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CHP 15: What a night

It is just two days before thanksgiving with the energy being felt throughout all of Central city. Most probably shop stacking down on food for family members who may be traveling in from out of town, while others may be planning reunions for the upcoming holiday. Whatever it may be, around this time of year is unquestionably the time for sharing and spending time with others. Stepping into a five star restaurant along with a group of friends is Victoria Harrison along with her fiancée Ken Wilson. She wears a bright blue dress along with fur coat to go along with it. Standing at her side he's dressed in a nice white tux and red tie with his blond hair brushed back in a slick appearance.

"Hey over this way," A friend of theirs yells out holding up a menu, "You two better hurry, we almost ordered without you."

Rushing over to the table both take the last two seats. This meeting between them all was made weeks ago with the set up of this reservation. Picking up a menu Ken advices the waiter to take the order of the rest of the group; by than he and his wife to be will be prepared.

"So what are you goanna try tonight hun?" Observing some of the different choices, using a finger pointing out a specific dish, "I guess I'll try the shrimp exclusive; sounds like it'll be good."

Taking her jacket off Ken rests a hand on her shoulder moving it down her arm. It is now that the sapphire diamond around her neck stands out sparkling. Flipping through to the combo section she selects a steak combo. The waiter takes the order of everyone before making his way back into the kitchen.

"So has anyone besides me been keeping up with the news? That bombing just outside the city of Philadelphia just three days ago was hectic!"

With everyone now in attendance ten sit at the table. Of them all is Travis Hunter, the most talkative and always up to date on what's happening in the world.

"Now that you speak of it I remember, it's just been overshadowed by the recent terrorist attack of those three missiles! One in which was heading for the white house; I tell yah I'm not sure what this world has come to."

Looking out a nearby window Victoria notices someone outside the restaurant looking in on their group; seeming to come to some sort of conclusion. His burgundy hair is what stands out before he disappears across the street.

"I don't know about the rest of you but the U.S. Government needs to do something about these attacks. We need to show these guys we're not afraid; besides we have Tony Stark, he should suit up in his little armor and lead the rest of the military and go hunt these people down." Chelsea says.

"I understand what you're saying, but if we're to start pointing fingers we could start an unnecessary war; that would not be the smart way of tackling this problem." Vince adds.

Shaking his head Travis expresses his opinion agreeing with Vince. Sitting there talking with each other sure blows off time, before they know it they're being served.

Gotham City

Just as it always does the city has much going on, some of which is good while others at the same time not so good. The champion/protector known to all as Batman, has been a no show for the past nights. But things have been held at a steady pace; Tim Drake may not be the dark knight, but he is good enough to hold everything together for this period. Grappling from one building to the next Robin searches for two high security Arkham breakouts! This is no surprise, quite honestly he can't remember how many times he or Batman has had to continue the process of taking inmates back after escaping.

"The sooner I take care of this the better," Pausing for a second scanning the city for any extra unnecessary activity, "Hopefully this is a group of low profile individuals."

With any luck this isn't someone of the level of Penguin and or Joker, the city without them is already tough enough to handle. Sirens flare down below, it is a car chase; and judging by the amount of police vehicles it must be something big. Using his grapple gun the boy wonder follows the pursue.

Near the area of the docks walks Deadpool along with his only remaining teammate. They were successful in obtaining another part of the armor, but unfortunately the police caught up with them. The two of them are opportune to have got away.

"So how many more pieces do we need before this armor of yours can be constructed?" The two creep around staying to the shadows, "I hope it's all worth it, especially with the mess you've got us in."

Continuing forward Deadpool looks over a map using a small flashlight as a way of seeing. By the looks of it they aren't far from their next item; just follow this side road and make a left crossing the street into a warehouse.

"You don't have to worry about this being worth it, once we have collected all pieces we'll be ready to begin putting everything together. Please tell me you're having fun, just think of this as an adventure and try and enjoy it." Deadpool says gleefully.

Thinking back on the past few days it has been nothing but stress and hard work; it will be nice when this is all over. But for now it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take Deadpool's advice. Pacing further up the ninja narrows his eyes watching two persons entering into the building he and Deadpool are headed for. Putting a hand out he signals for Deadpool to stop.

"Perhaps it would be smart to wait around and see if the two who entered will leave. Who knows maybe they'll be quick." He suggests shrugging his shoulders.

"I like the way you think, they'll be in and out before we even get there." Deadpool says running across the street and laughing.

What is wrong with this guy? He's never met someone quite like Deadpool before; by looking at him you'd never be able to guess what he is really like. The ninja stands following after him. Feeling a bit more reckless along with the fact that they're four objects away from being finished Deadpool kicks the door open skipping inside.

"Honey I'm home," Deadpool teases pulling out two pistols aiming over in the direction of the persons, "I'm here to collect my prize, if you stay out of my way you will not be harmed."

Entering short after is the ninja who steps up next to the side of his teammate. All of a sudden Deadpool's eyes widen lowering his weapons while whistling. Standing before them are two women of beauty.

"Sorry for the scare ladies, I hope you can forgive me."

Watching Deadpool approach the two the ninja stands in place putting a hand over his face. The situation has become a bit awkward, by the way these two are dressed one might think it's Halloween. One of them displays that of pale like greenish skin with hardly any clothing while the other resembles that of a circus clown! Bending down to his knees Deadpool kisses at both their wrists with his mask on. The two ladies look at one another snickering.

"By the way I'm Deadpool; and you two are?" He stands brushing himself off of the dust on the cement floor, "Maybe you two should join us, you look like you know how to have some fun."

Looking each other in the face, this time smiling.

"Harley why don't you show this gentleman what we're all about."

"No prob red, I'd love to." Harley replies.

Deadpool watches her open a box over at her right side pulling out a massive hammer. Not prepared or thinking at all, Deadpool is whacked across his chest being sent back a few ft the other direction. Bystanding isn't what the ninja is accustomed to doing but at the moment he isn't quite sure what is going on.

"Guess it's my turn now."

The surface beneath them shakes, vines erupt ripping through the surface wrapping around both Deadpool and his team member lifting them.


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"Well if this is your way of saying hello I like it; but could you let us down now we have business we need to take care of."

Harley and Ivy can't help but laugh, most would be afraid for their life if they were in his position. What an odd fellow.

"Somewhat of a simpleton wouldn't you say Harley?"

Shaking her head she agrees completely; wherever he is from it must be far from Gotham. Having full control over the plants Ivy lowers Deadpool in front of her.

"How bout a kiss goodbye." She asks smirking seductively.

"Sounds cool as long as you let me down after this."

Again the two females laugh; he has no idea of what he has agreed to. He's basically signed his own death certificate; but that would only be if he were human. His regeneration factor would keep him alive from her toxic kiss.

"Well so it's you two who escaped Arkham Asylum; guess my prediction was wrong."

The voice captures everyone's attention, but it's hard to know where it comes from. Whatever the case the voice is very familiar to both Harley and Ivy. Smashing into the warehouse through a glass window gliding down a few ft away from the two escapees the boy wonder/Robin throws out a few birdarangs cutting down both Deadpool and the ninja.

"I hope you enjoyed your time out of Arkham, but I'm afraid your vacation is over."

"Wait hold on a minute, who in the world is this guy. Where did you come from, is this all some sort of act? By the way I dig the costumes." Deadpool says smiling.

The ninja bends down picking up a piece of destroyed tile throwing it over at Deadpool connecting with his arm.

"Wake up you idiot, what bird boy over here is saying is these are some crazy es who escaped from an asylum. If you were paying any attention he is here to take them back. I knew there was something fishy about these two when we entered the building."

Thinking for a few moments he brings everything in coming to a realization; he just never imagined these two would be criminals. But than again it isn't jail they're being taken back to, it's a loony bin. Picturing the two of them in stray jackets is to much; Deadpool busts out laughing. What is this? Is there some sort of joke that everyone missed besides him?

"Pull yourself together pal, we need to get that item and get the heck out of here."

Deadpool rubs at his somewhat teary eyes agreeing; locating and picking up his two pistols.

"Now if you three would excuse us we have an artifact to take, after that we'll be on our way."

Just as Deadpool steps forward impending the boxed merchandise; a birdarang knocks one of his hand guns to the side.

"Unless you want some jail time, you and your buddy should leave. That is private property and doesn't belong to you." Robin tells.

Turning to Robin Deadpool smirks shaking his head.

"I don't know if I mentioned but it is bird hunting season!" Deadpool says with a laugh shooting at Robin who dodges the bullets.

Making his way over to the boxes he orders his teammate to keep Robin busy. Not wanting any chances of seeing the walls of Arkham again Poison Ivy joins in as well. Just as Robin leaps forward to engage the ninja a vines rip through the tiles wrapping him up tight.

"It was nice knowing you Robin; I hope Batman won't be to angry loosing you." Ivy says.

The ninja begins kicking and punching on the boy wonder. While at the same time both Ivy and Harley exit through the front entrance. What a night it's been so far, non stop drama. Now because of these two idiots all he can do is watch as two of Batman's lethal enemies just walk away free. Now bleeding from his lower lip Tim finds the strength to break free from the vines using his spiked gauntlets ripping free. Grabbing the next punch thrown at him he knees the ninja in the lower stomach upper cutting him the other way.

"I've got it, finish up with the bird and lets go." Deadpool tells.

Nodding the ninja gets up bicycle kicking at Robin who blocks countering using a round house kick knocking the ninja into a box. Seeing that his teammate might not get the advantage he throws down a smoke bomb running forward and kicking Robin into a group of boxes which tumble. During all the commotion Deadpool grabs his acquaintance somewhat dragging him to the exit, taking off fast. Kicking and pushing the boxes off himself Robin stands shaking his head.

"What in the world just happened?"

Taking off after the door he hopes there is a chance that the two ninjas are still in sight. Opening the door there is nothing but that of a few passing cars with no sign of Deadpool or even Harley and Ivy. Just great, all of that and he ends up empty handed. Using his grapple gun he pulls himself back up onto the rooftops.


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Central City

Ken and the rest of the group have finished eating. Getting up from the table they shake hands saying some last words. Victoria is the first to leave heading out the front door of the restaurant.

"Alright I guess it's about that time it really has been a great night. We should definitely do this more often."

All of them share a final laugh agreeing. Leaving a tip for the waiter they all exit out of the restaurant together. The temperature outside is immediately felt, when breathing they're able to see their air. Walking over to their separate vehicles something doesn't seem right, wait where is! Looking down at the side of his SUV Ken's eyes widen, laying there in a puddle of blood all cut up is undoubtedly Victoria!

"Some one heeeeellllp!" He screams at the top of his lungs collapsing in tears.

There is no question about it, she's dead. He is quickly surrounded by his friends and many other bystanders who seem to come out of nowhere. He covers his face into his hands crying away. But the strange thing is the huge diamond necklace still hangs around her neck; so whoever did this wanted her dead. It's impossible; a lot of someone must have saw what happened, she has obviously been murdered out here in the parking lot. But the way she has been so brutally cut up and beaten would have taken time, but Ken and his friends followed out not even a minute after her. This is now looking like an impossible case. The police and ambulance soon arrive making sure no one leaves before being questioned. Close to 200 people observe the crime scene from afar.

Whatever did this was not human. How was this able to happen in public without anyone seeing it happen?

Worlds away

Sitting crossed legged in the dojo room is Liu Kang who meditates, keeping his spirit and will power at it's highest. Keeping his nerves in tact is always a top priority before going into battle. Tomorrow the tournament will continue, and still he hasn't figured out who has brought some form of deceit. It could be almost anyone from the tournament host to a participant.

"I see you're putting in extra hours as usual. You must remember that a true warrior always needs his rest; without that all else fails." Raiden says entering into the extent.

Liu opens his eyes standing and bowing down to his master. So far he hasn't messed up, but he will almost have to be perfect if he is to win again this year.

"Perhaps you're right lord Raiden, I'll get my rest and prepare in the morning for the opening of the next round." Liu tells.

Stretching out and yawning Liu steps out of the dojo heading to his stable. He may not say it much but Raiden is proud of what he and Kung Lao have been able to accomplish so far in life. Joy builds inside him knowing that there is so much more they can accomplish.

Some distance away at the temple of where the avengers and JL members stay; everything is quiet. There still has been no sign of Spiderman, most of them worry that he won't return to the temple. The sudden death of Wolverine most certainly affected him most. Walking in the hall Wonder Woman and Ms Marvel stop in front of supes.

"Any sign of him?" Diana asks.

"No luck, and I never memorized his heartbeat or else I would be able to track him down that way. Batman left close to an hour ago, I don't know if it was to go out and look for Spiderman or for his own personal reasons." Supes replies.

"This isn't good at all, he's going to need someone to talk to. I guess we'll have to just wait it out and hope he eventually shows." Ms Marvel says.

Kal-El lowers his head closing his eyes hoping he will show soon, everyone should be here for one another. Ms Marvel and Wonder Woman return to their room as Superman does the same. Flash, GL and Tony Stark play cards keeping themselves busy.

"Man you're pretty good at this Flash, you sure you aren't quickly moving cards around?" Tony asks smiling.

Wally has won two games in a row while Tony won the first; Hal has come close but still no luck. Entering into their room sitting at the coffee table is Bucky who reads a newspaper. Diana and Carol walk past him over to the beds.

Distance away

Just outside of the tournament dome close to 400 yards away is Batman who is bent down on the top of a shrine looking through his binoculars down at the dome. What happened earlier was wrong, the match should have been over no one should have lost their life. It has now become his top priority to find out what is really behind this tournament.

"Hey bats we need to talk."

The Dark Knight is a bit startled but eases seeing that of the wall crawler stepping toward his side.

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