Mortal Kombat Trilogy combovideo by NinjaGrinder: Deranged Kombat Trilogy


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Morbid Kombat Trilogy was originally released on 2004 but Ded was kind enough to record all the kombos again. Not only he flawlessly reproduced every single kombo, but he even upgraded some of them. He also recorded some other ideas of his own, as well as some other kombos that I discovered back then, but never had the chance (or intention) to release. This new video is called Deranged Kombat Trilogy and it shouldn't be treated just like a redux, but like a whole new video since it has "new" kombos, new presentation and different music from the original. Thanks to everyone involved in the original video (too many to list again!).

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Music used:

Deeds of Flesh - Celestial Serpents
Cattle Decapitation - Projectile Ovulation
Gojira - The Art of Dying
Devourment - March to Megiddo

Watch the video here

ah man that was awesome never knew the blue portal stage had torch and green liu kang in the background, i have umk3 arcade and they not in it