Mortal Kombat: The Untold Mysteries of a Brutal Manslayer

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So... I figured it was about time for me to grow some balls and write my first ever fanfic. Wasn't gonna do it at first but apparently people see something in me that I don't that makes them want me to write a fanfic, so what the hell. I was going to try to put some music to go with the story, but as of right now, I can't really think of anything right now so maybe I'll get back to it if I do find something.

Anyway, I chose Reiko because he is one of the post-UMK3 characters that intrigues me the most; he is one of the most underdeveloped and mysterious characters in the series. There are a few things in particular that interests me like his hatred of Quan Chi, his lust for power, and his participation in the original war against Shinnok. However, because we know so little about him, it makes it that much more assrapingly difficult for me to write a story about him, so this could be a way to test the limits of my writing skills and creativity. If it feels like I'm grasping at straws or anything similar to it, then this is probably why.

With all that said, it might be a little too long and it will probably start off slow for you, but think of the beginning as a way for me to sort out my thoughts, and I'm also trying to make this more of an actual untold story, if that makes sense, so just bear with me if you can. I hope that you like it and please, don't be afraid to give constructive criticism! I'd love to be able to improve future fan fictions so please, don't hold back when it comes to that.

Here goes nothing:

Reiko will soon experience what could be the beginning of one of the defining moments of his life, and at that, arguably the most prominent of them all. As the commander of his master's legions of demons and other hellish beasts, he is soon going to lead this army into a fierce battle with the Elder Gods. For the longest, this master, in actuality a power-hungry and corrupted Elder God named Shinnok, has always wanted to claim Earthrealm for himself and obtain absolute power, without the meddlesome Elder Gods interfering with his plans. Shinnok decided early on that he will betray the Elder Gods by taking them out of the equation... permanently. Shinnok is no fool, though... he will not underestimate the sheer power of the other Elder Gods and the lesser protector gods that will also antagonize him and his plans. This is why Shinnok decided to assemble an army of faithful followers and the most prolific warriors of evil to aid him in his cause and ensure that his plans for domination come to fruition.

Interestingly, despite the demanding nature and incredibly large scope of the task given to him, Reiko himself is not concerned or worried at all, not even in the slightest. Essential to Shinnok's plans of total domination are two key factors: one of them is the creation of an amulet in order to get around breaking the sacred rules of an Elder God never entering the realms by weakening the dimensional gates to the realm. This allows him to enter Earthrealm without his former colleagues being aware of it. The other factor is his first and greatest disciple, his right-hand man, Reiko. Shinnok, through years of patience and determination, has helped Reiko transform into a truly fearsome killing machine. Reiko himself has much confidence in his abilities as a general and in combat. He has a natural ability to kill and in addition to a tremendous amount of power and discipline, he also has a very ruthless and brutal disposition, no doubt due to his short yet extremely violent past. Both he and Shinnok know that Reiko will carry out his tasks faithfully, perform them to a tee, and that his actions will ultimately be the catalyst to Shinnok's victory.

Currently though, Reiko along with Shinnok and his army are in the Netherrealm in preparation for the invasion of Earthrealm. He instructed Reiko and the others to stay behind and patrol the portal while he went to make some negotiations with the ruler of the NetherRealm, Lucifer. Reiko himself orders his second-in-command to guard the patrol while he does some thinking. This thinking in particular is Reiko reveling in his own conquest for power, the feeling of him finally achieving his desire to commanding his own army and being in control. He decides to reflect back on his life as a whole, all the way up to his earliest memories.

Reiko's earliest and most vivid memory of his past is his younger, fully clothed self waking up in a dark, remote Outworld forest. While lifting up, he notices a dagger near his right hip and proceeds to pick it up. While inspecting the dagger, he comes to the realization that he has no idea of what happened to him, why he was in the middle of a forest, why he had a dagger of all things in his possession. He doesn't even know what he was doing or how he lived before then, but he decides to ignore that for now in favor of hopefully finding out where he is at least.

With the dagger firmly in his hand, he slowly makes his way through the lush, tall grasses of the forest, aimlessly wandering around in a desperate attempt to find his way out of the forest. "Hmmm, I must ask myself what sort of predicament could have overwhelmed me and caused me to end up in such a peculiar place as this.", Reiko muttered as he looked around at his surroundings. He continues to walk through the forest when from a walking distance he notices a handful of men dressed up in armor conversating about something, but he can't make it out yet what they're saying.

"They are all gathered here... perhaps they were sent here by someone? Or maybe they are lost here, as well.", Reiko says to himself. "Whatever the situation may be, I must find out what it is if I want to have any hope of finding a way out of here."

Walking closer, he overhears a few of the phrases in the conversation. "Wait... the... Dragon King? Hmmm. Interesting."

Just when he notices that all of the men are armed with swords, suddenly the men all turn to face Reiko.

"You! Over there! What are you doing out here?", one of the men asked. "You seem to be here out of your own will and not The Dragon King's."

"The Dragon King, I see. I'm assuming that you all work for him.", said Reiko.

"Yes, absolutely. I'm in charge of all of the other soldiers that you see here.", the man said.

"Then would it be rude of me to ask what exactly are all of you doing out here in a place like this?", said Reiko.

"I am the one who should be asking the questions here. And I cannot disclose such information to such a low-life peasant like you.", the man said.

All of them start to walk closer, the leader in particular is eyeing Reiko's dagger.

"I am sorry, but you are way too suspicious to be left unattended. You're going to have to relinquish your weapon and come with us. We're taking you into custody in the name of the Dragon King."

Upon hearing this, Reiko simply crosses his arms, looks down chuckles a bit and smirks after that.

"Huh? What are you smiling about?", said the leader.

"Oh, nothing. I just find it amusing how you think I'm just going to allow you to take me away to some undisclosed location without my consent and without a weapon.", said Reiko.

"I did not inform you of this earlier, but I am currently trying to find a way out of this forest. I do not know of my whereabouts before waking up here, but I certainly do know that I must find some route of escape from here. With that said, however, if faced with the possibility of losing my pride and dignity to some lap dog like you who finds the time to insult me and my way of life without even knowing me beforehand, then with all due respect..."

He lifts up his head and smirks again.

"... I'd rather die here and rot in my own piss."

"You... bastard!", yelled out the leader.

The leader of the group draws out his sword and points it towards Reiko, much to the shock of the other troops.

"I may not know who you are, but you do not want to test me! I will finish you right here in the name of the Dragon King!"

Reiko remains calm and is unfazed by his threats.

"Hmmmph. How rude. I was not even finished speaking. Although you should be more worried about the fact that I will kill you right here and right now..."

Reiko then starts to hold his dagger out.

... with this dagger."

The leader seems shocked at first, but then he starts to laugh loudly.

"Do you really expect to damage me with that little toy of yours?"

Reiko then gets into a position to fight and says, "I'd certainly wager that I would be of more harm to you with this "little toy" than you ever could with that big, fancy sword of yours."

The two then proceed to stare each other down, waiting for the other to strike first.

I'll put up more when I feel like it
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You know what grinds my gears? When Metal Overlord writes a boss ass fanfic but claims that he has no creativity :mad:

Nah I fuk around this was excellent and has an anime feel to it. Keep going with that shit :cool:

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There's a lot more coming than this

I wonder if you're asking that out of genuine interest or out of curiosity


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I read this, and enjoyed it. Loved how you made Reiko a black hearted, uber c0cky killing machine.
But I don't read continuous stories for the most part.

So . . .you know . . . .


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That was pretty good man, can't wait to read more. I love how you are paying close attention to certain events in the lore and other details. I too felt the dialogues are a bit anime like, but it was good.

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This is your first MK fanfic that you've ever read... and you liked it? You just made my day today with that Freddy :proud:


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Metal... this is ass. :neutral:

A hot piece of fine ass. :wink:

Seriously, Reiko has a lot of potential. I can't wait to see you do more with this.