Mortal Kombat Klassic Kostume DLC Announced

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A few minutes ago, both <a href="">Ed Boon</a> and <a href="">Rigo Cortes</a> of <b>NetherRealm Studios</b> announced via Twitter a new DLC to be available for <a href="">Mortal Kombat (2011).</a> The tweet can be seen below:

"The 7 Klassic outfits & 3 Klassic fatalities that were retailer exclusives will be bundled into one DLC package. Trailer coming on Friday" - @noobde and @NinjaBoy66

This means that the DLC package will contain all the "Klassic Kostumes" for <b>Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Kitana, Mileena and Jade</b> that were previously only available as pre-order bonsues at various retailers worldwide. In addition to those costumes, the <a href="">three "Klassic Fatalities"</a> for <b>Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile</b> will also be unlocked with this DLC package.

They said on Friday the remaining details like price and release date will go live with the release of an announcement trailer. We're guessing they will be released in the next two weeks <a href="">as teased by the Official Mortal Kombat Twitter account</a> yesterday.

Will we get extra costumes at a later time like the <a href="">leaked Cyrax and Sektor Mortal Kombat 3 costumes</a>? It seems that will in fact be happening as <b>Rigo Cortes</b> <a href="">also confirmed on Twitter</a> in response to a question by Mortal Kombat combo master <a href="">Check_4900</a>:

<a href="">@Check_4900: @NinjaBoy66 Will there be some new costumes for characters after this?</a>

<a href="">@NinjaBoy66: @Check_4900 Yes</a>

So it's great news so far, and we can't wait to see the remaining details on Friday!
I wonder how many reading comprehension fails will happen from people expecting DLC to be released Friday instead of a trailer.
I like how this is like the sixth thread to pop up talking about this. HUm...if a mod is the person who starts a thread for a topic that they're ready threads...who butts end and randomly locks it and tell you to go to the other thread. Or is it, that this is NOW the official thread and all other will end up...mysteriously missing (locked) lol
i feel bad for the stoopid kids who xcouldnt wait for kostume dlc and spent hundreds of dollars collecting the kostumes 1 by 1 which is just fantastic
How the hell did I forget about the MK3 Sektor and Cyrax costumes? I must be slipping lol
Thank the Elders! There were some that scammed players by trading bad codes for good ones. At least now everyone can have access to the DLC.
Hopefully this is what was announced as free from boon awhile ago. I know someone asked him what the price would be on twitter and he replied i don't know yet. But that can still mean it might be free. cause it should be free considering all of them were on the disc.
I'm happy. Some of the characters with Classic costumes (Reptile, Sub-Zero) have really bad normal costumes. That is where their Classic alts come to save the day.
This needs to be a very cheap, if not free. I already have Scorpion, Ermac, and Jade. (Never even got to redeem Jade because of the PSN fiasco.)
$2 or less or I won't buy pallet swaps suck I only care about the Fatalities. All they are doing is releasing content that is on the disc. WTF NR?
I know it's a long shot.....

But I really hope that some day they give Mileena her MKII outfit and her original sai stab fatality!
Didn't Boon or someone say that anything that was already on the disc was gonna be free? I hope that if it isn't free it'll be super cheap.
This is fun news. I was really hoping for an all-inclusive classic DLC package. I want all of the original fatalities as well as costumes. Playing dress up is fun, but the fatalities to go with them for each character would be a definite sell. For now I'll pass.

Didn't Boon or someone say that anything that was already on the disc was gonna be free? I hope that if it isn't free it'll be super cheap.

If it is free, that would be an awesome 'Fan Appreciation Gesture'. However, Boon is first and foremost and cash collector. I'm guessing we'll see this pack released in the $9.99 ~ $14.99 range. In other words I have a feeling DLC for MK2011 is going to be quite pricey.

This is good, now if we can get the online issues fixed I will be a happy camper.

I completely agree! I'm really hoping they will be releasing a major patch for online play along with the DLC package.
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Yes. This better be cheap or free. All I really need out of those exclusive classics so far are Kitana's and Reptile's retro outfits. The rest are some good extras. Plus, I already have Scorpion's classic fatality and costume from day 1.