Mortal Kombat - Rise of the Shoga-Ryu: Lillith and Tsumi Kara Umareru


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Hello everyone. This is the story of Lillith, a very serious and canon respecting origin piece about a character I hope to one day see as an official part of MK lore. Lillith and her story has been in personal development since the release of MK9, and she's now set up for MKX. Some of you may have even heard the music theme I made for her back in 2011, but she has come a long way since then.

For everyone interested, please check it out and feel free to comment. I would love to hear what you guys think... Would you like to see her in official MK lore?

Rise of the Shoga-Ryu:

Lillith's theme #1:

There's also some other MK inspired music on my youtube :) Feel free to check it out.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy. :)