Mortal Kombat TV Series Update

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
" TARGET="_top">Fryguy</A> sent along an e-mail from <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">Brent Friedman</A>, one of the many MKA writers, concerning the new MK TV Series.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD WIDTH="450"><FONT COLOR="#FF8000" SIZE="-1"><B>1. When is the show set to come out?</B>
<I>Well, it should be shooting in April/May and airing in the fall. If all goes as planned...</I>
<B>2. Are any actors from the movies going to be on the show? If so, which ones?</B><BR>
<I>Formal casting has not begun but I suspect the actors will all be new.</I>
<B>3. Who are some of the new characters that are going to be in the show?</B><BR>
Initially, the centers on Kung Lao and his quest to repeat as champion of the MK tournaments five hundred years ago. Rayden is a regular, as is Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. New heroes will be introduced over the course of the series as Kung Lao gathers a group of fighters to join him in the tournament.</I>
<B>4. Will there be anything that uses a lot of special effects like were used with Goro and Motaro?</B>
As long as there are incredible creatures and characters in the MK world you can expect equally incredible effects. </I>
<B>5. Anything really cool or special you would like to share about the show?</B>
The series will be doing something very cool: showing you the origins of many
villains. For instance, in the first two shows Shang Tsung "creates"
Scorpion with his sorcery. Expect a bunch of this in episodes to come.</I></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><UL>