Mortal Kombat R.E.D.


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Hey everybody, Figure I post a story I've been working on, their's probably a thousand grammatical errors but I fix those later, anyway, tell me what you guys think,

Mortal Kombat: R.E.D.


Red Dragon Headquarters, Unknown Location

A man stood in a pitch-black room; decorum of Weapons and Dragons covered the walls and ceilings, a large bay window brought in the only rays of light inside. The man looked out the window, staring up into the night’s sky. Somewhere else the sky might have seemed peacefully gorgeous, but here its beauty was skewered with the sight of helicopters buzzing through, and defense missiles being shot out by weapons testers. ‘The realms have changed so much since my youth’ the man thought as he took a sip of wine.

Just then another man burst into the room, he wore a dark trench coat with armor plating. He had a worrisome look on his face as he bowed and said “Lord Daegon, I must speak with you.” Daegon did not move a muscle, he continued to stare out, he responded with a single word “Speak.” The man bowed his head again and elaborated, “Sir, we have heard back from the squad we sent to hunt down the traitor Kenshi…” he paused for a moment before continuing “The survivors reported that Kenshi managed to escape with the help of the Specter Scorpion and his apparent revived clan, and… Hsu Hao is dead.”

Daegon remained silent, until he finally replied, “Is that all the news you bring Mavado?” Mavado slowly shook his head, “No, sir, we also received a distress call from one of our Chinese Temples.” Daegon turned his head at that, he was all too aware of which temple he meant. “We sent reinforcements, but by the time they got there, the dagger was gone, and based on the trail of ice that was left, its seem as though the Assassin Sub Zero was responsible.” Daegon once again gave no facial emotion; though his hand began to squeeze his wine glass tighter and tighter, until it finally shattered under his force. Daegon took a breath and asked, “Were their any survivors?” Mavado gave him a slightly confused look “No my Lord.” Daegon turned away and said “Good.”

Daegon looked back up at the sky, whatever majesty it had left was removed from his eyes. Mavado rose to his feet and cautiously asked “What is our next move?” Daegon turned back to his subordinate, tapping his finger on his desk for a moment before replying “These recent failures show that our organization lacks the power it needs to stay dominate, Hsu Hao’s passing also leaves a gap of proper enforcers at our front lines.” Mavado gave his lord a questioning look, “So what do you suggest my lord?”

Tracing his hands around the crevices of his desk, Daegon replied, “I suggest we reinstate our recruitment program, the same one that originally yielded you and Hsu Hao.” Mavado bowed again to his master and said, “It shall be done my lord.” Daegon slammed his fists against the table, causing Mavado to flinch, “I do not want any of the common thugs that we already have amongst our ranks, I want warriors!” Mavado nodded as Daegon pointed a finger at him and gave him one final order “And I want you to find the cryomancer, bring the dagger and his head, to me!”
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Oh my shit is MK fan fiction back?

Dude this is pretty legit writing. Kept me interested the whole way through and I don't even like The Red Dragon.

Can't wait to see where you take this
Oh my shit is MK fan fiction back?

Dude this is pretty legit writing. Kept me interested the whole way through and I don't even like The Red Dragon.

Can't wait to see where you take this

I'm glad you enjoyed it!, I should have the next part up by today
Hello everyone, heres The beginning of Act One of my story, hope ya like it

Act One

Part l: Strings
Three Months Later…
Cairo, Egypt

Kord awoke with a sneeze; he groaned as he lifted himself up, slowly opening his eyes only to cover them from the dim lights that hanged from the ceiling. Eventually his eyes adjusted to the light and he was able to look at his surrounding. He appeared to be in an executive office, there were broken pictures and turned over shelves everywhere. Kord found that he was lying on a table, a liquor bottle at his side along with a packet of cigarettes. Then at the back of the room he found the a headless man along with two other bodies.

Kord scratched at the scar on the back of his head in confusion, murmuring “Merde, what happened last night.” Suddenly he began to hear voices coming from the door, they sounded loud and angry. A group of men burst through the door carrying firearms, which they were now pointing at Kord. One of the guards screamed out “He murdered the councilmen!” While another said “No way this kid took him out!”

Kord’s memory suddenly returned to him as he looked back at the headless body that lay on the desk and said “Oh yeah, I killed that fine gentlemen…” Turning back to the men he continued “And then there’s you guys, hmm how shall I give my condolences, oh I know.” Kord pulled gripped the air with his fingers; strange red strings suddenly appeared as he pulled them back. Soon the entire room filled with these strings, they sliced through the guards’ skin and bone, tearing them apart.

He hopped off the table, taking a swig of the liquor and putting the cigarettes in his pocket, he walked through severed limbs. One of men still lived, he could not move as his legs had been torn off, he began screaming into his radio “HELP, SEND HEL-“ Kord smacked the radio away, picking up one of the guns he pointed it at the man’s head. “Tell me, how many more of you chiennes are out there?” Tears slowly rolled down the man’s face as he shakily replied “T-thirty” Kord chuckled “Then it’s a party”, he pulled the trigger and tossed the gun. He cracked his knuckles and said “Let’s get started” as he ran down the hall.


“Well, it was fun while it lasted.” Kord said at he pulled his strings out of the last guards face. Pulling out a cigarette, he lit one and started smoking it in silence. He almost choked on it when he heard the sound clapping. Summoning more strings he turned towards the stranger and asked, “You wanna dance too?” The stranger raise raised his hands and said, “No, I was just admiring your work.” Kord stood their for a moment before he got out of his battle stance and examined the stranger; he wore a grey trench coat that covered most of his body, he had a large hat that shrouded most of his face.

Kord now gave the mysterious man a skeptical look “Well this isn’t exactly a magic show, so what’s your business with me.” The man replied, “It so happens that I require your services.” He pulled out an envelope and passed it to Kord, he opened it and inside was a series of photos of some sort of fortress. The man explained “I need you too infiltrate this complex” as Kord flipped to the last photo of a man with dragon tattoo the man pointed to it and said “And kill this man.” Kord huffed and said, “Is that all.” The man replied “This is no easy task, for he will be defended by entire army of trained warriors, and the target himself is no weakling.”

Now it started to sound like his type of job, but Kord decided to ask one last question to his mysterious employer “What makes you think I’m interested?” The man simply smiled and said “Because you’re the type of bounty hunter who doesn’t feel alive unless the cards are stacked against you, am I wrong?” Kord paused for moment, ‘damn this guys good’ he thought, he returned the smile and said, “That just about sums it up, I’ll do it.” He pulled out another cigarette and lit it up, the man nodded and said “Excellent you will receive the compounds coordinates in a few days” he looked at Kord’s cigarette and said, “Those things will kill you, you know.”

Kord blew out a puff of smoke into the man’s face and said “ Frere, I’m already a dead man.” The man chuckled and turned away, leaving with the parting words “That you are.” When the man reached the outside of the palace, he pulled out his phone a dialed the only number on it, “It is done.”
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