Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 1-1 August]


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Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 2-2 August]

Well... this is it. Finally getting a first story out for my Sirens. This is my slightly-warped take on the Tournament--don't worry, it gets off to a slow start, but then picks up along the way of course. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also to note, most of the Chapters hopefully will be told in first-person, hence the character in brackets as to who's narrating the Chapter. If there is no name in the brackets in the Chapter title, the Chapter's written in the third person then.

EDIT TO ADD - I will update the subject with each new Chapter. So keep an eye out for any new Chapter'age!

- [Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0: the world according to Sirens...] -​

+Chapter1|Ballerina [Aurora]

Once upon a time… well, that’s how all fairy tales begin, right? They always begin with “Once upon a time”—or so I was told this. But this isn’t some fairy tale… okay, it feels like one. It felt like one. It still feels like one but it’s a very surreal one. I can’t word it otherwise.

So once upon a time, I was Aurora Lyndsey Anderson. Rory or Rory-Lynn for short. And I had a lot going on in my life. When I was a child, Mother let me take ballet classes and, in fact, I danced as Clara in “The Nutcracker,” my favorite ballet. It was a magical time whenever the holidays came around… it meant, it was time for me to prepare for the ballet again!

But then, one day… I was 13. Mother was killed by something. Someone. I don’t know who or what, but that was what Father told me. And it was hard to believe it… it was hard to accept it. And then, not too much later… he died too. He too was killed and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop it.

A year or so later, I was sent by some family members to a Shaolin Temple. There I was befriended by many of the monks there, and they let me accompany them in their daily life. I learned martial arts over the years, inbetween chores and tasks that needed to be done around the temple. One of the monks, Kung Lao, had told his friend Liu Kang that, I had the potential to be a strong fighter. Or at least I overheard him say so. Problem was, I didn’t necessarily have the most epic of self-esteem, but that never meant that I didn’t believe in myself. I just didn’t believe enough.

And then one day, one afternoon… I met… him.

I had been training by myself that afternoon… I was 22 then. The weather wasn’t completely pleasant but it wasn’t entirely hot either—and actually, it’d been overcast. It had been overcast for a few hours to be exact. But in any case, I decided to rest and retreat to the temple for the time being until the storm passed. Except, two rather surprising things happened. One, I got rained on and that, was when I ran inside. And two, after I ran for cover, was when I almost got hit by a lightning bolt. And that was when he formed.

And by he, I mean Lord Raiden.

Now mind you, I had only heard of him from stories around the temple. That he was a Thunder God and protector of Earthrealm. And that he was an Elder God. But that’s about all I knew, and I hadn’t even seen him. Not until this point.

Turns out he had tried to come down here to visit, and also to ask if he could train me himself. To which I referred him to Liu Kang and Kung Lao, who had been overseeing my training for a while. In all honesty, I was a little… erm… intimidated by his appearance. Raiden was freckin’ tall! I actually felt almost overwhelmed.

I actually almost panicked!

But he assured me to calm down, and calm down I did. In fact, I smiled a bit, and he smiled back. Downside of that smile exchange however: I somehow ended up drawn to him. He seemed so… I don’t know… what’s the word…
Intriguing? Maybe? Meh, I don’t know.

He excused himself, with another smile, and away he went to find my trainers. And I just stood there looking almost like an idiot. But when he left, he took my breath with him… for the moment anyway. I had to turn away and hide around the corner in the hall—the hell was I thinking, to almost tell myself that I thought the Thunder God of Earthrealm was actually handsome? The hell was I thinking…!?
“…no, stop worrying about it, Rory” I remember telling myself. “You’ll be in good hands with him. He’ll train you well.”

But go figure when you’re the one denying your feelings, right?
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Thank you kindly! Hopefully I will have Chapter 2 up by Friday, as time constraints are not quite in my favor right now... dinnertime before bedtime and I have a VERY early morning ahead!!!
Nice start! It's been awhile since we had some pure MK fan fics on here, quite interesting so far and welcome aboard!
Re: Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 2-2 August]

Thanks, everyone! ^_^ I'm 'fessing up here--Raiden's been my favorite for-ev-er. Downside is, I think Cupid's been rather harsh with him. XD Sooo, there's where Aurora comes in. Her codename is "Psyche" and if you can figure out the Roman myth reference, give yourself a cookie. Or two. Or four, or more...

That said, and what epic timing! Here's the new Chapter--and this time, starring Josephine Reseika. Or, Snowflake!

+Chapter2|Winter [Josephine]

Sometimes, you don’t think about these things.

It’s not difficult to survive. I would talk… I survived Shao Khan’s assimilation of my race. If you want to talk survival, walk the life of a Cryomancer. I can promise you this—since the demise of my race, it sure as hell is anything but a walk in the park, to steal my best friend Rory’s words. On the other hand, that was how I learned survival—because when you’re more than likely the last of your race in existence, you BETTER learn survival. Or else, for a lack of better words, you’re screwed.

I lived the life of a Temple Priestess, yet was able to conceal my ice abilities. Thankfully. And that basically was how I held my own. But I held my own with my spirits as bright as the sun in Earthrealm’s bold blue sky. Sky as blue as the tips in Rory’s hair.

I learned that, being optimistic isn’t easy, but sure is worth every second of it. I think that’s how Rory and I connected right away. Sure, I had to escape secretly through a portal inbetween realms and end up accidentally teleporting to the Shaolin Temple for THAT to happen, but hey! Positive thinking works!

Yes, even when you and your future best friend are panicking like nuts over what the heck just happened. That’s when you resort to humor!
And that was what I did.

Sometimes, we don't always think about these things.

I have been in Japan for some time now… another accidental teleport and I landed on Kuai Liang’s neck of the woods, which I swore was purely accidental! Didn’t think I’d survive THAT encounter… but I did. Because, turns out he’s the descendant of my race. You could imagine how thrilled I was because of that fact!!

Needless to say, I became Sub-Zero’s new protégé. And wow, did I get trained or what!

I have since then been a lot more confident in my abilities. The downside is that, I have also—unnecessarily—developed feelings for my Sensei. Yes, I am not necessarily one to address him as Kuai-chan. I prefer ‘Sensei’ unless he tells me otherwise. So far that hasn’t happened yet.

These days there’s been talk about this tournament… Mortal Kombat. Yes, that Tournament. If there’s any one thing that struck a sick fear in my gut, that would be it. In my opinion—or my belief, I’ll leave that for you to decide—that was one of the reasons why the Cryomancer race was destroyed. And that was why, for a lack of better words, I actually panicked. In front of Sub-Zero. Which almost NEVER happened.

“J-Josephine?” he asked when he first spoke about the tournament. “What’s wrong?”

I sighed. “I… well, I’m just scared that you will meet the same fate as my race. I don’t want that to happen, Sensei.”

Sub-Zero nodded. “Understandable” he answered. “Have no worries however. I have competed in tournaments past, this will be no different. However, the stakes are much higher, and I have been training with my comrade and guardian.”

“Scorpion?” I asked, raising a brow.

He nodded. “Yes” he replied. “As I said, a lot is at stake, so I want to be best prepared for the tournament as I can be. We will be making our way to the Shaolin Temple in a few days… we have to meet with Liu Kang and Kung Lao. And I’m sure you’ll want to see Aurora as well.”

I nodded. “Yes, Sensei.”

He chuckled. “Well then, Snowflake” he said before checking the skies. “Now, if I am not mistaken, I don’t think we’ve eaten in a good while. We’ve been training all afternoon. How about some food and we make preparations to travel abroad?”

“I am all for it!” I replied enthusiastically. Food and plans… two of the better things I get to deal with in life!

My Sensei chuckled again, patting me on the shoulder. “There’s the happy Josephine I know” he said. “Come along. Let’s get some food and get some planning done. We don’t have a lot of time.” His face was one of serious concern with that last sentence.

I nodded silently, and that was when we made our way from the training room, to the kitchen.

And speaking of food, did I mention, I can make some seriously good sushi!?

But sometimes, when you're worried about the future of your existence... you just don't think about these things.
+Yung|Yep. And wait 'til you read Venom's. Her's is a bit of an actual backstory. Pretty legit. Except--hers takes a pretty offbeat twist!!

+ Kzaoo|Thank you muchly!! It comes with a LOT of time writing with my imagination gone full tilt. I pretty much tend to write how I speak--except for when it comes to stories. Then, as the saying goes, "the inmates take over the asylum..." ;-)

+ Byrd|I didn't realise that myself, actually!! She kind-of does, doesn't she? She's actually the most upbeat of the Trio, and is like the comic relief in addition to *spoiler moment* serving as the Nurse. Rory's the unwilling but fearless leader, and Venom... well... you'll see. *giggle-fit*
Bits of them here and there, inbetween getting around the rest of the entire forum, fighting Facebook, and writing +Chapter3 [which by the way, is coming along well]. I am a fan of fellow fan-fiction. It's not easy to find like-minded folks, let alone fan-fiction writers no matter what the topic. [Okay, depends on the topic. But I can now say I'm not the only one thinking up MK fan-fics!]
Re: Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 3-Saturday 4 August]

Aaannnddd, say heylo to the lovely Venom...

+Chapter3|New [Kana]

I will steal something out of my dear friend Rory-san when I say, most fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time.” My fairy tale, however, has a very awkward take.

I know, you’ve gone all “What the hell?” on me already, and I just started. Silence, and listen up.

My “Once upon a time” has to do with my life as a wife and mother. I lived in Japan… with my husband and my son. You know my husband… Hasashi Hanzo-san. Or, well, by another name you would know him.

Take a piece of Josephine’s sushi if you guessed “Scorpion” correctly.

I am sure you already know the whole nine about Scorpion, but as to me, I think you would love to know about my situation… you see, I was born in what would now be Kyoto, in Japan. Scorpion and I met by unusual circumstances and yet, we met and fell in love. And, of course, we got married. We also had a son, our adorable Jubei.

Now, I’m sure you have heard about how my son and I were killed. What you don’t know—and what I’m about to tell you—is the aftermath of it. Get comfy and have popcorn at the ready, because this might surprise you a bit.

For one, we—Jubei and I—found out who was the real murderer. And you all thought it was Bi-Han… quoting Aurora, “B!tch, please!!” Quan Chi impersonated Sub-Zero the Elder, and killed my son and I. You want to talk about a shock? That, was a shock.

Yes, and you all thought it was part of a Ninja Clan rivalry. Again, please.

Yes, the Lin Kuei and the Shirai Ryu sure didn’t get along—and in fact Jubei sort of wanted to be a Shirai Ryu as well. However, I wanted nothing for our little boy to have such a frightening future. I couldn’t fathom it… like Father, like Son.

I am shaking my head in my recollections now.

In Heaven, I couldn’t really intervene to stop Scorpion from killing Bi-Han, couldn’t tell him it wasn’t Bi-Han who killed Jubei and I. There was a lot of things I could not do while in Heaven… so many things. It was an absolute pain in the ass, and that’s putting it nicely.

Yes, I was, and still am, somewhat frustrated.

But one of the Elder Gods, not too long ago, gave me permission to be resurrected, to be revived and take part in the Tournament. To find my husband and be at his side to see things through again. To help him and Bi-Han’s younger brother, Kuai Liang—Sub-Zero the Younger—defeat the forces of Outworld.

So, needless to say, that was how I ended up back on Earth, and—after being lured through a portal, the fool that I be—ended up at the Shaolin Temple. If you want to see two young women have a panic attack, you should’ve been there when they first saw me!! After Aurora recovered from her panic fit, and Josephine repaired the rest of me, you could say I affiliated with these two lovely ladies of valor. They remind me of my husband—except, Aurora is cool, calm and collected. Unsure of herself at times, and very careful in what to do in a situation. And very courageous… I love that especially about her. And Josephine, she is very positive, very quirky (in a good way), and very caring. She adores her Sensei as much as Aurora adores her mentor and I adore my husband (how awkward is that!?), and she would do whatever it takes to cheer us up if we’re in a rut. And she’s an amazing healer too. And, she is just kawaii—very, very kawaii!!

*sigh* Yes, my better side is showing, can’t you tell?

But all in all, these two are my best friends, and when we are together, we can do damn-near everything—and that includes saving Earthrealm.

Right now, however, I am at home in a temple in Japan, making dinner for myself. Miso soup. Homemade… because instant miso-soup is for working class heroes, and I’m a damn better cook than that!

...ah yes, and one more thing. One would wonder, given that I am entering the Tournament with two fellow women who regard themselves proper as Sirens, and we are rightly so. We will be "singing" in battle, our enemies to their demise. Not literally, but through every battle we face. Both as the Siren Trio, and individually.

When I gave it some thought, I had to think really good about the codename I would choose for myself. Josephine felt "Snowflake" suited her best, given her caring nature and her race as a Cryomancer. And she in turn gave Aurora her nickname, Psyche, for the Roman reference of Cupid and Psyche (which was very difficult to understand... I had to be taught about that myth). But... what of myself?

I then thought about my life.
My son.
My husband.
Our life together.
How it was.
How it is now.
How it would be.
How everything used to be.
How everything seems to be now.

I thought about everything.

And that was when, after another passing thought for my husband, I smiled as I decided upon my codename. Because, what's a Scorpion without his Venom...?
Amazing updates! I love how their lives are intertwined with those of MK characters and how they got their names, especially Venom! Great job, can't wait to read more!
+Byrd|I had a pretty big grin myself when I thought about that last sentence. That suits Kana-sama quite proper. And when you think about it, it's true y'know... ;-)

+Jinko|Thanks muchly. I wanted to let Kana-sama tie it all together, background-wise. To be honest I had no idea where to take the Chapter at first after her resurrection, but after a moment of thought or two and a glance-through at the last two Chapters, it became all-systems-GO after that. And then it just began to get it all together like so.

I also felt Kana-sama should give her opinions on her two best friends and fellow Sirens. There's a bit of a brutal honesty to that. And don't worry, she'll be a bit tougher as the story goes because, when you add modern pop culture exposure... LOL!!!
Re: Mortal Kombat|the Siren Trio Chronicles... - #0 [Chapter 4 - 7 August]

More random shenanigans out of Rory's end of the world.

[Translation: TIME FOR A NEW CHAPTER!!!]

+Chapter4|The Get-To-Know [Aurora]

I decided it best to wait in my room, watching as the storm made its presence known outside my window, while Raiden went to speak with my mentors. Sure, I could’ve trained in my room but, outside the ground doesn’t hurt as easily, and I’m less likely to accidentally bust my head wide open. Or break a bone, or bruise my knee, or smash my elbow… I think you get the idea.

But, nonetheless, minutes turned into an hour and… I fell asleep. Didn’t intend to, either!! I just fell asleep!! So you could imagine how shocked I was when Liu Kang and Kung Lao knocked on my door and I almost fell off the bed. Kung actually chuckled. Liu looked almost embarrassed.

“…Rory?” he said mid-chuckle.

“Kung Lao-Sensei!” I greeted as I stood up quickly. “Liu Kang-Sensei!” I quickly bowed. Wow, that was a whole new low point…

Liu began to chuckle as well. “Okay, I can’t stay angry for long, Aurora… sorry!” he then laughed. I too laughed… yeah, we needed a good laugh. Suddenly I didn’t feel like such an ass. Can’t say the same for the next person to enter the room, whose voice boomed like thunder.

“Well don’t worry, I will make sure falling asleep mid-storm is the last of your priorities” Raiden interjected as he entered the room. The smile wasn’t on his face this time… he actually was serious. You’d have thought I’d get a panic attack. I stopped laughing and bit my lower lip in a worry VERY quickly.

“M-my apologies, m’Lord” I answered sheepishly as I straightened up. “I’ll do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.” By then my two Sensei had straightened up as well.

“Aurora, this is Lord Raiden” Liu introduced. “The Thunder God, and protector of Earthrealm. He will be taking you under his wing as mentor. Don’t worry, you’ll still be staying here and train with us as well. However, you will be more under his watchful eye, as Kung Lao and I will be training to prepare for the Tournament.”

I nodded nervously as Kung Lao then spoke. “We need to make certain preparations with the rest of the monks” he said. “Liu and I will leave you two for now so you can both get better acquainted.” He then sighed, “And Rory… try not to panic so much, or get yourself unnecessarily electrocuted, alright?”

“Yes, Kung Lao-Sensei” I answered with a nod of my head.

He then gave me a small smile before leaving the room, accompanied with Liu Kang, who gave me a thumbs up before leaving to accompany his best friend.

The silence almost made me sick.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep” I finally spoke up to Raiden.

The Thunder God shrugged lightly. “I suppose there isn’t much for you to do when it rains, is there?” he answered. “I shouldn’t have been so harsh as I was a moment ago, it was not my intention to scare you. My apologies, Aurora.”

I bowed my head in reply. “Forgiven, m’Lord” I said. “I’m the one feeling bad though. I fell asleep. Usually I’m outside training but…”

“But nothing, Aurora” Raiden interrupted. “I will have to find a way to work with you so you’re not so quick to fall sick when training in rainy weather. And especially so that you don’t get electrocuted unnecessarily.” He then chuckled; “It’s okay though… you will be better than what you are now by the time I’m done with you. Now, come along. I will introduce you to training outside in bad weather… it’s okay, I’m a trained professional” he then said with a wink. “I’ll show you how it’s done.”

I giggled a bit, amused by his humor. “Okay!” I answered enthusiastically. Maybe this might not be such a bad idea after all!
This I realized when he extended a hand out. “Well then” he said, “we don’t have all storm now, do we?”

With a grin, I placed my hand in his, and outside to train in the storm we went.

“Whew!!” I sighed as we sat under a tree, about an hour or so later. “Okay, I am never again questioning training out in a storm!”

Raiden laughed heartily. “Not especially with me around, Aurora!” he said as he sat beside me, handing me a bottle of water. “Water?”

“Yes, please” I answered as he handed me the bottle. “Thank you… wow, that was actually fun!” And it was!! I wasn’t drenched in sweat like I was used to. And I was protected from the lightning with the Thunder God around. I confess, he’s quite a good teacher actually!

“You see, I told you everything was going to be fine now, didn’t I?” Raiden answered. “And you have proven yourself to be quite a warrior. I am very impressed with you!”

I grinned. “Th-thank you, Raiden-Sensei” I said.

“No no, just ‘Raiden’ will do, Aurora” he laughed. “I may be the Thunder God but I already scared you out your wits. I think you’ll be a little less nerve-shot if I just let you address me as human as you can get. ‘Raiden’ will do.”

I almost hate to say this, but that’s when I began to fall for the Thunder God. And it was certain as I nodded and spoke up in reply. “Okay… Raiden!”

To quote Josephine, “Kiss your heart good-riddance, my dear…”
Very nice!

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm really curious to see where this goes.
Nice interesting update! However one small error I would like to point out is that in China, practitioners of Kung Fu refer to their teachers as either 'Sifu' or 'Laoshi'. ' 'Sensei' is the Japanese word for teacher/master.