Mortal Kombat is VGA's Best Fighting Game of 2011, NetherRealm Doing Non-MK Project

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Tonight was the <a href="">2011 Spike Video Game Awards</a> and <a href="">Mortal Kombat (2011)</a> was nominated for <b>Best Fighting Game</b> and <b>Best DLC (Freddy Krueger)</b>. Mortal Kombat easily beat out the competition of <b>Marvel Vs. Capcom 3</b>, <b>King of Fighters XIII</b> and <b>WWE All Stars</b> to <a href="">take home the Best Fighting Game of 2011 prize</a>. Unfortunately, <a href="">Portal 2 beat out Mortal Kombat for Best DLC</a>. You can't win them all, but I'm sure <a href="">Freddy</a> will now be haunting the dreams of <a href="">Portal 2's heroine Chell</a>.

There is sadly no <b>Best Fighting Game of 2011</b> acceptance speech to show you, as Spike felt the award wasn't exciting enough to unveil on the main show. Instead, the award was just announced it between other awards to make time for more celebrity guests like Charlie Sheen who made it known he was there just because he was paid well to be there. Seeing that Spike is also home to the UFC it would have been a perfect opportunity to have a UFC fighter give the award for "Best Fighting Game" so they could fill their celebrity presenter quota.

Perhaps the biggest shocking announcement came during the internet-only pre-show. <a href="">According to GameSpot</a>, Ed Boon was interviewed and gave a few clues into <a href="">his "unexpected surprise"</a>. According to Ed, <b>NetherRealm Studios</b> is working on a second non-Mortal Kombat title, the first being their <a href="">recently released iOS game: Arkham City Lockdown</a>. Skip to 5:00 into the below video to see Ed's acceptance of the award and mention what <b>NetherRealm Studios</b> is working on next.

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<b>UPDATE 4:31pm:</b> <a href="">The Unofficial Apple Weblog</a> also caught up with <b>Ed Boon</b> on the surprise release of <b>Batman: Arkham City Lockdown</b>. Boon mentioned that there may be other iOS projects in the works at <b>NetherRealm</b>.

And this isn't the last we'll see of Netherrealm Studios on Apple's mobile platforms, according to Boon. "Oh, yeah," he told me, "we have a number of things in the works. But nothing we can say just yet.

What do you fans think NetherRealm Studios is working on next? <a href="">Leave your thoughts in the Komments</a>.
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Re: Mortal Kombat Wins VGA's 2011 Fighting Game of the Year

I am super proud, MK9 deserved it by a mile.


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Re: Mortal Kombat Wins VGA's 2011 Fighting Game of the Year

Damn i wanted to watch it live and not spoil my dinner. Oh well :rolleyes:


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Re: Mortal Kombat Wins VGA's 2011 Fighting Game of the Year



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Re: Mortal Kombat Wins VGA's 2011 Fighting Game of the Year

Good! Any character that gets his ass kicked by a 1980s rock 'n' roll hair band doesn't deserve to win best DLC! Don't believe me? See the proof below!

that's a little unfair those guys aren't just an 1980's rocknRoll band. They are also Dream Warriors.

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This is awesome! MK9 finally gets the recognition it deserves. :)

Btw isnt Batman: Arkham City game for iOS the project NRS is working on next?


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An hour ago, Ed Boon responded to someone on Twitter, who had pointed him to the Gamespot article claiming that MK will be given a rest from NRS, and asked him to "say it ain't so" This was Boon's response

"NetherRealm has a number of projects in the works. Not JUST Mortal Kombat. :)"


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Very nice, NRS did a great job with this MK from gameplay to extras and it deserves to win plus the sales talk... As for the non MK title it's a good thing because the studio getting bigger and this mean better games,quality and more ideas and not recycling games.

Jason Shearer

Sadly, I missed it tonight because UFC 140 was on and Spike goofed on their repeat at 10PM. Congratulations to NRS for the win. Well deserved.

On a side note, Spike is no longer the home for UFC prelims. They were shown tonight on Facebook/ION; UFC 141 will be the last time the prelims air on Spike.


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lol hope it's another badass fighting game similar to MK that they're working on or hopefully they got the rights to make KI 3


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Hell yeah Shira.

If that broken, four modes, no specator mode game won then I would Rage like no other man :mad: