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Does anyone else think that it's kinda ********, that when you get all the trophies/achievements and obtain the Platinum Trophy, that the game doesn't reward you at all by unlocking anything. I really think the developers at NRS should have made it so when you obtain all the trophies/achievements that the game should unlock some kind of reward for doing so, I mean, for someone devoting that much time into a game (and risking to break their console for "My Kung Fu Is Stronger") they should be rewarded with something rather than just a stupid trophy on a hard-drive.
Does anyone else agree?

Your reward is "mastering the game". And the feeling of accomplishment. Not everything in life is rewarded with something physical.
Your reward for getting "My Kung Fu is Stronger" is being efficient with all characters and being much better at the game, and also increasing the replay value of the game tremendously. If you cheat to get it by leaving your console on, that's your own fault. I'm one of the very few that are actually getting it legit. I have 3 characters mastered so far and I have quite a few already that are half way mastered. It doesn't take that long. Oh and *GASP* you might have to pick someone else other than Scorpion, Noob, Smoke, or Ermac! Oh no!!!! :lol:
I'm cheating to get the "My kung fu is stronger" trophy. To devote a month straight is nuts. My ps3 is on right now (tag team to get two 24 hour mastered). I use two controllers and get my X rays with the infinite kombo kode on (and I get my wins that way too) I use the ladder for 10,000 pints of blood as well. Now, My first main was Ermac. No cheating whatsoever. It took forver. Then cheated after that. My mastered characters: Ermac, Reptile, Noob Saibot, & Sektor. Soon to be Cyber Subzero, Scorpion, Reg. Subzero, Quan Chi and Cyrax. I really don't care if I unlock anything for it (although it would be cool), I am a completist. My favorite game ever is MK Trilogy and have loved MK ever since. MK9 is the like, almost better than Trilogy to me. I will main every character eventually but for now I'm cheating. By the way, every character I use to cheat with I do learn most of their combos.
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Off the top of my head I can't think of a single game where you actually receive something for getting all trophies/achievements.
I think it would be pointless to put something in the game that only 5% of players can unlock
This trophy is a real pain. It's the only trophy left that I need to get. I admit, I've been using practice mode to cheat as well, because I'm not going through all that time playing as every single for that trophy. The only character I've actually devoted 24 hours into is Kitana, my favorite character.
I only spend the time in the practice mode when I need to learn a character. Today, I was like 3-4 hours with Rain.

So far, I've got no mastered character.
In terms of hours:
Nightwolf - 1 day and 7 hours
Ermac - 13 hours
Kano - 8 hours
Sindel - 8 hours
Kung Lao - 5 hours

These are the ones I remember. I played Trilogy on a week basis for months, if not 2 years. I'm still playing MK like a die-hard fan almost everyday...