Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter (MisuCra) Fan Fic


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Ok before I start. Here are the few things.

1. I am fully aware of the amount of MKxSF fan fictions on the internet. Tons of them, but I wanted to try my hand in it.
2. This is a practice writing, as I am writing a different book, so this story serves as experimental grounds where I test different ideas and styles.
3. I was pretty conflicted where to post this, as I will be posting some illustrations along the story, but decided to put it in Fan Fiction section.
4. I will be editing old and new posts over time.
5. I am not gonna guarantee that I will finish the story. I might or I might not. Depends on my environment.
6. I am not a professional writer, so just early warning. The story might be very cliche and cheesy.


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Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter


If there was Inferno, this was it.
Endless dunes as far as an eye could see, littered with occasional stone pillars, dead plants and bones of the creatures unlucky enough to get lost in this forgotten wasteland. Anything what still remained alive in this scorching hell, was smart enough to hide beneath the smooth layer of sand.
Only when sun hid its merciless gaze behind the horizon, tiny creatures would emerge from their hideouts and scatter across the land, scavenging for any kind of food. Be it other animals or even their very own. It was a constant battle of survival.
But today was different. A scorpion emerged from its secret hideout, as it sensed an unusual presence coming its way. Something alien. Something that didn’t belong here. Whatever it was, an unwelcome guest entered its territory, and the scorpion wasn’t about to let it go. The predator positioned itself and hid beneath the thin layer of sand, waiting patiently for the intruder to reveal itself. As the mysterious creature came closer, scorpion prepared to jump its prey. Yet out of nowhere, the predator itself was suddenly trapped inside a giant claw and torn from its perfect ambush spot. Caught by a surprise, scorpion panicked and blindly stabbed the giant with its venom, over and over again. But the claw didn’t budge and held it tightly. Scorpion felt an unknown fear, as enormous jaws opened before it, revealing the cold dark void.
As it felt the cold fangs crush its body, Scorpion desperately kept attacking the giant with its venomous tail and shook its eight small legs trying to crawl out, but it was hopeless. Giant’s teeth brutally tore scorpion’s torso in two and crushed its head, while chewing on the supposed predator.
The giant threw away what left of the scorpion and hid its face behind the mask. It then looked up, revealing burning white eyes hiding behind the mask. This creature, didn’t belong here. It didn’t belong in this world. It’s body radiated an aura, that made the most savage beasts tremble in fear. Even as sun scorched the surface of this land, creature wore a thick black cape with a heavy cowl. Beneath it, there was an old leather armor. Yet, the stranger didn’t seem to mind its poor choice of attire in this unbearable heat and moved on.
This strange wanderer kept walking day and night with no rest, only to occasionally stop and observe its surroundings, as if it was looking for something. Sometimes the traveller would stop and start walking in a completely opposite direction or would make a circle before it moved elsewhere. This continued for weeks, until finally the wanderer found itself standing in front of its goal..
It was a gargantua structure that was carved into the side of a mountain. It looked like an ancient temple. In front of it, there was an abandoned, crumbling town. The place was once a fortified city with great walls defending its citizens. But now it was nothing more, but a forgotten ruin, abandoned even by its own ghosts. As majority of the city was built on the hillside, most of it was already covered by the sand. Only structures closest to the temple were still standing in the open.
The wanderer slid down a fallen stone pillar and jumped into what seemed to be an ancient town square. As it walked between broken, deserted buildings, it found a number of nightmarish imp like creatures fighting over a dead owl’s corpse. Unaffected by their appearance the wanderer approached demonic creatures with no hesitation. Surprised by stranger’s sudden appearance, imps abandoned their prey and scattered among the buildings. The wanderer approached the corpse and observed as owl’s body seemed to decay right in front of its eyes. What would have taken days to happen, were happening in mere seconds. Feathers fell out, it’s eyeballs liquified, skin tore open revealing its bones and flesh and then like someone turned the time back, owl’s body began rebuilding itself. The body reassembled, sand colored feathers covered the body once again and it’s golden eyes opened. The owl then let out a long, freezing scream as its body trashed on the ground. It kept flapping its wings, trying to stand up and then as if there was an invisible hand, owl’s head froze and snapped into the opposite direction. Then the process began a new. The wanderer stepped over the decaying corpse and walked away, while a hand from inside the abandoned building grabbed the owl and dragged it into the shadows.
Finally the hooded creature reached the stairs leading straight towards the temple. As it stepped on on the first step, a silent whisper spread between the buildings. The wanderer stopped and looked back. There was nothing, but dead silence. Its eyes scanned the buildings, and then it turned its back the wanderer began to climb. Hooded creature’s shadow stretched across the stairs, as the sun slowly descended into the horizon, coloring everything in blood red light. The wind stopped, and world itself fell into a deafening silence.
Finally, the wanderer reached the top and found itself staring into a big wooden gates, armored with metal. It has been thousands of years, since the masters of this place walked here, but gates to the temple still stood there without budging. In front them stood lines of ancient warrior statues, damaged by the sands of time, but still guarding the entrance with their broken blades.
The wanderer walked slowly past the statues and approached the rusty wooden gates. As it touched the gates the silent whisper appeared again. Wanderer backed off from the gate, and observed them in the silence. The whispers spoke in unknown language. It was both crude and beautiful. Wanderer then approached the gates again and put its hands against them. Gates were heavy and something was blocking their path, but the wanderer didn’t stop and only dug its feet into the ground. On the other side of the gates, there was a sound of something breaking, as it made cracking noises. Finally the door gave in and opened. Gates slammed against the stone walls and the crimson sunlight revealed thousands of bones scattered across the hallway. The wanderer walked among the ancient remains and picked one of the skulls to investigate it. Skull seemed to have burn marks and strange miniscule symbols covered more than half of it. Wanderer rotated the skull in its hands for a while, until it dropped it and observed the remaining corpses. There were swords, shields, pots and other personal items scattered amongst the dead. It didn’t look like a battlefield. All of the corpses were facing towards the door. Like they were trying to get out. The wanderer then looked back at the sun one more time, as the last rays illuminated its figure, before it disappeared and covered the world in blackness.
The wanderer raised its hand and whispered a secret chant. A sudden burst of flame illuminated the hallway, burning from the palm of its owner. As it turned around and faced the darkness, whispers appeared once more and guided the wanderer as descended into the depths of a temple.
As the figure kept moving, its footsteps echoed through the vast hallways and returned as distant ghostly voices. It was as if there were people around it, talking, demanding to know what a stranger like the wanderer was doing here. After crawling through the darkness for a while, a blue light emerged at the end of the hallway. The passage lead into a huge rotunda. Judging by the ruins, in the past this place was an architectural marvel. Strong pillars held eight floors, which were filled with tribunes, long shelves containing thousands of books, and gathering places with fountains and beautiful statues. Now it was a black scorched ruin. Like scars, glowing blue fractures covered every surface. More unknown symbols were inscribed upon walls and pillars. Wanderer descended down into the rotunda’s bottom floor, where the place was filled with bodies. Some bodies were impaled to walls and pillars. Others were ripped apart and scattered across the floor. In the middle of this bloody carnage stood a statue showcasing some kind of fragment or shard. An ancient relic, perhaps. As wanderer observed the shard in silence, a stronger and way louder whisper made it turn its head. Someone was calling the wanderer. Someone was directing it towards the source of whispers.
The wanderer advanced towards the sound, and approached another set of gates. These ones were smaller, but unlike the front gates, they had extravagant metal ornaments and jewels on them. Ornaments formed some sort of picture. It illustrated a beam of light shooting into the sky. The beam itself was surrounded by men and women who pointed at it. They were naked, and only carried small chests with them. These people looked like pilgrims. The picture actually showed some sort of journey, a pilgrimage towards the beacon. Wanderer then looked down and saw that fractures were leading towards the gates, and at the bottom of them, there were makeshift barricades. They were made out of shelves, tables, chairs and anything what wasn’t tied to the ground. Even so the barricade was broken, and between broken pieces there was a hole, which looked like something exploded from the outside. Claw marks could be seen around the edges. Whatever these people were trying to stop, it was strong enough to break both metal and wooden barricades with relative ease. The hooded figure squeezed through the damaged part of the gate and entered into another passage. This time it was an open hallway build out of square pillars, connected by a wooden roof frame. There were still some remnants of white cloth covering certain parts of the roof. Through the empty ripped holes, wanderer could see a distant dome rooftop illuminated by bright blue crystals. This place seemed to be some sort of ceremonial grounds.
At the end of the hallway, there was a giant stone wall, which was covered in ancient symbols. The wanderer approached it, and illuminated the writing with its flame. Symbols were different from those that covered corpses and walls before. These were written in tidy, neat vertical lines. Like a prayer. Wanderer then put its finger upon the text and slowly dragged it across, while whispering multiple chants. Text lit up in a blue light and Wanderer backed off. Here it was again. The voice called called the wanderer. Stronger than ever before. And it was coming from behind the wall. Wanderer went around the text and found itself in front of the source. It was an enormous stadium surrounded by tribunes. It was like a coliseum, but instead of arena in the center, there was a black abyss. At the center of it, stood a small circular platform with two bridges connecting it from opposite sides. On the platform stood an altar, and above the altar there was It. The same shard what was shown in rotunda. But, this one was real.
It burned with dazzling blue flame while suspended in the air, whispering to the wanderer and just like a moth attracted to a bright light, wanderer listened as it approached the center. While walking towards the center, the silent traveller went past countless bodies stuck in the tribunes. Thousands upon thousands, scattered among entire stadium. There were mountains of them. Stacked one upon another, as if people climbed each other just to get away from whatever was chasing them. Wanderer kept advancing towards the platform, but then suddenly, it stepped on something... sensitive. Wanderer immediately looked down, and found its foot standing on some sort of square light platform. In the distance a silent click could be heard and then the center platform and its outer rings started rising and rotating. The hooded figure extinguished its flame and sprinted towards the floating platforms. As it jumped on the outermost circle, it saw how other rings broke into separate blocks and began building a defensive cocoon around the shard. It was some sort of ancient security measure. The wanderer jumped from one block to another, trying not to get crushed by other pieces, which would constantly hit each other and form walls or different shaped constructs. As wanderer kept rushing towards the center, it saw how stone blocks increased their building pace. The entrance to the shard was getting increasingly smaller, until only one more piece remained. But the wanderer was already on a center ring. As the last remaining block descended to cover the entrance, wanderer took out an enormous morning star from underneath its cowl and slid under the stone, putting the weapon as a temporary support. The weapon immediately got broken by the weight of a stone, but it bought those few precious moments, which allowed the wanderer to get inside.
Finally inside the barrier, the wanderer stood up and took off its cowl. Shard’s cold light illuminated the wanderer and revealed a hideous face. It was like a human’s face was crudely slapped onto a human’s skull. The bottom part of the head, mainly his jaw, was missing both the skin and muscles, yet it still could move. His eye sockets contained dead white eyes. The head itself was covered by a metal helmet which was painted with symbols and had a talisman in front of it. At the top of the helmet, there was a small black ponytail sticking out. This creature didn’t belong in this world, and very few people knew him here. But those who knew him, called him Havik. The Cleric of Chaos. An agent of Discord. Neither good, nor evil.
Havik slowly walked towards the altar, as he set his burning gaze upon the prize. He bent forward and curiously observed the shard. The shard was made out of a black stone, its sides were covered in straight glowing lines and symbols. Same symbols, as those upon the corpse. As he looked fascinated upon this alien artifact, a ghoulish dark voice came from inside Havik.
“It was you who summoned me from my realm. It was you that whispered to me. What did you want to show me?” Havik whispered to the shard.
This time shard did not respond, and just continued to rotate while suspended in the air. Havik kept looking at it, but received no response. As it kept ignoring him, Havik walked around it couple of times, carefully investigating every detail, every symbol. Then his eyes narrowed with some sort of twisted determination and he finally grabbed the shard.
The surge of energy rose Havik into the air. His white eyes ignited with a blue flame. Influx of images poured into Havik’s mind. Distant planets, systems, entire universes flew past him. From them a massive storm in space, a wormhole, emerged in front of him and sucked him in. There, he felt his body sent flying through space and time, through the edges of realities and dimensions he couldn’t imagine. Until finally he was spewed out into a place of gargantuan worlds. There, he saw wild alien beasts fighting each other, worlds colliding and changing, megastorms raging, endless battlefields run across the worlds. An eternal chaos.
Then a massive shadow covered Havik and he turned around to see himself looking into an enormous planet. No, it couldn’t be a planet. Its sheer size, was just too much for something like that to be called a mere planet. It was like its own system, made out of a net of cosmic islands. The images overwhelmed him and with white flash the vision ended.
Havik found himself standing back in the ruins, trembling. Not from the fear or shock. It was the sheer power of the vision that shook him to his core. It was… extraordinary. Every scheme he did in the past, all the past battles, his beliefs... were nothing compared to what he witnessed. He then straightened himself and looked into the shard, which was in his still shaking hand.
“I saw the chaos. I saw the truth. You’re the key to that place, but why you do not open the door? What do you need?”
Havik then slowly turned the shard in his hand, and saw that one of the edges looked like a broken piece of puzzle. As if someone broke it in half. It was a piece of two.
“Where is your other half?” Havik whispered to the shard.
As if answering to his question, Shard became crystal clear, and showed him the answer.
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I liked it. It was really well written and I actually hope you are able to finish it. Can't wait to see the illustrations either.
And what kinda of book were you writing if you don't mind me asking?


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I am writing a book called L.A.W. It's a story about three friends getting transported from earth to a distant universe, and how they survive through the harsh conditions while trying to find the way back to earth.

Also thanks for the compliment. Even so even this part needs lots of fixing. Lots of mistakes, both grammatically and stylish wise. But just wanted to start the ball rolling.