Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition - PS3 - Patch 1.07 - Bug in Story Mode


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Hi people, I have a bug in the MK: Komplete Edition for PS3 with Patch 1.07.
From the Chapter 9: Kitana I can´t see the Chapter Indicator Icons in bottom left, you know what I mean. when I deleted the Update the Chapter Indicator Icons is showing again but after I install the Patch 1.07 again the Icons is missing again. So I think it´s a bug with the Patch 1.07 for the Komplete Edition. I think I´m gonna play the game without the Patch.
Do anyone experience this as well in MK: Komplete Edition for PS3 with Patch 1.07 from Chapter 9: Kitana ?
Thank you for answer :)
yep, I've played the story mode recently and noticed something was wrong when I reached chapter 9, then I realised the chapter icon hadn't pop up.. I stopped on the kitana chapter, so don't know about the other ones
I had played it in 2013 last time time, everything was fine
P.S. also own a ps3 komplete edition version
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I'm interested, is it ok for ps3 games to have updates which solve some problems but cause another glitches or bugs? and it seems NRS are not going to fix it as 1.07 update was released a long time ago but nothing's changed
Yes, I guess I´m gonna play it without update.
Anyway the Komplete Edition is already updated to the update 1.05.
Any other people which plays the story mode with update 1.07 and find out this ?
so, here's a conclusion

1. we both have that problem in the exact same moment of the game (the logo always stops popping up exactly from kitana's chapter)
2. deleting of the update makes the game work as it should
3. redownloading of the update doesn't solve the problem

I'm sure the problem is in 1.07 update, there's no other option. but in the same time it's not that critical, it's just icons, i think it's ok to install it
Yeah, the problem is in the Patch 1.07.
I want to know if there is any other people which plays the Story Mode with the Patch 1.07 and find out this bug.
that will be pretty hard, the majority of people have played the story mode years ago and it can be just the ps3 komplete edition problem

but if find something out let me know, type it to this thread, ok?
I've started playing story mode recently.. Chapter 4: Cyrax has also got no chapter logo, so it's not going smooth until chapter 9


haven't finished the story yet, but it seems only cyrax, kitana and jade's chapter logos are missing, the other ones pop up as they should.. can't explain why is it so, but no doubt 1.07 fuсked something up
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don't think so, everithing works great exept for these 3 missing logos.. and you won't be able to play online without that patch, it doesn't worth it