Mortal Kombat for MAME Update

Patrick McCarron

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<A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Dave's Classics</A>, has updated with information on the progress of the Mortal Kombat <A HREF="">MAME</A> driver. MAME is a Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. The team is hard at work trying to get Mortal Kombat fully playable, and it looks like they're one step closer with the addition of idle detection. See the full story below:</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD WIDTH="450"><FONT SIZE="-1" COLOR="#FF8000">The team at work on the 34010 based games has gotten idle detection working in all games now (this has to be done on a driver by driver basis). The games included in this are Smash Tv, Narc, and of course Mortal Kombat. The meaning of this is that they are very playable on the author's p2/266's (speed wise) but still not 100%. However, they still have some bugs that cause it to crash every now and then. Until this nasty crash bug is squashed, don't expect it to be in a MAME release.