Mortal Kombat II Arcade Soundtrack question

Try as I might, I can't find the answer to this and if it was already answered here at TRMK, apologies for redundancy, but might anyone out there know what WDYLMA or SCRLAHTS stand for / refer to? For those without the MK II Arcade Soundtrack, SCRLAHTS is the Game Over music from the original MK and I believe WDYLMA is the background music from Shao Kahn's Arena. Thanks!
I have to say yes, that would be cool.
What is not cool is what I own, my secret shame, The Immortals - Mortal Kombat : The Album.
Chinese, Ninja Warrior, with your heart, so cold.
Music doesn't get much worse.
If it's any consolation to you, not only do I also own Mortal Kombat: The Album (with such phenomenal lyrics as "Prepare Yourself! / Mortal Kombat's on today! / Prepare Yourself! / Mortal Kombat all the way! / Prepare Yourself! / Mortal Kombat's here to stay / Ooooo, Johnny Cage is not afraid to die!" or the repetitively haunting "SCORPION (SCORPION) / LOST SOUL (LOST SOUL) / BENT ON REVENGE (REVENGE)") but also the 5 track single CD with the 7" and 12" versions of Techno Syndrome and Hypnotic House.

As for what WDYLMA and SCRLAHTS stand for, help me, Obi-Jeff KeGreeson; you're my only hope. :)
You can find them pretty easily Tim. ;)

As far as where Dan Forden is at, he still works at Midway. He's the "Director of Central Content Creation Groups" now.
"Director of Central Content Creation Groups", eh? Does he still compose music for Midway, though? I checked the Deadly Alliance and Deception credits- he's listed under 'Sound Effects & Music' for MKDA and under 'Audio Lead' for MKD (but *not* under 'Music, Effects & Speech'). Sadly, I lack Armageddon so I can't really check there.

At any rate, I wish (Dan's site for ordering the MK3 / MK4 soundtrack 'Mortal Kombat Musik') was still up- I seem to recall there being an e-mail link for contacting Dan directly.
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I hope I'm wrong about this, but this is my theory...

SCRLAHTS: Suck Cock Real Long And Hard Then Spit/Swallow
WDYLMA: Why Don't You Lick My Ass

Those are the only two things that seem to fit so perfectly, plus, it would explain why Dan's been so secretive & mysterious over the years about what they mean.
You misunderstand - I'm not asking what music in the games do those two songs correspond to; I'm asking what the acronyms (SCRLAHTS and WDYLMA) stand for. I was kinda hoping someone on this forum with any sort of connection to the MK team (Ed Boon and company) might be able to pass the question along but, if the MK team is as elusive as ]{0MBAT's post suggests, it sounds like we'll never get a straight answer. Ah well.
I can't post new threads but this seems as good a place as any - I noticed today that the MKI tracks on this CD (the copy I have, anyway) all have inverted stereo. They sound tinny and hollow; if you reverse one of the channels, they have proper bass and sound right. I have no idea if this was something legitimate to do with the sound system they used on the machines or just some unnoticed twisted cables when they recorded the tracks for the CD, but it doesn't affect the MKII tracks. Give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much more natural they sound.