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Mortal Kombat: Sisterhood

A new year means a new story. After the positive reviews I got from my fanfic, Mortal Kombat Mythologies, I've decided to make an expansion to the story that focuses on Jataaka, Sareena, and Kia. For those who have read Mortal Kombat Mythologies, you probably know how they will turn out in the end. But you won't know how they became who they are today unless you read this new story. I hope you enjoy this. For those of you who have never read Mortal Kombat Mythologies, click here.
Chapter 1: No Way Out

Sorcery is power. And power is in the hands of those who can break sorcery. The only sorcerers living today are Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Ashrah, and Tesla. Their magic has produced many things, but the most violent creation ever made by sorcery was Jataaka. Long ago, Jataaka was a popular teenage girl who lived in a Russian city named Ralakk. She was also looked up to by her classmates, and was friends with two other teenage girls named Sareena and Kia. It was around her sophomore year in high school when she and other high school females in Ralakk were killed by members of the Shirai Ryu. She woke up in the one place she always feared going to: the Netherealm. She arrived in the third plane along with two other high*schoolers she knew.

Jataaka: I feared coming here. Kia, what happened?

Kia: A group of ninjas attacked us. Last thing I remembered was a Knife sliding across my throat. It was horrible.

Jataaka: Well then, we have to find somewhere to go from here. I still can't believe I ended up here along with the two of you. Where did we go wrong?

Voice: You want a way outta here? I know where to take you all and make that happen.

The teenagers looked to their right and saw a mysterious woman, who looked like she was in her early 30s. She approached them and signaled them to follow her. Jataaka didn't really trust her much.

Jataaka: Wait, how do you know a way out of here? You're still here.

Ashrah: I left long ago, but My subordinate sent me back to this realm. Now that I'm stuck here, my klan is Leaderless. I don't have much of a Klan anymore.

Jataaka: Wait, this "Klan" wouldn't happen to be a bunch of Ninjas dressed in yellow and red would it?

Ashrah: And now you know why I need to escape.

Kia: You mean it's your fault we're here?

Sareena: Kia, it's not entirely her fault. Even if it is, she intends to help us escape.

Kia: How do we know it's possible? We're dead. We can't live anymore.

Jataaka: Take us out of here.

Kia: What? You really trust her?

Jataaka: We can't kill her, and we can't get killed. Might as well follow her.

Ashrah: I won't lie to you all. Their is a catch to this.

Jataaka: If I have to be here longer than I want, I'll scream. Loud. Just to irritate you.

The teenagers decided to follow Ashrah. They roamed the Netherealm for 2 hours. Along the way, they saw Oni, dragons, dead people, and even Onaga. Kia was fascinated by Onaga's looks. Onaga was annoyed.

Onaga: What are you looking at?

Kia: What are you?

Onaga: What are you, little girl? I'm a king. Or atleast I use to be.

Sareena: What happen?

Onaga: Ask the witch you're following. She's the reason I'm here now.

Ashrah: And you're the reason I'm here now. And I wasn't able to leave for a while.

Jataaka: Uh, how long is a while?

Ashrah: This is the 2nd plane of the Netherealm. We've been able to start our journey at the end of the third plane, which is actually the second smallest plane. Because of my powerful magic, you all were able to make it across that plane and this plane in less than 3 hours. The dead are sent to certain planes depending on how evil they are. There are at least 60 planes in the Netherealm. And Onaga was sent to plane sixty, dragging me there by my ankle. I've been traveling around 500 years.

The girls were shocked. They couldn't imagine how she survived the torture, and they didn't want to.

Jataaka: Let's hurry. I don't want us being stuck here for more than a month.

Ashrah walked them to the first plane of the Netherealm, Which looked way better than the other planes. It looked like a huge city. All kinds of people inhabited the first plane. It was guarded by men dressed in black clothing. Some of them looked just like the Ninja from Ashrah's Klan.

Kia: Wow, this is the place.

Sareena: No wonder everyone hates the other planes. This place looks more like a paradise than a punishment.

Jataaka: It looks nice, but I still prefer going back to Earth.

Ashrah: We can't just walk out of here. You're now a resident of this realm. You have to meet the only person who can send you back to Earth.

Jataaka: Make it quick.

Ashrah: He's in that tower. Let's go.

The girls followed Ashrah into a large tower the spanned about 8 story's high. They walked all the way to the top floor, only to be stopped by 2 guards dressed in Black. They saw a bald gray man sitting in the chair the looked directly toward the outside of the tower. There, the man could look over the entire first plane of the Netherealm. He knew they were coming, and he signaled his guards to let them pass. The Guards moved to the side and Escorted them to the man.

Overlord: What is your offer?

Ashrah: I found these girls in the third plane of the Netherealm realm, and they would like to make a request.

Overlord: They want to leave the Netherealm. But I want you all to know that you are of no use to me, and I won't waste my power on such petty teens.

Kia: We traveled this far just to escape the Netherealm. Why won't you let us leave?

Overlord: You can leave, but not right now. What use are you to me? I own an empire dedicated to resurrecting Lord Shinnok.

Jataaka was frustrated and angered by his response. However, she thought about what he said and came up with a solution.

Jataaka: Everyone here is pretty much dead. Am I correct?

Overlord: What do you have in mind?

Sareena: Jataaka, are you really going to do this?

Jataaka: It was the Shirai Ryu the brought me here. I think I should pay them a visit sometime.

Overlord: I'm listening.

Jataaka: If you can somehow train us, we will help you grow your army by killing those on Earth.

Overlord: An assassin. You think it's easy to learn how to kill?

Jataaka: Whats wrong? You can't teach a few women how to fight?

Overlord: Don't test my patience little girl. You're not ready to leave this realm.

Jataaka: Give us a day. We'll be ready.

Ashrah: If I may, I think it would be a good idea for me to take them under my wing, and train them. They could become valuable assets to your army.

Overlord: I'll give you all a week to prove yourselves. At that time, I'll host a tournament. Those who survive the Tournament will depart back to Earth. The rest of you will stay here until you fully improve your combat skills.

Ashrah: Since the Brotherhood of Shadow consists of female members now, will you change the name?

Overlord: No. I don't want any females in my army. However, I wouldn't mind having an army of Females.

Ashrah: What shall we be called?

Overlord: From this day forward, you all will be known as the Sisterhood of Shadow.

Jataaka: Huh, I like it. Before I go, what shall I call you?

Overlord: Hahaha. What shall you call me? I have Many names, you can call me whatever you like. But everyone calls me by the name Quan Chi.

Sareena: Quan Chi. We will see you in a week.

With that saying, the girls departed from the tower. Ashrah followed behind them. When they were out of Quan Chi's sight, a female that looked exactly like Ashrah came out of a hidden door.

Quan Chi: Keep an eye on Ashrah. I don't want her betraying me. If you see anything that isn't right, kill her.

Female Kombatant: Don't worry. I won't discriminate. She will follow your orders no matter what. I know my sister well.

Quan Chi: I hope you're right, Tesla.
That's the end of the first chapter, and the beginning of a new expansion to the series. I hope you've enjoyed this.

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First things first.

Backstory! The first thing you did should have been to show them being killed by the Shira Ryu. And show why, as well. In fact, what were Shira Ryu assassins targeting girls in Russia for? That doesn't exactly make sense.

Second, your dialogue. It felt terribly forced, with no emotion behind any of it. It felt like I was reading a script, and not because it was in script format. Your characters had zero personality, and they just did stuff without even thinking about it. A few teenage girls decide they want to work for the overlord of the Netherrealm as assassins with barely even a discussion? That'd be like me going to the military on a whim and signing up to train as special forces. At age 15. It just doesn't work, and requires a serious suspension of disbelief to even read.

And lastly, why would Quan-Chi choose them in the first place? If he wanted an assassin group to strike at earthrealm, then he could utilize anyone in the netherrealm. I'm sure there are career assassins just waiting for an opportunity like that. There is no need to train a group of teenage girls when a plethora of more capable hands are easily within his grasp.

In summation, you need a better backstory, your dialogue is brutal, and the plot makes very little sense.

I know that I'm likely coming across as a Grade-A *******, but I refuse to let someone write like this when I have the opportunity to help them better themselves. You can decide whether or not you wish to take my advice. I'm not trying to be mean, or bash your story, or anything else like that. I just want to give you the opportunity to become a better writer.
Hater, jk lol.

Truefully, I enjoy getting feedback. I greatly encourage people to give feedback for any and everything they want. After reading it again, I do see your concern, but I don't really want to answer the what's and why's of the story just yet. I really want to save them for later. And about the characters having no emotion, yeah I'll try to work on that. I just never found the time for them to actually have a need for any emotions; I don't want them having soft feelings. Anyways, I'll take what you said into consideration.

Chapter 2: The Day an Assassin was Born

Ashrah may have not trained anyone for 500 years, but she still remembers a few methods to use when teaching someone how to fight.

Ashrah: Before we begin, I want lay down some ground rules. First off, Don't mess with Quan Chi unless it's about something important. Second, we work as a team, whether you like it or not. Seeing that you're all females, that should be no problem. And rule three, SHOW NO MERCY!

Kia: Wow. That's harsh.

Ashrah: And seeing that you all are females, that rule might be a little difficult for you three to follow.

Sareena: So, what's the first drill?

Ashrah: Drill? I don't do drills. Here in the Netherealm, it's impossible for anyone to die. That is the advantage in training new recruits.

Kia: If we don't have any drills, how will we learn anything new?

Ashrah: You will learn a lot here in the Netherealm. This is a realm full of pain, misery, and torture. You can't sleep. You can't eat, unless you're an Oni. You can't even breathe. It's a wonder you can still see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and talk. The point is, the Netherealm will teach you how to endure the most toughest situations. You three were actually able to roam this realm without complaining about being unable to breathe, and only Oni can breathe here. I believe in your abilities.

Jataaka: Alright. So what do we have to do?

Ashrah: You have approximately 166 hours to train. Which is pretty short.

Kia: On Earth, that's pretty long.

Ashrah: First, you must prepare yourselves with whatever you want. Their are thousands of weapons here, or you can use you bare hands. Your goal is simple. Kill me, over, and over, and over. That means you must kill me 4 times. Once with each of you, and one team kill.

Jataaka: That's easy. Let me pick my weapon and end this.

Jataaka scrolls around the area, looking at the many different types of weapon. She was known for being the best Kendo fighter in Russia, so she wanted to find a sword. She sees a katana with a black and red handle lying near an Oni that was feeding on a dead corpse. The Oni spots Jataaka, staring at her lustfully with his bloodshot red eyes. Jataaka is startled by the Oni's stare. Kia looks around the entire area and spots all kinds of dead, undead, and monstrous creatures.

Ashrah: Oh did I forget to mention. These Oni are Bottom feeders. They will eat anything and anyone who resides in the Netherealm. Although you can't die in this realm, their is a possibility that you can forever live your life as Oni droppings. So watch out for them as well.

The Oni standing near the katana let's out a terrifying screech before rushing towards Jataaka. As the Oni hops in the air, Sareena quickly grabs a nearby Scythe and swings it against the Oni. The Oni falls to the ground while also being split in two from its waist down.

Ashrah: Great, your first kill. Remember, that was a sneak attack on the smallest of the Oni. Now, FIGHT!!!

Jataaka grab the Katana and prepared to face Ashrah. Kia found a boomerang and picked it up.

Ashrah: Are you serious Kia? A boomerang?

Kia: I use to use them against the bullies at my school who tortured the 9th graders.

Kia threw the Boomerang at a fast pace. The boomerang quickly made contact with Ashrah's robe. However, Ashrah quickly moved out of the way. Jataaka ran towards Ashrah and attempted to strike her with the Katana. Ashrah simply dodges the attack and kicks Jataaka in the Jaw, knocking her down. Sareena runs toward Ashrah with her Scythe and attempts to strike Ashrah down, but she fails as Ashrah simply stops the Scythe with her bare hand. She grabs the scythe with the same hand and swings Sareena across the field. She then laughs at the three of them.

Ashrah: Is that all you three got?

Kia smirks. The boomerang returns behind Ashrah. It almost strikes her, but she dodges the boomerang, leaving the Scythe behind. Kia is surprised as the boomerang heads her way really quickly. Too quickly for her to dodge. Kia gets struck by her own boomerang, which knocks her down.

Ashrah: Ha ha ha ha ha! Did you really think that would work. Well, it does on TV.

Kia: That was only one minute. We still have 9,959 minutes to go.

Ashrah: That's the spirit Kia.

Jataaka: Kia! Sareena! Watch out for those Oni. They're hungry.

Sareena and Kia look around as they see the many Oni slowly walking towards them from all directions.

Kia: What's the plan Jataaka?

Jataaka: If Ashrah is infront of you, kill her. If anyone gets in your way, kill them them too.

Sareena: Harsh, but that's how it has to be.

Jataaka rises back up along with Sareena and Kia. The ready their weapons as the Oni look at them in Hunger. Ashrah gets back into her defensive stance and prepares for battle.

Jataaka: Round 2, FIGHT!!!

Ashrah: (Ha, I like the que from Shao Kahn's favorite line).

Jataaka, Sareena, and Kia runs toward Ashrah's position. The Oni decided to use the chance to attack the three. As the beasts get in the way of their attack, Jataaka slashes through 2 of the beasts with her sword. Sareena cuts through a few Oni, but begins to get overwhelmed by them. Kia throws her Boomerang at the Oni to help Sareena out against them. Jataaka swings her katana towards Ashrah Multiple times. However, Ashrah dodges the attacks left and right. Suddenly, an Oni appears behind Ashrah, who was unaware of its presence. The Oni slashed in her direction, but it stabbed in the forehead by Jataaka.

Ashrah: You have to show no mercy. Including when you opponent is about to be killed by another enemy.

Ashrah sends a strong punch into Jataaka's face, sending her across the battlefield. Kia runs toward Ashrah and attempts a windmill kick, which Ashrah blocks. Kia continues to attack Ashrah with a combination of punches and kicks while Sareena fights off the incoming Oni. Kia quickly pulls out her Boomerang and throws it at Ashrah from a very close range, but she misses. Kia backflips away from Her as Sareena sets her sites on Ashrah. Sareena*throws her scythe at Ashrah, but it also misses. Jataaka rises back up seeing the many Oni around them. She knew it wasn't a coincidence. Ashrah continued to attack the horde of Oni along with Sareena and Kia. Ashrah creates a small ball of light in the palm of her hand and looks directly towards Sareena. As she is about to throw the ball of light at Sareena, Kia's boomerang returns and deflects the projectile by striking Ashrah's hand. As she begins to create another ball of light in her other hand, Jataaka readies her katana. Ashrah throws the ball directly at Sareena, who was helpless. The Oni began to overcome Kia. Jataaka's face grew with anger. She quickly ran in Sareena's direction as the ball made its way there. Before Sareena is hit, an electric projectile shaped like a katana collides with the ball of light, causing them to cancel each other out with an explosion. The Oni that were overcoming Kia were also killed by Jataaka who quickly cut them in half. Both Sareena and Kia were shakened by Jataaka's attacks.

Sareena: Oh no.

Kia: How did this happen? This shouldn't be.

Ashrah was also surprised, but she was more curious, not scared.

Ashrah: What's wrong with her? She seems different.

Jataaka pulled her katana out of the last Oni she killed. She raises her head up smiling demonically. Her eyes were bloodshot red, and her pupils were gone. She was covered in blood, but most of her clothing was still stainless.

Jataaka: Hahahahaha. You all look scared.

Jataaka's voice was a little different. It was more frightening than before, and sound as if she had 2 different voices.

Ashrah: You've been overtaken by a spirit. That's actually impossible. The only way you can be overtaken by a spirit is if you're an Oni. The host must have the blood of dead Oni covering their body and be filled with rage. In the fifth plane, we call it the "Blood Rage."

Jataaka: That answer is staring you right in the face. Can't you see? They are all Oni.

Kia: That's not true, I haven't been overtaken.

Sareena: Nor have I.

Jataaka: That may be true, but you two have Oni blood in your veins, I can see it. I guess I'll have to cut it out of you!

Jataaka raises her sword and looks toward Kia. Kia prepares herself against Jataaka, and so does Sareena. However, Ashrah stops the two.

Ashrah: Don't attack her. I'll take care of the demon. Your training is still in effect. Kill me, or be killed by me. You two have no other options.

Kia/Sareena: Alright!

Kia was prepared to attack Ashrah. She firmly held her boomerang on her left hand. Sareena prepared her scythe as she stared at Ashrah. Ashrah got in her defensive stance and prepared for Kombat.

Ashrah: FIGHT!!!
Thats all for this chapter, I hope you all enjoyed this.
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Chapter 3: Reverb

16 hours earlier...

Jataaka was walking home from school. Sareena and Kia agreed to visit her at the upcoming Worldwide Kendo Tournament. She was to face the toughest men and women in the world. Jataaka had to choose a specialized wardrobe to wear to the tournament. When she arrived at her house, she prepared herself and got dressed. Her choice was to wear a black Sleeveless shirt with writings that talk about the common personalities of life such as love, peace, compassion, ect. She had black wind-suit pants that bore thin, white stripes on each side. She also wore black and white strap-on slippers. She had her specialize Kendo stick strapped around her waist as she walked to the national tournament. Along the way, she met up with Sareena and Kia, who were also on their way to the Tournament.

Jataaka: I'm glad to see that you two were really coming after all.

Kia: Well we couldn't possibly just miss out on the biggest tournament in the World. And then, they've decided to put it in our city. That's enough to make me want to come.

Sareena: I've been to all of your tournaments, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise for me to come.

Kia: What can I say? I'm a busy girl. I would've came to them all if I could. And besides, I want to be on TV with you when you win so that I can tell people "My best friend Jataaka is the champion of the world."

Jataaka: You're annoying sometimes Kia, you know that?

Sareena: We should move quickly, the tournament will begin soon.

The three girls continued their walk to the tournament, which was only a few blocks ahead. It appears that the parking lot is full, so full that nearby stores were unable to have any business. But the store clerks were prepared for that day and they closed their stores just to watch the Tournament.

Jataaka: Alright girls. This is where we part ways. I'll see you two when the tournament ends.

Kia: Alright, good luck out there.

Sareena: See ya.

Jataaka felt as if this was the best day of her life. She believed nothing could make her day feel better or worse. Neither winning nor losing would change her thoughts on the Tournament. This was what she's been waiting for. Little did she know, the tournament had ended before it began.

500 years ago...

Ashrah was on her way from a personal mission she assigned herself. She brought ten of her most trusted warriors along with her. However, only 3 of those men have returned to the Shirai Ryu temple. Although she posed as a standard female warrior of the clan, she was actually the true leader. Her first recruit was a man named Lokke Leviticus. Before he joined the clan, he was just a warrior of the Lin Kuei who was assigned to kill Ashrah for leaving the clan. She mistook Ermac as a new ally who wanted to prove himself as a worthy member of the Shirai Ryu. She realized what she did and codenamed him Ermac, because he joined the clan by mistake. She went to what was suppose to be her final battle against the Lin Kuei once and for all. However, the Lin Kuei grew 3 times bigger than she and Ermac expected. Even though she allowed Ermac to be her ally, she still held a grudge against him for trying to assassinate her long ago. She, along with the last 3 men of her team, left The battle while Ermac and his men fought the Lin Kuei alone. Ermac was the last man standing and has since held a grudge against Ashrah. Right before she left Earthrealm to join Shao Kahn in his battle against Onaga, she gave her men a simple task that has been used by the Shirai Ryu Clan for years.

Ashrah: Recruit as many warriors to the Shirai Ryu as possible. You all know how that works.

Lauthur: Ask them first, and if they decline we must kill them.

Ashrah: Exactly, except the fact that you forgot the last main thing.

Lauthur: And make sure you recruit the entire town. Now just certain people.

Ashrah: And?

Layette: Brother are you the stupid? All in all, recruit any and everyone that can fight. Those who can fight but decline our invitation will perish. Do NOT kill anyone who can't fend for them selves.

Ashrah: Correct. Make sure you keep Lauthur in line while I'm gone.

Layette: Yes Ma'am!

Ashrah left them with that command and has never been seen again. Layette was assigned to take over if neither Ashrah nor Ermac were to return to the Temple. Layette had recruited many fighters and put the entire clan in a stasis of hibernation for 500 years. After they reawakened, they resumed their recruitment and eventually came to Russia.

Back at the tournament...

Jataaka walked into the stadium only to see a bunch of men and women dressed in red, orange, and yellow ninja clothes, Only Sareena, Kia, the other participants, and their friends stood out from the others. One Person in particular—a woman dressed in a red ninja suit—walked towards the 8 participants and began to talk.

Layette: My name is Layette. I am the leader of the Shirai Ryu Clan. It's nice to meet you all.

The participants were curious about the women, but they were not afraid of her.

Hector: What is this about?

Layette: I see that you all are here to fight. I say you all should join the Shirai Ryu.

Jason: And why would you recruit us? What kind of "clan" is this anyway?

Layette: Our original leader gave us strict orders to recruit anyone who is willing to fight. Anyone who can defend themselves in combat are invited to join. However, if you decline, we have to scratch you off the list.

Hector: That's more like a gang. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to join a gang. I'm out.

As Hector began to leave, so did everyone else, including Jataaka, Sareena, and Kia.

Layette: Hammerhead, kill him.

A large Muscular ninja in an Orange suit hopped in front of them. He ****ed his fist back and swung at Hector. The impact of the punch was so strong, it knocked Hector's head off, killing him. The attack horrified everyone. Layette's face had no hint of a smile. She meant business.

Layette: Only 8 of you are needed, but the rest of you will join him if you don't join us.

Everyone began to escape the Shirai Ryu, but all of the exits were blocked. They could not leave.

Layette: It would have been less violent if you all would have just joined us. It's too late now, for I have no patience with you all. Kill them!

Every Shirai Ryu member in the stadium had hopped from their seats and attacked everyone. Left and right, the participants and their friend fell to the power of the Shirai Ryu. Some of them fought back, but their efforts were useless. Jataaka was able to defeat some of the ninja, but she was kicked down by Layette.

Layette: I see you're the strongest one here. And you're a female. That's all I need to know.

Jataaka: Let my friends out of here. They have nothing to offer your clan.

Layette: I've been spying on you all for quite some time now. They've fought against other high schoolers before. That means they are able to fight. They will die as well.

A ninja in yellow clothing wrapped his arms around Sareena's head. With massive force, he snapped her neck and killed her. Jataaka's eyes grew wide as she saw her friend die in front of her. She suddenly heard Kia's loud voice.


Layette: I've learned that you talk too much. Shut her up.

Another ninja in a yellow shirt covered Kia's mouth with his left hand and slit her throat with a knife he had in his right hand. Jataaka grew angry at the sight of them Killing Kia.

Jataaka: Why you...

Layette: Does watching your friend die make you wanna cry?

Jataaka looked at Layette with fire in her eyes. Her eyes turned bloodshot red and her pupils disappeared. Layette looked at her in surprise.

Layette: What are you doing?

Jataaka: Killing them does not make me mad.

All of the ninja surrounding Jataaka and Layette had blood shooting from her abdomen. The upper half of their bodies fell to the floor. Layette looked at Jataaka in fear.


Jataaka's Kendo stick glowed sky blue as electricity flowed around it. She hopped off the ground and grabbed onto the ceiling. She looked directly at Layette. Layette pulled out 2 daggers and prepared to face her. Jataaka hopped off the ceiling and headed directly towards Layette and swung her Kendo stick at her.

Back in the Netherrealm...

Jataaka swings her sword against Ashrah, seemingly killing her. Ashrah falls to the ground and lied their, motionless.

Jataaka: Hahahahahaha. So, who's next?

Jataaka looked at the weakened Kia and Sareena, who's weapons have been destroyed by Jataaka.

Kia: We have to stop her. She will just keep killing Ashrah over and over again.*

Sareena: We do live in the Netherrealm, so we technically won't die.

Kia: We have no weapons to fight with, so how will we win?

Ashrah: I have a spell that will release the spirit, but I'll need your help.

Kia and Sareena looked over at Ashrah and saw that she had a complete makeover. Her hair was in the shape of a pony tail. Her shirt was sleeveless and stopped at the bottom of her ribs. He cape had also disappeared and her eyes were green. The blood on her clothes had been cleaned off. In reality, it was really Tesla who stood before them.

Tesla: Although you two must stop the spirit that dwells inside of your friend, you must also defeat me in combat. You have 72 hours left until Quan Chi's tournament begins. FIGHT!*

Jataaka dashed towards Tesla and prepared to strike. Tesla stood firm and prepared for Jataaka's attack.
That's the end of this Chapter, I hope you enjoyed it.
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