the Sun around which the entire realm rotates. Even after being given a body by the Elder Gods, he still had to ensure the planet's rotation, the mild seasons, the rich crops. All part of a Protector God's job. Even though I killed his mortal body, he will forever be up there in the sky, looking down at us, his sons. And only we are powerful enough to extract this power, Edenia's power. Mere mortals would be killed on the spot, unable to control it. Only the sons of Argus, united, may destroy the Deadly Alliance!” The brothers tap into the essence of the realm, absorbing it, enhancing their powers many times, gaining full Godhood. The Pyramid of Argus raises from beneath the ground, sensing the Battle of Armageddon.

Raiden has taken his followers to his home realm, now a beautiful but deserted planet where only vegetation remains. On a beach of a seemingly endless ocean, he explains to them that this is where he was born, a mere human more than 200.000 years ago. He first realized he had special powers in his youth, when he was able to summon lightning by just thinking about it, read people's minds without them saying anything. He was shortly after visited by a benevolent Shinnok, who took him to the Heavens, where he was trained to use his powers and protect the innocent. The Universe had chosen him. He learned everything he knew from Shinnok. When the time came, he was named Protector God of a planet with 2 emerging civilizations: saurians and humans. He trusted the Elder Gods in everything as they showed him truths only a God could comprehend: the formation of the Universe, the unspeakable beauty of the Heavens. He fought to give as many people living on Earthrealm a chance to enter the Heavens after their death, onto eternal happiness. But he had to make sacrifices, compromises, as evil warlords tried to enslave or corrupt the people of Earthrealm. He had to make decisions that resulted in the genocide of the saurian race, the death and subsequent corruption of the Mortal Kombat champions, the changing of the world from a good but vulnerable place into a hardened but stable realm. He believed the Elder Gods whom he had worshiped and loved all this time would understand. But they abandoned him, thrown him away like a broken piece of junk. An unexpected visitor comes on the beach. It is Cyrax, who had been in hiding all this time. He is the messenger of the Elder Gods. He tells Raiden that Argus, the Sun of Edenia has himself sent him, as he no longer has a body in the physical world. Argus sends him the message that “HE is coming! And HE is bringing an army!” and “Something wonderful is about to happen!”, also asking him to understand his misdoings caused by the absorption of the corrupted Jinsei and stand by the Elder Gods one more time. “The Elder Gods need you, Raiden!” “Who is coming and bringing an army?” asks Raiden. “Taven? I will not aid them once again. They have taken from me everything. I have given them my life, no less. If this world goes down, then so be it. I will not help.” Seeing that Raiden is unrelented, the Elder Godess Gaya and the Elder God Zarathustra take human shape and visit him. They are fond of Raiden, as loving parents to a child. They claim not to be able to intervene inside the realms, as humanity and all of life must create its own path. But they claim that humanity needs help. The Elder Gods themselves apologize to Raiden for his suffering and ask him to help one last time. Frost, Chameleon, Kira and Class decide to go with Cyrax to Edenia, where the final battle will take place. Raiden refuses.


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Rain, Kitana, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot, Havik, Nitara and Reiko enter the Nexus where Monster, the Champion of the Elder Gods awaits them. He says that their passage is not allowed by the Elder Gods and single-handedly takes them all on. Monster fights bravely, unlike any mortal, but the 7 are too powerful and eventually overpower him. They place the kamidogus on their altars and, something not even the Dragon King had achieved in the original timeline, they also place the Amulet of Shinnok.
They are transported into the very presence of the Elder Gods, who have taken human form and greet them in a fortified hall in the Heavens. The 7 bow in respect to the Elder Gods and Rain walks forth, kneels and speaks: “I am Raphael, son of the Sun God Argus, Protector of Edenia. We have come to seek the Elder Gods and to demand that the gates of the Netherrealm be opened and all the souls inside there be allowed to live in the mortal world once more. May the Elder Gods make known to the people in the realms where they come from, that we are all the descendants of the Netherrealm and admit that the balance of judgment after death is wrong. May the Elder Gods grant our request that the Universe with all its realms, the Heavens with all its souls and the Netherrealm be united under the rule of the strongest. ” “Why would we allow such a transgression after all this time? The gates to the Netherrealm have been sealed since the formation of this Universe. We are indeed all remnants of that realm, but we have tried to create a better world, one where the evil of the Netherrealm will not follow. And those who are deserving of a perfect world obtain it with us, in the Heavens. It was only your choices that have lead you all into the Netherrealm. You wish to climb into the Heavens and rule with us, yet you have shown no qualities that are worthy of such.” “You are like me, my Lords” Rain continues. “Do not deceive us with your words and human appearance. Show us your true faces, the dragons that you are, immense in size, hideous and deadly, hungry for power, like all Netherrealmers. There is the same evil in everyone's heart. Some have good lives and never release it. Those you welcome into the Heavens. Others are tormented until they become who they were always meant to be- egotistical winners. Those you toss aside in Hell. I am here to show them all that hardships and torment will make them see the truth in their hearts- the truth that we are all evil!” “Like you have seen the truth, young Raphael?” asks Elder Godess Gaya. “When you were just a boy you had a different version of the truth. Closer to your father's vision than your mother's”. Lord Argus comes forth and talks to Rain, hoping to lure him to the Elder Gods' side. He is moved by his father's words but doesn't clench. “You have our terms. Open the gates to the Netherrealm and the Heavens, let the truth be told or we will use these weapons to destroy your Universe and recreate the One Being.” “So be it.” forfeit the Elder Gods, “but beware, all wishes come with a cost! The gates of the Heavens will open!”

The Alliance of 7 returns through the portal leading now to the top of a risen Pyramid of Argus in Edenia. The gates of the Netherrealm have opened, springing forth the left over demons and evil souls who have died across the years. At the same time, the gates of the Heavens open and from the Heavens legions of War prepared deities, gods and angels come forward to battle the monstrosities for power in the Universe. The 7 leap into the battle, as the remaining Earthrealmers (Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kung Jin, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Jacqui), Outworlders (Kotal Kahn, Reptile) and Cyrax's team of Frost, Kira, Chameleon and Class join the fighting, each being able to kill hundreds of demons, but not billions. Helping the humans and angels are, surprisingly, a small army of demons, among whom Ashrah, Kintaro and Drahmin. Drahmin sacrifices himself to help some children from the clutches of blood thirsty Oni, but he is wounded and taken away to be tormented instead. Kira fights the demons alongside Sonya, but she remembers her mother's death and can't resist the evil inside her telling her to kill the Commander in Chief. Sonya collapses, with Johnny Cage being to late to save her and dies in his arms, while he tearfully curses. Now that they have achieved their goals, Reiko turns to Havik and makes him eat the Amulet of Shinnok which explodes inside him, just like Havik had tricked him. Kotal Kahn and Reiko face of one more time and the Emperor of Outworld remembers D'vorah's words and wins. The Valley of the Edenian Southlands becomes so filled with warriors, both on the ground and in the air that they can't find eachother in the chaos. Rain, however, sees his brothers waiting for him below the Pyramid. “This is something I have to do myself!” Taven and Daegon fight with their new found powers, using their ancestral swords. Their powers are greater than any Edenian's, but they can't overpower Rain, who had absorbed even more power from the Netherrealm aided by his mother/lover (though he had absorbed only a small fragment of the Netherrealm's entire power). Rain is able to block them and is about to finish Taven when from the Netherrealm comes forth Fire God Liu Kang, with Baraka holding a terrified Mileena behind him. Scorpion, Kenshi and Takeda also come through the portal stones.

Liu screams so loud that he creates a shockwave hitting everyone, angels, mortals and demons alike. He rushes into the fighting, killing everyone in his path at speeds never before seen before. Bodies are flying left and right, but Liu Kang cannot be satisfied. He sees Kung Lao who has managed to injure Kung Jin and heads that way. The shock on Kung Lao's face is enormous, as he steps back trying to explain something. Liu Kang wouldn't even hear it, ripping his carotid with his bare hand and then sticking his hand through his mouth to tear out his tongue, leaving Kung Lao gauging. “A liar's tongue!” The sons of Argus, seeing that there is now a power so great that it doesn't listen to reason and is bent on destroying all the worlds, of humans and demons alike, join forces in a new alliance. The sons of Argus stand together against Liu Kang, as they once stood together against Shao Kahn when he besieged the Edenian capital, thousands of years ago. The 3 fight Liu and attack him from all sides, never letting him rest, but Liu Kang is too fast and too strong. Not even the might of the 3 sons of Argus is enough to stop him. He fatally wounds Daegon, who dies in Taven's arms and then enacts his revenge on Rain. Liu Kang drags a crying Kitana with him to the top of the Pyramid, from where he enters the portal leading to the Elder Gods. He throws her at their feet, leaving them panicked, as they had not anticipated him becoming this powerful. “Is this your world? Is this what you have created? Deceit, lies, misery! Your world ends now.” “Stop Liu Kang, you don't know what you're doing.” Elder God Zarathustra tries to reason with him. Liu Kang throws his flaming fist through the Elder God's guts while the others look in horror at the first death of an Elder God. Liu Kang fights the other 5 at the same time and wounds them all, killing Goddess Gaya as well and sending her forever alone into the Void. With 2 Elder Gods dead and the others injured, the forces keeping the Universe together begin to crumble.

The Edenian planet starts rotating faster around the Sun and the all the stars appear to be converging. Liu Kang exits the portal and from the top of the Pyramid stretches his hands towards the Edenian Sun, which fuels his Fire Godhood. From the 4 sides of the Pyramid come running the last 4 greatest hopes of the realms: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage and Kotal Kahn. They all reach the top at the same time, engaging Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat. They fight united as they know they are he last hope of mankind. Johnny Cage is sorry for having to face his former ally and tells Liu Kang that in another life they would have been friends forever. “That life no longer exists!” Sub-Zero unleashes his full cryomancer freezing powers, Scorpion lets the inner demon take control and Kotal Kahn is the rightful Emperor of Outworld. The fighting lasts for a long time, but Liu Kang proves to be the most powerful champion of all times and defeats even these last 4 warriors. As they lay dying at his feet, Liu Kang raises his hands towards the Sun one more time and draws power from it, rays visibly being sucked in by Liu Kang's hands. From behind the mountain a War Horn is heard and an army of thousands Mileena clones runs into battle aiding the angels and humans. More powerful than 100 angels and 1000 humans, a single Mileena clone is able to defeat hundreds of demons. From behind, Liu Kang's shoulders are pierced by rapidly thrown hook chains and his face grimaces in pain as he is unable to take all the power he needs. Behind him, Shang Tsung has arrived, the “HE” Cyrax was talking about, now with the souls of Ermac in himself, including that of former Emperor Shao Kahn. Liu Kang is for the first time scared at the sight of his nemesis. The 2 fire energy at eachother, fire for Liu Kang and green sorcery for Shang Tsung, neither being powerful enough. Down below, the demons are being pushed back by the newly arrived clones until the amnesic Mileena that Baraka protects lifts her hand and points her palm towards them. She mentally overpowers them, showing them the entire truth of the Nehterrealm, the Dream Realm and the formation of the Universe, as they all shut down and fall to the ground in death. Liu manages to defeat Shang Tsung's sorcery and strike him off the Pyramid. With no one left to stop him, Liu Kang raises his hands to draw power from the Sun one last time. He starts glowing with energy, everyone below stopping their fight and preparing for a blast so powerful that would spread into the entire realms, destroying forever all the Universe and the souls inside it. Just then, Raiden teleports atop the Pyramid where Liu Kang is and embraces his former student. “Now!” he screams, teleporting them both as far below into the Netherrealm as he could. As they fall into the lower planes' nothingness, Liu Kang's body is absorbed by light and explodes, just as the Elder Gods teleport the last remaining demons from the Netherrealm and shut down the gates. The detonation is tremendous, the entire Netherrealm being absorbed in light.

In Edenia, the planet stops spinning and the sky becomes bright again. All the fighters have seized fighting. Every angel, human, demon present there is now healed and resurrected. All those who had died are now alive again, although not all are good and righteous. Their inner thoughts remain, as the Elder Gods' voice is heard like thunders explaining that they were indeed wrong, the judgment system being flawed. There is always a chance that one redeems himself or herself, as Ashrah, Kintaro and the demons did on the battlefield, or the other way around, that someone becomes corrupted. From now on, the realms are for everyone to share, as there shall be no more death. Long dead ones rise from the graves as the population of the planets goes from a few billion to dozens of billions. Fathers are reunited with their children for many generations. Families are whole again. Jacqui and Takeda find themselves in all the chaos and hug, but their surprises are not over. Takeda is reunited with a resurrected Suchin and Jacqui can't stop crying when she hears a familiar voice “Baby, is that you?” Jax, her father, has returned. Johnny Cage believed that he had lost Sonya forever, but she rises and reunites with her family. Kung Jin helps Kung Lao stand, though he clearly will never be the same innocent ignorant young shaolin monk he was all those years ago. Bo'Rai'Cho and Li Mei are happy that they are alive again. The saurians gather around Reptile and Chameleon. Drahmin, looking a lot more like a human, sees his family walking towards him. He breaks down in tears as he never believed they could forgive him, but his children hug him. Kotal Kahn and D'vorah embrace. Kuai Liang looks for Noob Saibot, but can't find him. He instead finds Sareena, whom he covers with a blanket and helps. Shang Tsung wakes up without any more souls inside him. He is only himself with the love of his life, long dead Omegis. Hanzo Hasashi is the one who never believed this could be true. He dares not move an inch as this could all turn out to be a dream. The entire original Shirai Ryu clan comes to him, even Forest Fox and the young ones who died. But most importantly, out of the fog come Kanna and Jubei, his wife and son that he believed he would never see again. He hugs them and begins to cry. Shujinko wakes up, his body now young. Everyone else who had died also wakes up. At the Edenian balcony, Taven and Daegon look towards the Sun and hope that their father looks back at them. Taven tells Daegon that he was still wrong to do the things he did for the greater good. Daegon admits that he may be right, but says that now he is free. He looks younger and his scar has healed. He smiles and says it's time to meet his son. Kitana sees her parents reunited, but she is still on her knees, knowing that she is an evil person who pushed Liu Kang to do the things he did. A 10 year old child she had not seen for 10.000 years comes to her and puts his hands around her throat, embracing her. Although at first without reaction, a tear finally comes down Kitana's face and she embraces the child as well. “I did promise you” says Jade.

In a remote area, Mileena wondered of alone by a lake, when she hears a voice from behind that startles her “My daughter...”

In the Dream Realm, Lady Lamashtu is angry that her plans have failed. As she stops looking beyond the realms and she turns to retreat to her castle, she is impaled by a sword through her gut. Unable to breath, she falls to her knees and a powerful hand grabs her hair. It is Noob Saibot, with Smoke and Tanya at his sides. “Now you belong to me” he tells a gauging Lady Mephistopheles, as he pulls her by the hair and drags her inside the castle for torment. Tanya had always know the location to her Dream Realm and is very satisfied to see the incestuous mother get what she deserves, having taken Noob Saibot there with the help of Smoke..

“All throughout Earth numerous cases of the dead rising have been reported. Our society as we knew it is forever changed. Injuries are no longer fatal, although pain still exists. Diseases are gone from our world. We now know for sure there are greater powers in the Universe. For the moment they do not allow anyone into the Heavens, but at least human kind has been given a second chance. But not all is well. Along with humans, many sightings of demons have taken place. Some are isolated and keep to themselves, others are friendly as in the case of a little girl from Texas who befriended a large Oni creature, but others are evil and, though they can't kill, enjoy torturing and achieving power. Some demons have dedicated their new lives to protecting the weak from these other vile demons. If you learn of any demon in your vicinity, you are advised to stay indoors, call the United Nations Special Forces and don't try to make contact until its intentions are establishes. This is Tom Hughes, CNN news, New York, Earthrealm, year 1.”

Elder Gods Gaya and Zarathustra come and tell Fujin, Johnny Cage and Sonya that something wonderful has happened. As Liu Kang released the full explosion, Raiden's godhood being in its immediate proximity created the exact same phenomenon that happened 11 billion years ago, when the One Being was destroyed. It gave birth to a new pocket Universe starting from the blast point in the Netherrealm, parallel to our own. It is a small Universe and still young, but life has already begun flourishing in it and, in time, it will develop intelligent life forms. It exists now as the Raiden Universe, in honour of the Earthrealm God who saved everyone.

Liu Kang wakes up alone in the Netherrealm, which is now barren and deserted. He walks up Shinnok's spire and collapses onto the throne, only the head of the fallen Elder God besides him. Shinnok (who exists only in his mind) appears from behind. Liu Kang says: "You knew." Shinnok: "You also knew it would end like this and you still chose this path. There will be many years until you will escape, but you will, have patience, WE will...."


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I guess people don't really have the time to go through all that and read the whole story ;)))

To simplify things, I made a video telling it.

With music it's at this link:

For those in Germany or even the US, youtube might block it, so this is the silent version, though not as entertaining:

Have fun!

Thank you! But, it would've been better with music from video games or from the MK movies. (ESPECIALLY THE CONGA FURY.)


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Thank you! But, it would've been better with music from video games or from the MK movies. (ESPECIALLY THE CONGA FURY.)

Yeah, you're right. Though you can mute it and play any music you want while reading the story.

I'm not sure if you are the same person who made a similar comment about the audio on youtube, so I'll reply here as well:

I thought the music would go well with the story. If you pay attention you'll see that at the 22:41 mark, Luciano Pavarotti sings Nessun Dorma and as he says the line "Tu pura principessa" which was originally addressed to Turandot, Kitana's face comes on screen, her being the actual princess in the MK story.

Also in the end, from the 1:14:40 mark, after the click is heard, "I can't stop loving you" begins to play and it's from the OST of the amazing animated movie "Metropolis" from 2001, a real art work which moved me even though I was more than an adolescent when I saw it. The blasts heard are from the actual movie and if you want to see the scene, this is the link:

It was exactly what I needed for my Mortal Kombat scene!

I strongly recommend that you see the film!
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Read the whole story in one entire sitting and it was magnificent done. Too bad that NRS won't hire you for that great story, even though it might be divided into two games. The only very minor gripe, is that the actual names for Hanzo's wife and son respectively is actually Harumi and Satoshi (see Scorpion's chapter in the MKX Story Mode for proof; specifically the part after the battle against Sub-Zero). Also the "Where the Kombatants Now After the War" segment is needed or something similar for the closing chapters.

Everything else is on point.


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Read the whole story in one entire sitting and it was magnificent done. Too bad that NRS won't hire you for that great story, even though it might be divided into two games. The only very minor gripe, is that the actual names for Hanzo's wife and son respectively is actually Harumi and Satoshi (see Scorpion's chapter in the MKX Story Mode for proof; specifically the part after the battle against Sub-Zero). Also the "Where the Kombatants Now After the War" segment is needed or something similar for the closing chapters.

Everything else is on point.

Thank you. This means so much to me!
You're right about the names- my minor mistakes for not doing better research. I think I went by the comic names (probably).

The ending is left ambiguous. Everybody is alive, but how will society organize itself? The humans, the shokans? Everyone has returned from the dead: cavemen, babylonians, egyptians, romans, Einstein, Hitler, demons, oni, vampires etc., the religions of the world have been proven at least unreliable, the Special Forces have taken upon themselves to ensure order. As with Shujinko, everyone is young, at the peak of their strength and healed, but vampires are still vampires, so does this mean Cassie was or wasn't healed from Nitara's kiss? Was that a disease? It's left open. What will Shao Kahn do? My guess is that every leader will try to govern his/her own land/part of the realm and we could see different reigns.

One idea that I had in the beginning was for Liu Kang's blast to destroy the actual universe and for the survivors to be teleported into a new one, where to start from scratch, but that would have been too much, giving up on everything we know in the MK worlds.

But the new Raiden Universe could become populated. Say that a new team is assembled by the heroes to investigate the depths of the never before explored Netherrealm, maybe even take Liu Kang back home. But there they don't find him, instead learning that he has managed to enter the Raiden Universe through portals leading to habitable planets and has created there a new civilization (essentially being their God), creating humans in his image or replicas of his former comrades and a New Mortal Kombat Tournament. I hated the new lazy Star Wars movie, but such a scene like the one in the ending when Luke Skywalker is found alone and old would be spot on for finding Liu Kang as a confused legend trapped between evil and good on one of the planets in the new Raiden Universe. The possibilities for the introduction of new fighters are endless, both from the MK lore: the Great Kung Lao, Kahil Grigesh etc, and from humanity's history.
Thanks a lot again, your words have been very kind. Where would you go from here? Maybe you can make a follow-up story and we'll call it a team effort?