Mortal Kombat Universe: Part-Time Jobs


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Basically, I'm throwing together a story full of jobs that MK characters work when they're not beating people up. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Baraka

Baraka waited at the counter of KFC for customers. He worked part-time for $1,000 an hour. He claimed that the owner was a generous man, but the truth was that the Tarkartan chief had threatened him for that much payment. He raked his sharp claws on the counter.

"Excuse me," a deep voice said. Baraka looked up and the person cringed. "Damn you ugly!" he bellowed.

Baraka remembered him. The buffed-up bloke named Jax Briggs. "YOU!" he shouted fiercely. Jumping over the counter, he attempted to stab the Special Forces officer with his blades. Jax sidestepped them easily. Baraka kicked him in the chest, and Jax went flying into a chair. "Die, human!"

Jax stood. Smashing his fist into the ground, he released a purple shockwave that shook the floor. While Baraka was trying to regain his balance, Jax punched him in the face twice. He was going to deliver a third blow until Baraka kicked him in the shins. Jax held his foot in pain, and the black man fell on the ground. Baraka then proceeded to repeatedly impale the helpless officer with his blades. Suddenly, a foot went up Baraka's ass. He turned around to see Jax' fist sailing towards his face. When the fist connected, the Tarkartan swore that he heard his nose broke. He toppled over and hit his head on the counter.

"That'll teach you a lesson," Jax said.

He went over to the counter to buy his fried chicken, but Baraka grabbed him from behind. Jax simply sighed, picked the Tarkartan up, kneed him in the back twice, then threw him into the ground. He then walked to the nearest table, broke off a leg, and slammed it into Baraka's groin. The monster's cry for mercy could be heard from miles away.

Jax then bought his 3 buckets of KFC and left, leaving Baraka on the floor.

Baraka moaned. "He destroyed my nuts!" he wailed. "I was gonna have babies with Mileena! Now what?" The pain of his ballsacks sank in and he crumpled. "I hate my job," he muttered.

Chapter 1: Part 2 Coming Soon! Taking Request