Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Reaches Europe

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Today marks the official release date of <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a> in the European Territories. You should be able to find the game at your local video game retailer starting today for both the <b>Sony PlayStation 3</b> or <b>Xbox 360</b>. There is also a limited <b>Kollector's Edition</b> only for the <b>Sony PlayStation 3</b> out today as well. I would assume the <b>Kollector's Edition</b> is even more limited in Europe than it is in the United States, so better go pick up yours today if you hadn't pre-ordered.

For those who can't decide between the two versions of the game, here is a quick rundown of what that edition contains. In addition to the game itself, it comes with: a metal keepsake box, removable <b>Alex Ross</b> cover art poster, and the <b>John Tobias</b> drawn "Beginnings" comic. Here is also the un-boxing of the KE for your viewing pleasure thanks to <a href="">TRMK Forum</a> member <a href="">Goraka</a>.

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For those of you looking for <a href="">Special Moves & Fatalities</a> or <b>Players To Challenge Online</b> for your platform, please be sure to check out our <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Discussion Forum</a>. Also, stay tuned this weekend for the long awaited <b>new design</b> for TRMK along with all new content for <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe</a>. We'll also be having some cool giveaways, copies of the game & autographed posters for instance, to celebrate the new game as well as our our new design.
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Picked up mine this afternoon and I'm literally about to start playing it :D I'm loving the metal box though and just read through the beginings comic - was it just me that noticed the 4 characters who went missing (Goro, Johnny Cage, Aquaman and Robin) would be perfect for DLC and could explain a way of them coming into it? Just a thought ;) Anyway time to play!!
Dunno. There's a thread about it on the GameFAQs forums though, try there. If you're looking for the KE though it's only on PS3, FYI.
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