Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 1-1 August]


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+Kzaoo|It was actually a tricky Chapter to write, to be honest. I had to ask myself, "Rory's the kind of person that'd panic her nerves out for a moment if she f'ed up at some point, right?" And I don't think Raiden would want his new protege to hit the "Panic" button this early in their relationship now, you know?

+Jinko|THANK YOU SO MUCH for that correction!! I was overthinking over where to take the Chapter that I really hadn't, to be honest, figured out if Rory would/should use Sifu or Sensei. 'Sensei' was the first thing that came to my head--I think it was mostly because I was so used to using 'Sensei' and not so much 'Sifu.' ['Sifu' is still a very new word to me really.]

So, yes, I actually do appreciate that reminder. Arigato gozaimasu!! ^_^