Mortal Kombat Gold E3 Pics

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
It's the last day here at the <B>Electronic Entertainment Expo</B>. We're getting ready to head out to the floor again to check out what the other companies have to offer. But for now, here are the <A HREF="/e3pics99/mkg/">screenshots</A> from <B>Mortal Kombat Gold</B> Midway provided us. Mortal Kombat Gold was in a very rough form. We were told that the new characters and the new stages were just implemented. So, Eurocom didn't have time to merge the old MK2 and MK3 code for the new characters into the game. That is why you're seeing other people's moves on the new characters. They were just put on the new characters just to have them do something rather than nothing at all. We were also told by a Midway tester that the Dreamcast was actually running the game a little faster than the <B>Zeus</B> did with the Arcade version. This will allow Midway to put some new features into the game, rather than just port the entire game over from the Arcade. Check back later for some aerial shots of Midway's booth.