Mortal Kombat Ps Vita Costumes on PS3/Xbox 360

Should Home consoles have Ps vita NEW costumes?

  • New costumes only on Ps Vita

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • New Costumes on Ps vita, Xbox and Ps3

    Votes: 10 83.3%

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Tiago Bacanhim

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Hi guy's, iv been thinking, and i know it will be a little strange to ask this, i made poll just to know, but dont you think that is an injustice that Ps Vita have every cool [NEW] and exclusive costumes plus the home console ones?
I think that they are probably loosing money instead of making 2 new packs of costumes.
Anyway Just vote and let me know your opinion :D
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There's a reason the Vita exclusive content is called "Vita exclusive content". And we already got a Komplete For Konsoles Edition this year. Besides, they're just costumes so they'd be wasting their time returning to an almost one-year hiatus of no DLC just to release a few outfits that barely anyone but us is going to give a shit about. So, if you want the shit, either get a PS Vita or bite the bullet and get over it
Actualy, Ps vita is on a coding fase, so if they do a Vita version of Multiman, copy the game and the files to and hdd it would be fun.
Lol, im asking myself what if mk9 of vita uses the same files of the ps3 version lol...Total port from hackers FTW
Dead horse topic. It costs money to make DLC and make sure it they work properly. Sony and Microsoft charge a fee for hosting patches and DLC. I think at least half of the people who bought MK9 for consoles probably traded in their game by now. Personally, I find the exclusive costumes boring anyways, since they are mostly recycled models that have been recolored.