Mortal Kombat E3 Impressions

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
I had the opportunity to help out the <B>Gamespot</B> crew cover the <B>Mortal Kombat</B> games for their coverage of <B>E3</B> at <A HREF=""></A>. Since I won't have time to finish my write up of my impressions of both games for <B>TRMK</B> let me provide the links to the impressions I wrote for <B>Gamespot</B>. Here are the articles: <BR><BR>
<UL><LI><A HREF=",1361,1354,00.html"
>Mortal Kombat Gold (DC) - More Impressions</A></LI>
<LI><A HREF=",1361,1357,00.html">Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (N64) Impressions</A></LI>
<LI><A HREF=",1361,1355,00.html">Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (PS) Impressions</A></LI></UL>