Mortal Kombat X Story Mode??????


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I got MK X today for PS4. I was wondering if story mode has to be unlocked, I cannot seem to select it?

No, it does not have to be unlocked. Your only option, though, will be new game. Just click that and you should be able to play it.

On a side note: Jose Aldo is going to demolish that goofball Conor McGregor and all the bandwagon fans will have to find someone else to hop on, just like the ex-Rousey fans will have to.


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Your game is probably still installing. Game modes will become available as it continues to install. Seeing as this post was 2 hours ago, I'll assume everything is alright now.

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Thanks guys, I have it working now.
[MENTION=18534]reikoiskahn[/MENTION] lol we will have to wait and see. I've been following McGreggor before his UFC days tho but know what you mean about these new turncoat fans who just started following since it went mainstream and will just cheer for whoever is trending. I think its stupid that loads of people are trolling Rousey now just because she lost the belt.

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Same thing happened to me the last couple of days because I downloaded it rather than getting the disc. It had a $35 price difference so it was well worth enduring the long download. All in all, it was just on 39GBs in total with all updates. When I was about 9GBs in, it allowed me to do Tutorial, Training and play with All Variations of Scorpion & Sub-Zero with The Dead Woods Stage available. Then as more GBs downloaded, more Characters and modes slowly became available. The Krypt, Online and Story Mode were the final modes to be unlocked. In fact, Story Mode was actually the very Last mode to be unlocked. I'm going to give it a spin tonight as I ended up doing all the necessary unlocks to access all areas of the Krypt while Story Mode was finishing it's download, man...those jump scares get me all the time lol