Mortal Kombat Shadows of Desperation Short Film


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Good day to all. I am glad to join the family of MK forums. My name is Tcherry Samedy. I am a graduate film student residing in Alexandria VA. I have been a fan of Mortal Kombat since my childhood. And I would like you all to check out my short film that a couple friends and I put together. It is called Mortal Kombat Shadows of Desperation. Production took about 9 months: Costumes, Casting, Site Recon and Reahearsals. I accepted to go through with this project knowing the challenges that I would be facing. With a couple of faithful friends and driven actors we pulled the best adaptation that we financially could afford. Please, check it out and leave your comment. Thanks.
I enjoyed that, the video editing was nice. The fight scenes were kinda meh, but overall, very good man :]
The Quan Chi get-up was excellent
Yes the editing and acting is pretty darn good
Fight scenes aren't smooth but they are nice.

All in all, great job :D
Constructive Criticism:
-the costumes were alright, probably the best part of the video, but if your gonna use brand named gear, cover up the brand logo
-i think the fight scenes could have been much better if you would have moved faster, which i think a little more rehearsal
-think more about what certain characters would say. I would say you did well with Shang Tsung but with Quan Chi and Scorpions interaction, i think it would go a lot differently, and Raiden would probably never go to wine to the elder gods about how they need to help him unless he thought the rules of MK were broken of if he was completely desperate, as he knows the rules of mortal kombat very well
-don't overuse a prop. the stage blood was overplayed, as you spent a little too much time showing it off twice

But overall pretty good for a low budget fan film
Thanks Yungq94, and Trilogy for your remarks. All input is welcomed and being considered for my next story which is probably something other than MK.

To Trilogy, Due to two of our actors(Rayden and Kung Lao) dropping out of the movie during production we had to team Sub-Zero and Scorpion to go against the Deadly Alliance. That took Rayden out of the original fight scene since we had to recast him. Choreography and rehearsal for the final scene took place on the day of shooting. Thus Scorpion and Quan Chi did not have much to say to each other.

It was at a fun and tremendous learning experience.
Raiden looked awesome as hell <3 His acting sucked, though :/

Not bad, but I thought some of the camera work was cheesy, like when it went old school martial arts movie style and zoomed in. Wasn't as drastic as the movies, but still had that 'cheesy' feel.

I forgot to add....Sub-Zero's voice was awful <.<

I thought the Shang Tsung actor was great, though.
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No need for formalities, please call me Yung
Whatever your next project is I'm sure it'll be awesome :top:
Funny thing, I actually live in VA. But, on another note that's completely on topic; this film was great!

Some criticism
-Costumes were awesome, especially Quan Chi's! His costume is better here than Mortal Kombat Legacy! but I couldn't tell if it was Liu Kang or Kung Lao at the beginning.
-The blood should have been noticeable without the fighters feeling their lips and seeing the blood, it seems more natural
-Fighting should be more fast-paced and fluid, Shang Tsung fixed his hair every time he landed a punch
-Scorpion using his Spear and Sub-Zero using his Ice Ball would have been a smart to use because it's their signature moves, and when Raiden picks up Shang Tsung he should have electrocuted him!
-Special effects were good, especially when Raiden teleported to the Elder Gods

Great job overall, can't wait to see the next one!
Thanks Armon, you are a 100% right about Sub-Zero and Scorpion's signature moves. The actors are down to shoot the next one. We are flirting with the idea of introducing Kai, the African-American monk. But currently I am waiting on a graphic novel artist to present me with some new materials that we can own the rights to.