Mortal Kombat vs Clayfighters: The Fight of the Millenium


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All is calm on Shang Tsungs desert fortress. Years have passed since the great Tournament, ages have dissolved into the ether.
The great Tournament, where earths champions defended the time continuum and balance of the realms in The Great Tournament! The tournament named Mortal Kombat.....
The outworldiens were defeated. The island was cast into a furious earthquake and a fantastic tornado, obliterating the islands palace, crushing it into the dust pf the past! Nothing left but ruins, Complete ambiance other than the crashing of the waves, the howling of the chimpanzees and the drumbeat of the centipede, as it crawls in the muck of humanity.

Suddenly the waves parted and a fantastic light blasted the ground and beach of the island heating the sand to unbearable levels, boiling the sea and killing all aquatic life for miles round. Two bolts of lightning, as if from Zeus himself, dart to the world, one into the sea smashing it into the air, creating a giant tidle wave of boiling hell, its sister striking the ground creating a crevice so deep it reveals the ancient clays, the clays from which God may have sculpted man.

The boiling liquid of the ocean finds home in the claypit. The light fantastic, of origin unknown, fires into the boiling claypit more into a thick ooze. Suddenly, something moves. Several balls fire into the air, spinning around, whizzing around until they fuse together. Two of the balls of grey open revealing ghoulish eyes.

"At last, I have arrived I am here, The slayer of worlds, N Boss has arrived!!"

Screamed the necklace like creature laughing manically between inaudible giberish

"Come, Come my minions we must prepare for the fight"

Several Hulkish figures emerge from the sea of clay until none of the clay is left. Nothing except the gaping pit.

"Ahhhh my warriors, tomorrow we will win the Tournament and garner out freedom from the pathetic world of pre rendered backgrounds, we will break free from the tiresome gravity of our world which disable us from comfortable movement we will win"

"Not so fast N-Boss"

Behold it is Lord Raiden, the champion of good, the protector of earthrealm

"you must adhere to the rules of Mortal Kombat, I find this most unusual but we must allow any other realms to face each other in the tournament"

"Heheheheh yes Raiden, yessssssssssss, my Clayfighters allready have begun work on the Kombat Zones, behold my new and improved Pit, the Clay Pit"!!!!!!

Chapter 2

The whole which spewed forth the claybeasts has been rebuilt. Now a bridge of unscrupulously constructed clay hovering ominously above a giant potters wheel, spinning constantly as if by magic. The entire islands fortress has been rebuilt as if a giant child had made a town out of playdough. The Courtyard, The palace, everything rebuilt in a crude multicolored fasion.

"You see Raiden the island is prepared"NBoss hisses and slithers around Raiden

" I see, it should be a fair contest, trusting the clay doesnt spoil. Test me not my niggleheaded necklace, any foul play and i will cut you down and package you as dime shop clay!!"Screams the thunder god

" Foul play?!? Me?!?! I wouldnt dream of it, but aha it appears your warriors have arrived at the beach. Let us walk and enjoy the luxuries of the island and the fruits of our labour?!?!?"

"yes we must travel, my warriors may be weak and malnourished"

Raiden and NBoss travel to the beach where they meet the warriors of earthrealm.

"Here are my Warriors N-Boss Behold!!!
Boi Rai Cho the drunken master. Hsu Hao. disgraced intends to gain favor with the gods. Tremor, the muck mover, also disgraced intending to retain his faith with humanity. Cobra the Street Fighter and Stryker the strong. If i hadn't accidentally caused the death of my previous champions, i would not have found these rough and ready diamonds2

"But where ice the ice warrior, the sole one you resurrected???!" Questions the evil N-Boss

"I am Sub Zero chill out necklace man"

Sub Zero, the warrior of legend has returned. Resembling a ninja, with minimal cybernetic implants unable to be removed from the hideous experiments conducted on him. His mask like a robotic air hokey mask, breathing vapours from liquid nitrogen flowing through his veins. His skin a deathly blue. He is reborn.

"Excellent, we will being our first challenge!!" N Boss Declares

"What, we are not ready this is Kung Fu treachery !!" Screams Raiden

"It is fine, i think its time these golem's take a cool tool Raiden" says the ice ninja

"Now we will find out what happens when ice meets snow, clay meets flesh! Behold your first challenge, behold Bad Mr. Frosty!!!!"

To be continued...
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