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CHP 12: Enemy locked on

An immense amount of fear is perceived through the eyes of Raiden, now knowing the truth of what is the plans behind the tournament. The scary reality is that he has no idea who is the one behind it all; it could be anywhere from a participant to the tournament hosting squad! The elder gods were un able to identify any parties involved, but the thunder god has a good idea of who was. Near that of the tournament arena round 2 has come to a close, with it being announced that one fighter out of each bracket favored by the crowd votes will get a bye up to that of round 6! All fighters exit the waiting area and head out to relax for the remainder of the evening.

Worlds away

It has just passed that of six o'clock and exiting out of their home is little seven year old Kate along with her older brother Greg at twelve. Their mother yells out to the two informing them not to stay out passed thirty minutes; this is most deserving seeing as she is baking their favorite pie. Kate follows her older brother down the sidewalk heading for the park nearby.

"Hey sis when we get there I want you to sit on the bench and stay put. Some of the older boys can be a bit rough. I'd rather you not risk yourself getting hurt, but I promise I'll bring you back again tomorrow."

"Ok I'll do it, but we better be coming back tomorrow."

The older brother nods his head informing her that it will be that way. Arriving at the park things are just as expected; all of Greg's friends are already waiting for him. He looks back at his sister who smiles walking off to the side and taking a seat on the bench.

"What took you Gregory? It's about time you showed, at least we have enough people for teams now that you're here."

The boys waste no time getting started, running out onto the field just past the swings and slides. Greg is most anxious to begin, seeing as it was his team who lost by two scores just two days ago. He and his teammates start off with the ball kicking it back and forth to one another making their way to the other team's goalie. Sitting over on the bench is Kate glancing over at the swings, tempted to get on one of them; besides the boys were out on the field, so that means she can't get in the way. Trying to rise everything becomes a blur before blacking out! The youngsters play for what feels to be a lengthy amount of time. Everyone seems to loose track of time, and just like that over an hour passes. Greg and his friends say goodbye to each other agreeing to meet at the precise spot tomorrow. Striding off the field something feels empty within him, possibly all the running around has drained him of his energy. Looking down at his watch, it's obvious he will receive yet another lecture for staying out too late; it's about time he along with his sister go home.

"Wow she really left without me?" Greg looks over to see an empty bench, "Guess I can't blame her, sitting around and watching is never fun."

Enjoying the soft breeze Greg begins his way home, not going too fast or slow. Walking on the other side of the street is a man with burgundy colored hair who shoots him a small smile. He doesn't give the man much eye contact knowing that he must get home quick. For some reason something just doesn't feel right, maybe it is just the fact that he is late getting home yet again; but for some reason something in his gut tells him otherwise. Coming up to his home, already standing with on the front lawn is his mother.

"Get your butt in the house this instant, I'm getting sick and tired of you always being late! Now where is your sister, don't tell me you let her out of your sight again; you should know in a city dangerous as this you must keep your eyes on her at all time."

What; his sister? But to his knowledge he believed she had returned home not too interested in watching he and his friends play. This is definitely not good, he thinks up a quick reply to get himself out of more trouble to bye a little more time.

"Oh really she isn't inside, when at the park about maybe fifteen to twenty minutes ago she had told me she was coming back to the house," Greg thinks up something else to say before this becomes a problem, "In fact I think she is at her friends house up the street, I'll go and get her."

He watches as his mother turns her back to him rotating to the front door.

"You had better be back in ten with your sister, or you're grounded!"

He replies with a yes mamma, looking the other direction walking off of the front lawn. Hopefully his theory is correct, if he is wrong there is no telling where she could be. Right now all he can do is pray for the best. Stepping out onto the sidewalk a variety of pain runs down the back of Greg who doesn't know why, this might be due to his nervousness. Crossing the street and traveling up a few blocks he walks up to the steps of Kim's home, also known as the best friend of Kate ringing the door bell. After a few moments her father appears opening the front entrance.

"Hello and how are you doing today Greg; is there anything I can help you with?"

"I'm doing just fine; Kate wouldn't happen to be inside would she?"

"I'm afraid not, the last I checked Kim was working on her homework upstairs alone. Is everything ok?" He asks sounding concerned.

"Everything is fine, I'm sure she'll turn up soon."

The two say their goodbyes with Greg walking down the steps and back out onto the sidewalk. Now what is he to do? Whatever he decides he cannot return home just yet, he can stall a little more time trying to search for her and if he is unsuccessful, it's a possibility that she will return home on her own. The place that makes the most sense to begin is where he saw her last, which was back at the park. Not wasting another minute he takes his path up in that direction. Kicking a rock off to the side he almost jumps out of his skin the next second; A scream is heard in the direction of the park! Not another minute will waste; Greg takes off in a flash. scurrying at top speed he comes to a stop, staring at a woman that he knows as Ms. Tilma; she holds out a phone dialing a number trembling and shaking.

"What's going on out here." Someone asks approaching her as well; it's no secret that he heard the scream as well.

It isn't long before more and more civilians enter out onto the scene creating a small crowd. Stepping forward is Greg watching as Tilma gets off the phone with tears in her eyes turning to him. Looking down near the turf he notices her dog circling around something. Before he can say or do anything; there is yet another shout out for help from a civilian. Pushing forward past everyone, there is nothing but misery and reservation running through his mentality. Dropping to his knees the boy is directly in tears; how could someone do this to such a young life? Her face is almost unrecognizable, cut up so bad; not just that but the chest and abdomen are sliced open.

"Oh God please help us." Tilma bends down pulling Greg into her.

He buries his head into her shoulder crying even harder than before. His sister had just been murdered, and he didn't know why. Maybe this wouldn't have happened had he just kept his eye on her more frequently. It isn't long before the sirens of the police is present.

City of Cleveland


The final train at the particular position comes to a stop with various passengers getting off. An assured individual exits off with his luggage, strangely wearing shades seeing as it is passed daylight hours. Traveling down the stairs a ride is already awaiting him; greeting the driver and putting his luggage in the trunk getting into the vehicle.

"It's good that you've decided to do business with us," The driver looks through the mirror view to see the passenger looking out the window, "It won't take us long to arrive, so just sit back and relax."

Passing a bridge the several lights of the city generate some luminosity throughout the conurbation. Just as he had said the ride comes to a immediate stop in front of an office building.

"Don't worry about your bags, just head inside; I'll have them in there for you in just a moment."

The mysterious person opens the back door stepping out and entering into the building. Already sitting in the front room is a group of men debating at a table going over different things.

"Welcome Mr. Morlun, I'm glad you're here; now we can get into more essential matters. Have a seat so that we can begin."

Not trying to argue he does as he is asked. Pulling up a chair Morlun takes a seat at the end of the table.
"Once you have helped us here in Ohio with the territory transfer, we'll help you take down the wall crawler; or what he is known by most as Spiderman."

The poise can be seen through the grin of Morlun. The conversation between the men lasts for over a few hours.

In that of another state A body is brought into the morgue inside that of a black zip up sack/bag. It is a worker along with a police officer who brings the body into a back room; the worker exits the room afterward, having a lot of paper work to catch up on.

"Any clue on what weapon was used on the victim?"

The police officer pulls out his weapon aiming up into a certain corner before putting it down; recognizing the masked man almost immediately.

"You would think I would've been use to you sneaking up on me; anyhow what brings you here Nightwing?"

The masked hero jumps down from the ceiling being certain not to make much clamor. Standing tall he walks over un zipping the bag, revealing the thrashed carcass.

"What was her name? Nightwing asks bowing his head, "Anyone who can harm a child in such a brutal way such as this belongs in hell!"

"There is no doubt about that, but there is something fishy about this case. The way she has been cut open and brutally beaten would have taken some time to happen; by the way things look she was killed out in the open. The thing that bothers me is that no one saw anything. Now you know that is ********, someone saw something but just isn't willing to speak...yet. To answer your question her name was Kate Robinson."

Nightwing punches at the table before zipping the bag up over the body.

"Any clue when the professionals will be in to perform an autopsy? I would love to get my hands on the animal who did this, I'm not sure why anyone would cover up for such a horrendous assault."

"Its probably best if you left now before someone comes; I'll try and contact you with any further updates."

With that Nightwing jumps off a wall grabbing onto the ceiling and exiting the way he came through. Once outside he makes his way up to even higher structures; leaping from building to building. If anything he needs some fresh air to clear his head; he comes to somewhat of a sliding stop seeing as someone steps out of the shadows in front of his trail.

"What are you doing here, you shouldn't come out of nowhere like that or you might get hurt," Nightwing lets out a slight smirk, "What are you doing here in Bludhaven Huntress; or is there even a reason?"

She throws her hair back walking over and sitting on the building's edge. Dick just looks at her for some time watching the wind blow her hair back and forth. Nightwing turns from her looking down on the city; just as he attempts to leap downward Huntress snaps at him. Turning to her he is a bit confused on what she wants.

"You wouldn't mind sharing what's bothering you; and don't tell me otherwise?" She asks.

"I'm not discussing that right now, you'll be better off asking me that again a little later."

"Ok I'm cool with that; how bout you and I patrol together? Just for tonight, I know you have an ego just as the bat; but you're also more laid back. So what do you say?"

"I guess so; lets not waste any time, I'm sure there is something brewing down there somewhere."

She follows him diving off the building.

Worlds away

The two Shalion combatants enter into the Shalion temple after their evening routine. Awaiting them in the main lobby being no surprise is Raiden. Both members bow down to the thunder god showing their admiration.

"I take it the two of you have been out all day; it's good to know you're both staying up on your training and conditioning. Follow me this way I have some news to share with you both."
Both Kung Lao and Liu Kang look at one another a bit mystified on what this could be about. Nevertheless they follow their master down the main hallway. It has been a long day and both of them would like nothing more than to be able to get some shut eye for the upcoming round tomorrow.

"The Elder gods summoned me earlier in the day with some disturbing news. Just as the many Mortal Kombat tournaments before this, someone is using it as a way to gain supremacy."

"So were the elder gods able to identify the individual?" Liu continues following Raiden down the hall along with Kung Lao at his side, "I'm willing to bet Shang Tsung has something to do with all of this."

"If it had been Shang Tsung I'm sure the elder gods would have known right away. I'd keep an eye on the travelers from the other dimension, it may not be them but we need to keep our eyes sharp."

Just outside of the Shalion temple near the mountains walks Captain America along with Wonder woman. Neither of the two say a word just enjoying the view in addition to the soundlessness.

"In some ways I feel a bit Sorry for Green Lantern, Ms. Marvel, and Superman; I wonder how they'll manage not fighting for another three rounds," Wonder woman places a flower over her left ear, "This gives us an opportunity to look into this whole Conner scenario further; I'm sure Superman can dig up some more information."

With no warning Diana is pushed off to the side while Cap jumps in the other direction. A laser blasts a hole into the ground right between them both. Looking up above them floats an unknown being holding a laser canon. Captain America observes the rest of there surroundings at once seeing they're surrounded.

"What is the meaning of this and please don't tell me you have no answer?" Cap yells out.

The ambushers reply by beginning their attack on the two heroes. One of them stretches their arm out grabbing Cap by his throat throwing him into Wonder Woman. The two tumble a bit with Wonder Woman ending up on top of. She blushes a little but realizes the situation immediately hoping off of him. Both the heroes take a stand ready to take on the aggressors. Diana steps forward flying at top speed within a circle punching and knocking out as many of them as she could. Coming to a stop only three of them remain; wide eyed while backing off.

"I'm not sure where you all came from or what your purpose was; if you were by any chance sent let your boss know to stay away or this will become a personal war!" Wonder Woman tells.

One of them nods; afterward the three of them retreat. Both Bucky and Diana look at one another not sure what the meaning of that was. Shortly after the three of them return to a castle entering into the central extent. Laying out on the sofa is Pythena.

"So how did the attack go?" She asks sitting up.

"Well what do you think? Don't tell me you actually thought we had a chance; the Amazon Princess's strength is incredible."

"Of course I didn't expect you to actually defeat the two of them; I always love to put fear and pressure into my victims before I finish them off. That was merely my way of informing them to watch their backs."

To Be Continue
Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 13: A misunderstanding

The night passes by promptly just as the 3rd round starts up. Hovering over the dome close to 100 ft above is the iconic hero of metropolis. Today may be a vacation from the tournament but there is always problems to be solved, the slight appearance of Conner Kent days ago has led them to this unknown world. Perhaps there is no mystery to the whole circumstance; Maybe it is as simple as following what they were told. If they're to win the tournament he will be free; but of what? Something just doesn't seem right, nothing is ever that simple. Looking down the man of steel locates what appears to be some type of garden, a bit interested he descends to the location. Sniffing the air brings a smile to his face remembering some of his childhood memories.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

Looking over his shoulder standing with crossed legs is Ms. Marvel. Hhhmmm he wonders how long she has been watching him, but than again it doesn't really matter.

"That's for sure and smells just as good as it looks," Supes takes another sniff of the flowers exhaling smoothly, "So what is on your agenda for today given the reality you don't have to fight either?"

"It's tough to say, this isn't exactly supposed to be a vacation. In a little bit I may return to the temple and change into something more comfy, since I won't be taking part in any action there really is no need to be walking around in this." She replies.

Inside the Dome Johnny lagel has been defeated by Subzero stepping out of the ring holding his head with a massive head ache. Both fighters return to the waiting area to their respected areas. The next fighters called to the ring are Kung Lao along with Spiderman!

"Whelp it looks like I'm up, wish me luck guys." Spidy says.

"Don't take this match lightly, I've seen some of this guy's previous matches he is definitely a formidable opponent. Stay on guard at all times, this guy is definitely quick with much precision." Green Lantern informs.

"Yah yahh, so the guy is a material artist; but I've dealt with much worse throughout my days and nights of patrol." Spiderman replies.

Not saying another word the wall crawler sprints off making his way to the ring. Hal just shakes his head while smiling. If anything he has learned it's that the web slinger is an energetic, confident individual. Arriving to ring side already awaiting him is the announcer along with the Shalion fighter. Leaping up into the air he performs a front flip landing in front of his opponent bowing down to the audiences in all directions. As a result he receives numerous cheers.

"Thank you thank you, don't worry I'll put on a great show for you all," He bows some more getting the spectators pumped up, "Are you ready Kong Fu man?"

Not thinking to much of why he said that Kung Lao grins as a response. Whoever this nutcase is, it's obvious he's full of himself.

"You've mistaken me with another fighter, the name you referred to me as was eliminated in the 2nd round just yesterday."

"Sorry about that; how bout you and I battle at the candy globe? If you ask me it looks like it could be fun?"

Spidy stands there for a few moments hoping that the MK warrior will agree with his suggestion. Nodding his head Kung Lao agrees to fight within the suggested location; stepping out of the ring is the announcer watching the two being zapped. Hollering out loud is Spidy who falls out of the sky and into a puddle of mud.

"Wow I thought when we were transported to an area it would be on the ground, they might want to fix their machine; not all of us can fly." Spiderman complains, trying to clear his suit off as best he can.

Something is very strange about the mud, it is a bit stickier than usual. The wall crawler soon realizes that he is in fact covered in chocolate not mud. It almost makes him laugh just thinking about it; Something such as this would only happen in a kids movie. Standing to his feet he steps out the puddle of Carmel chocolate. Something else that catches his attention is the surrounding homes which are made of Gram Crackers! What in the world is this place; this would be a dream world for many.

"Ok I think it would be in my best interest to hurry and locate my opponent; the sooner I do that the quicker I'll be out of here."

There is no doubt that the world freaks out the hero from New York city. Within an area near by is Kung Lao who also walks around observing his surroundings. His eyes narrow at what appears to be a strawberry milk fall over a mountain! What really catches his attention causing him to second guess himself strolls across a field many yards from where he stands. It resembles that of a gummy bear, but is the size of a ordinary bear!

"What in the name for all that is good! This is unbelievable, I wonder what the habitants of this planet are?" The Shalion monk says to himself.

Just as it looks as though things couldn't become any weirder, the clouds above made of marshmallows begin raining skittles! But what is really trendy about it is when they hit the surface the Skittles liquefy! All of a sudden Kung Lao feels as if he is a part of fairy tale.

"Wow this place is something else," Kung Lao wonders if this is an actual world or if it was created special for the tournament, "The tourney representatives surely out did themselves this year."

The thought of this destination causes him to laugh, what in the world kind of stuff is this. Progressing forward to commence his search for his challenger, the Shalion member is whacked across the back of his head tumbling to the ground. Reaching over he picks up his hat setting it back over his head before turning to find out who was responsible. Standing before him is Spidy holding a massive candy cane.

"Well it looks like I found you, lets get this show on the road." Spiderman says.

Jumping to his feet Kung Lao kicks the item out of his grasp stepping back a bit putting space between the two of them. Spidy shoots out his web wrapping it around the wrist of his opponent pulling him toward him while upper cutting him. The MK fighter lands on his back rolling over getting back up. Throwing kicks along with punches only results in failed attempts. The speed and flexibility of the wall crawler is beyond that of any man. Kung Lao soon realizes this thinking up a new tactic for defeating his nemesis. Very clear of their surrounding both jump out of the conduit of speeding arrows!

"It looks like we had better watch our backs, this place seems to have interference just as some of the other areas." Spiderman informs.

What appears next takes their attention off of each other; just over a hill marching toward them is a cluster of Ginger bread men suited up in soldier uniform. They carry with them weapons such as swords, bow and arrows, hand guns etc. Peter lifts an eye brow behind his mask scratching at his head. Now the question is whether to fight against Kung Lao or find out what the deal is with this. The apparent leader of the soldiers calls out for them to attack the two of them!

"I'd say it be a good idea for us to take these guys out, before we resume," Kung Lao prepares himself for a collision, "I'm sure it won't take long any how."

Shaking his head the wall crawler agrees, if anything he'd rather not want to have unnecessary interferences. It doesn't take long for the Ginger bread men to surround the tournament fighters. Reaching out is Kung Lao snapping the arm off one of the attackers taking his weapon. Using the now equipped blade he slashes and slices into the surrounding foes; all of them bleed brown sugar with a mixture of cinnamon. Spiderman webs one of their arms together punching in it's face. He leaps over another of them webbing by the head swinging him around before throwing him into a group of his allies.

"Retreat, we must bring in more recruits!" One of the ginger bread men yells out.

Neither Spiderman or Kung Lao attempt to follow them seeing it as an opportunity to finish the match. Performing a flying kick the Shalion fighter puts Spidy into a pile of rocks. Looking for a quick victory the web slinger webs up a massive stone swinging it across and smashing it across the head of Kung Lao. He jumps to his feet watching as Kung Lao falls to the turf knocked out. Moments later they're both brought back to the dome.

"Well looks like I'll be advancing to round 4, for a moment there I wasn't so sure." Spidy says relieved.

There is no doubt in his mind that Kung Lao is a splendid combatant, from what he saw his moves were swift and precise. The truth of the matter is he would have been defeated had it not been for his superhuman strength and reflexes. Stepping out of the ring brings a good feeling inside; he wonders what will be within his path next round.

Staring up at the wide screen inside the back room sits Shao Kahn shaking his head with understanding. Now he can finally see what Pythena meant, if that fighter was able to defeat Kung Lao that easily, they're definitely a force to be surmised with. Whatever the case, it won't be an issue with the plans set for these particular individuals.

Spidy enters into the waiting area passing by Wonder Woman who has been called to the ring.

"Good win Spider, I'll be joining you soon." Diana says winking.

He nods walking the opposite direction looking for the rest of the group. Walking over to a close by table he has a seat next to Ironman along with Green Lantern.

"I'm sure the two of you were watching, but you have to agree that the world I just battled in was completely insane! I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have one of my favorite desserts trying to attack me."

Both GL and Tony laugh at his comments. From all the matches which have taken place so far, that was probably the most unpredictable as far as the surroundings go. Just outside the dome is Kung Lao who dumps his head into a fountain of water as a way of cooling himself off. Turning around he notices a close colleague of his.

"I'm sorry about how your match turned out. It seems as though this year's competition has certainly upgraded. I'll have to stay on guard at all times, there're a lot of newcomers this year."

"You May be the current champion of Mortal Kombat; but in order to retain that you'll have to push yourself near and beyond your limits." Kung Lao replies, drying the wetness from his face.

Inside the dome the match between Uork and Wonder Woman has began. The princess of Themyscira grabs the kick of Uork gently tossing him onto the smooth tiles. Jumping back up he sprints soaring over Diana Wrapping his arms around her trying to execute a master lock. Easily breaking the hold she spins around grabbing him by the throat slamming him head first into the floor. Standing to his feet once again but this time a bit off balance.

"What's the secret to your strength; let me guess possible steroids right? It really doesn't matter because I'm going to defeat you regardless of that."

"You can believe whatever you want, but I'm naturally this way," Wonder Woman stretches out a bit, "Enough talking, I'm getting the feeling you're trying to delay."

He again charges her this time in an attempt to tackle her onto the foundation. Without any effort at all she pushes him off balance watching him fall once again. The crowds with the stands chuckle at the pathetic efforts of Uork. Rolling his eyes he again stands.

"I wouldn't make a joke out of me if I were you *****! You must think you're so cute humiliating me like this, that is all about to come to an end now!"

It is no doubt that he's beyond frustrated but nevertheless Diana is shocked by what he had just called her. It doesn't affect her much, plus it's not like it's anyone she cares about. He runs at her once again being grabbed by his shirt collar she slaps him across the face several times throwing him to the ground once more. At this point the fury and aggravation can be seen in his face. How is it that he is getting his butt handled to him by a woman? To make matters worse she's beyond gorgeous! The entire situation drives him nuts, while at the same time hearing more spectators laughing within the stands.

"Alright that's it, I've had enough of this. This match is over as of now."

He again takes a stand running at the princess, but this time she pulls out her lasso swinging it roughly before wrapping it around his neck. He is swerved violently before being smashed head first into the tile surface this time knocked out. The announcer steps into the ring declaring her victor.

"Now you gotta say that was sexy, Wondie is sure something to watch. I doubt if she put much effort into that win, regardless she looked great." Spiderman says.

"I'll have to agree with you, as far as style points go id give her a 9/10." Ironman replies.

Sitting off to the side is Green Lantern who also agrees with both his current teammates. Dozens more matches pass by. It is then that Drahmin along with his opponent Batman are called to the ring. Both enter into the arena shortly after.

"I'm assuming you both would like to battle here in the ring, but I'm not always right." The announcer says.

Drahmin suggests a destination that appears on screen called holiday town. The Dark knight looks it over a bit before finally agreeing; observing previous matches makes him a bit skeptical with all the outside interferences. While the announcer steps out of the ring they're both teleported to the location.

What is noticed instantly is the change in weather along with the large amount of snow under his boots. Bat's looks into the sky examining the countless flakes coming down. What is more intriguing is the numerous trees around covered in lights with many ornaments. This is absolutely a town of local holiday; he can clearly hear the jingle bell rock being played but has no idea where it comes from.

"Funny that my match is taking place within an environment such as this, about a month from now it will be Christmas in Gotham." Batman deems.

Stepping forward he begins his search for Drahmin, the frosty climate doesn't affect him much; the entire bat suit was designed for all kinds of different weather conditions. Not even walking up a block the caped crusader looks over to see a family of three walking together holding hands. It is a mother, father and a young boy who couldn't be any older than eight. The sight repulses him, why is it that he had that taken away! Right in front of his eyes his mother and father were taken away from him; what he would give to have his parents back. Deep in thought he is knocked over being brought back to reality.

"Looks like I found you winged fighter. I'm not fond of bats or rodents for that matter, I'm going to finish you off quickly so you won't feel too much pain get my drift?"

Batman gets up brushing off snow from parts of his cowl. Throwing a batarang at Drahmin who dodges the projectile but slips falling into the snow. While down he creates a snow ball throwing it at Batman who puts his cape in the way blocking the somewhat childish attempt of an attack. It doesn't stop there as he continues to create and throw snow balls at the dark knight who for the most part either dodges or punches them out of existence.

"Please tell me you're done playing around. I'm not sure what the meaning of your actions are, is this your way of warming up?" Batman asks a bit frantic.

"Stop asking questions and fight, are you afraid?" Drahmin replies.

Neither of the two answer the question of the other. Bat's runs over to strike his opponent only to be thrown up high falling to his back near a snowman. Getting up he again shakes himself off. Readying himself for another attack he is grabbed from behind! It can't be Drahmin as he stands right in front of him, but the freezing grasp all but reveals the ambusher. How could a snowman come to life put together by children!

"Well now this is interesting very fascinating," Drahmin looks over at the snowman who holds Batman within a master lock, "Hold him steady frosty, Hahanah."

The snowman smiles with it's mouth made of buttons. Watching as Drahmin approaches with a blade in hand, with much strength the Dark knight rips off the arms of the snowman kicking it's face in. He leaps out of the way just in time kicking the blade out of Drahmin's hand. Drahmin throws a few punches at the caped crusader only to be countered , taking power hits. Kneeing him in the stomach Batman uppercuts him onto a bench close to that of a Christmas tree.

"Lucky shots bat, you and I both know you cannot win. I'm sure I wont win the entire tournament but I promise I'll eliminate you!"

Before they can continue something fly's above them circling around. Underneath the cowl Bruce's eyes widen, it can't be! Above them is Santa Clause in a slay with flying reindeer keeping it air born.

"Here I was thinking I've seen it all." Bat's says to himself.

Jumping out of the slay and down into the snow is a group of seven elves. Both Drahmin and Batman look at one another equally puzzled on what this could mean.

"Sorry to say but the two of you are on the very naughty list of Santa, We'll take care of you accordingly."

It is at this point that Batman feels as though some of these worlds have been put together by the tournament management, how in the world would the two of them be on any list?

"Hohoho merry Christmas, even in death you should enjoy the holiday." Santa says flying out into the darkness with Rudolf the red nose reindeer leading the way.

The elves begin their attack on both Batman along with Drahmin. One of them bicycle kicks Drahmin into a light post. The caped crusader grabs the leg of one that kicks at him easily throwing him off to the side. Another two crawl up his back while another wraps its arms around his ankle trying to bring him down. The spectators watching back in the dome snicker at the sight of elves attacking the tournament fighters. Getting up is Drahmin who kicks one of them a few feet in the other direction as if he were a soccer ball. Batman reaches back pulling them both off his back throwing them into an approaching elf. The impact knocks all three of them out. Seeing as the circumstances may have put the dark knight off guard Drahmin tries to attack him from behind. Feeling the presence Bat's elbows Drahmin in the face spinning around power punching him to the ground knocking him unconscious. The remaining elves run over to continue their attack on Batman but he and Drahmin disappear being brought back to the arena. Trying to hold it in he half smiles at the cheering crowd, something he hasn't received much of.

"Winner by way of knock out, Batman."

The crowds applaud him even louder than before. Stepping out of the ring he walks down the path leading to the waiting area. While entering into the halls located up against a wall is Wonder Woman. What is she doing out here alone, a bit concerned he stops in front of her.

"Why are you out here alone, it's not like you to be alone?" He stands in place for a few moments waiting for her to answer, but she doesn't, "Is it to crowded with the rest of the fighters; if so I'd have to agree with you sometimes a little peace and quite is good."

It becomes even more awkward when she doesn't reply. It's moments like this where most people scratch their heads. Batman reaches out placing one hand over her shoulder.

"Diana what's wrong, just talk to me you know I'll listen."

She slowly removes his hand from her shoulder; at this point Batman can feel there is some tension inside of her. Was she upset at something he did?

"I thought I knew who you were Bruce, that is until I saw something the other morning."

So it finally comes out, she is thinking about the mistake which happened the other day with the women in their room! There was nothing he or Kal did wrong, just a blunder.

"Tell me Bruce is that how you spend your time off? Why am I even asking, I forgot you're a playboy."

"You've got the whole situation figured wrong you see..."

Bat's is cut off by her snapping.

"You're not a very good liar, and I'm not sure why you got poor Clark involved."

"Diana that is enough!" Batman says getting a bit pumped.

"Oh stop your complaining Bruce, it's all fun and games until the truth comes out. I wonder where Alfred went wrong with bringing you up." Wonder woman says almost smirking.

At this point Bat's clinches his fist ready to punch her across the face. Why is she being this way, this is not like her at all. Is she trying to push him over the edge?

"One more thing before I go, I know how men love to fantasize about women. If you ever imagined me being one of your *****'s, screw you Bruce it'll never happen."

Not saying another word she begins to walk off, but is grabbed by the wrist.

"Dammit Diana if you'd just listen I could explain what happened."

She pulls from his grasp turning around slapping him across the face while continuing the other direction. He rubs a gloves over the now sore area surprised by what just happened.

"Lets say what you're thinking did happen, why the hell would you care?"

Turning back she looks him straight in the face about to say something but doesn't just turning the other way. He watches as she disappears down the hall. Perhaps she'll listen to Superman, after all who wouldn't. With the passing of another two matches both Wolverine and Baraka are called to the ring.

To be continue
Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 14: From good to bad

Stretching in the ring looking at the various surrounding spectators brings a grin to the face of Logan. Although he isn't quite sure why he agreed to the trip, the competition takes his mind off of any doubts he may have. Across from him is a warrior who displays blood lust within his eyes, the tarkada fighter is more than ready to begin the match. Before the announcer can step forward to clarify where the match will take place Pythena steps into the ring. It becomes a bit strange when she passes the announcer walking over to the side of Baraka; resting a hand on his shoulder and whispering something in his ear. As a response the tarkada smiles wildly staring down Wolverine with even more confidence than before! Watching on a screen in the hallway the Dark knight observes all of this rubbing his chin. What could this mean? Finally a lead for him to work off of, if there is anything Batman has learned throughout his career as a detective/crime fighter is when something big is being plotted/arranged. Pythena steps out of the ring grinning at the now suspicious Wolverine. What would a tournament host have to say to one fighter that can't be heard by the other.

"So where are we taking this bub, I'll let you choose."

Examining Wolverine the Tarkada is impressed; this guy unlike his previous opponents shows no signs of fear. It doesn't matter if he's afraid or not, the fact is Baraka will not fail; the match must end with him as the victor. Watching the area's flip through on screen; the mortal kombat fighter lifts a finger pointing to a particular area. The decision is made; both participants are transported to Hell's Solitude.

"The end of the road draws near for you Wolverine; I will have your blood!"

The X men member listens to the echoing voice of his opponent. Taking a knee Logan lifts up his mask wiping the sweat from his head. The heat within what resembles that of a volcano/mountain is beyond intense, so severe in fact that much steam flows all around through the air. Standing upright he slides the mask over his face.

"This place alone could probably defeat someone, where are you Baraka?" Yelling out he looks down over a ledge at a pit of lava, "That explains a lot."

Falling forward a miniature size boulder shatters over the head of Wolverine who barely catches the edge before falling down below to his death. Stepping forward is the Tarkada the one responsible for the attack; Logan pulls himself up ready to begin.

"Lets go bub, consider that your only freebie."

Running forward Wolverine unleashes his claws, but is surprised as Baraka lets loose his own pair of long blades. The battle begins with both fighters slashing at one another; the blades of both fighters collide up against one another. Inside the dome Shang Tsung makes himself present stepping out of a back room. Catching his attention immediately is the extreme battle on screen. Watching for a few moments brings excitement within him, this is exactly the type of match which brings so much thrill to the Mortal Kombat tournament. Looking over to advance toward Pythena he is beat to the punch. It is so fast that even she jumps a bit startled who stands in front of her.

"Ah hey miss Pyth.." Flash scratches his head looking up, "I'm sorry what is your name again?"

It is no secret that she is annoyed by his random appearance as it is displayed all over her face. What does this superhero want with her; she can't wait for the entire plan to be complete so she can be rid of these heroes! But Perhaps he has a question regarding the tourney; after all she is part of the management. Putting on a false smile she rest one hand on her waist.

"The name is Pythena; how can I help you Flash?" She asks pleasantly.

Her tone enables him to relax a bit dropping his somewhat raised shoulders.

"Well I just wanted to you to know that you're um, say ah shessh how would you say beautiful. You're so hot you've caught me on fire." Flash says biting at his tongue.

Lost for words would be an understatement, what did he just say to her? She turns from him trying to hide a blush. Wally notices this smiling, so far so good. Reaching out he moves a strand of hair from her face rubbing a hand across her ear.

"It was nice talking but I really have to be going now."

Zooming off out of sight, Pythena is left with her mouth wide open. What was the purpose for any of that, from what she can tell the Flash has a crush on her. That only makes things a bit more complicating, but it will not be a problem.

"What A strange man." Pythena utters.

Tapping her on the shoulder from behind is Shang Tsung.

"What was it you told Baraka before the beginning of the match?"

"It has no relevance so just forget it." She replies snapping a bit.

Inside the halls just outside of the waiting area Flash comes to a stop in front of a teammate. Both look around to make sure they're not being watched before speaking.

"I did just as you asked bats, I placed the device on a strand of her hair. So how sure are you that thing will not fall out?" Flash asks.

"It isn't something to worry about, when you were talking with her did you feel that she might have expected what you were doing?"

Looking up shrugging his shoulders; he believes she was completely surprised and caught off guard. Most people in that situation aren't thinking of some sort of setup.

"Nah I'm sure she hadn't a clue, thing is I think she actually digs me. So what is your purpose of suspicion regarding her?"

"You've done a good job Flash, that is all you need to know. If you are asked by anyone who may have seen anything, don't tell them a thing." Batman replies.

Shaking his head hating to be left out of details, Flash makes his way back to the waiting area. Why must the caped crusader always be so stubborn, he could have at least shared some information with him. It's no wonder he hasn't got very many friends, the dude keeps to himself far more than normal. Being pulled off into a corner a hand wrests over his mouth. He is let go turning and viewing the person responsible.

"What's going on; by the look on your face I'd say it's pretty serious," He looks the Amazon princess up and down, "Well obviously you don't want to talk, guess I'll see you around."

Turning the opposite direction Flash whistles while walking off. Reaching out Wonder Woman forcefully grabs him by the arm pulling him back.

"What is it you and Batman were talking about; please don't tell me it was nothing either!"

Oh no this isn't good, he was just told not to share any of the info with any of the team members. That's just great oh well he is the fastest man alive, perhaps he can come up with something convincing; but he had better be quick.
"Well um you know, I was just trying to hook up with this one chick and um we all know how good Batman's counterpart is with the ladies. So he just gave me a few pointers here and there." Flash says putting on a wide smile.

This doesn't last long receiving a frown from Diana causes him to gulp. It feels as though she can see straight through his lie, she's almost as intimidating as the bat!

"Whenever did you have trouble talking to women? If I can recall you've never had problems doing so." Diana says glaring down into his eyes.

Feeling as though he is pinned in a corner about to be executed, a smile of guilt forms upon his face. Thinking quickly he stands tall brushing himself off.

"Oh crap would you look at the time, I promised I'd meet Spiderman at this instance; gotta go." Flash tells.

Wonder Woman screams out his name watching him zoom off out of sight in half a second. What is up with Wally, it must have something to do with Batman; the thought of him makes her want to shove her face into a pillow and scream!

Hell's Solitude

Smashing a rock into the left side of Baraka's head Wolverine trips him lifting him over a shoulder throwing him above a ledge. The Tarkada survives stabbing a blade into the rocky like turf. Pulling himself up murmuring he runs at Wolverine swinging his blades all around.

"He has most certainly lost a lot of energy." Wolverine says to himself, dodging the reckless attempts by Baraka.

Whenever someone chooses the go ahead style of fighting it could mean one of two things; first they might feel they have no chance to win unless they score a quick KO, or two they want the fight to end. Stepping forward Logan stabs his claws into the stomach of Baraka who shouts out in agony! Slouching over Baraka puts both hands on his stomach applying pressure to the area of the wound.

"Lucky Shot, you will need a lot more of that if you expect to defeat me," The Tarkada spits blood ready to continue, "I'm curious to where you came from; I know you arrived here from another world with some friends?"

Stepping back a few ft Logan's eyes narrow, how would a typical tournament participant know about that? Bingo! It must have something to do with that Pythena women. If there is some sort of deception planned, she's definitely the candidate. Not answering the question of his chosen foe The X-men member begins his attack once again.

"Oh well I guess it's not important anyhow." Baraka mumbles.

Moving swiftly the MK fighter darts the attacks of Wolverine trying not to take even more damage. Catching Logan's arms in stride, Baraka lifts him throwing him into a wall. The blood lust fighter runs forward at bursting velocity punching ruthlessly on the defenseless Wolverine. After a few power shots to the head Logan is knocked unconscious. Of everyone watching the most astonished is Spiderman! Never in a hundred years would he have thought Wolverine would loose to some unknown like that. But unlike the normal tradition of every other match the two fighters are not brought back to the dome! Everyone continues to watch as Baraka beats on Wolverine.

"I know you probably can't hear a word I'm saying, but I told you it would take all the luck in the world for you to pull off a victory against me."

Lifting Wolverine up high over his head he walks forward looking down at two separate pits. One which is made up of spikes and the other Lava!

"Do it!" Pythena says under her breath getting energized.

Making his decision he tosses Wolverine into the pit of spikes smiling seeing them rip through his flesh. Blood pours everywhere leaving the audience and participants with a disturbing sight. Standing up from a table Green Lantern has had enough; yes it is true that he has seen many loose their lives throughout this tournament, but not quite like that. He didn't know Wolverine on a personal level very much, but the pain of loss runs through him as if an insect were trying to suck the life right out of him. It can't even be imagined what Spidy and his group are feeling. Being brought back to the arena, Baraka raises his arms up high declaring himself victor.

"Winner of this match by way of fatality, Baraka!"

The crowds applaud the winner; the Tarkada does something that he rarely ever does bowing down receiving even more cheers. Entering into the ring clapping Pythena steps in front of Baraka.

"You have done well, continue to do things my way and I see a bright future for you involving my upcoming plans. Wolverine was part of their lethal force, you have done great."

Using a finger she removes some hair which covers her eye noticing a certain someone entering. Feeling the tension and anger within him causes her to smile and chuckle.

"Hey blonde if you don't mind I'd like to have a word with you," Marching forward is the web slinger Spiderman, "I'm not sure what's going on here but I'm sure it has always been once a fighter has been KO'd the fight is over! What I just witnessed, wait let me rephrase that; what we all just witnessed was the match ended after he was killed."

Tightening his fist Spiderman stands in place wanting to hear a good answer, but for some reason feels he will be given an excuse.

"Well I'm sorry, do you want an apology?" Pythena asks with sarcasm.

Following her words she tries to cover her mouth to hide laughter but has no luck. Making things go from bad to worse she stares the wall Crawler straight in the face giggling evilly. Wow she has some nerve; what disrespect! The only thing that this tells Spidy is there is a possibility she had the match planned out from the beginning. Dashing and leaping forward he punches at Pythena who dodges and grabs his wrist slamming him onto the tile floor.

"What's wrong is the little baby about to cry, perhaps this tourney has proved to be mentally too tough for you. I'm sorry about what happened to your friend, but I had nothing to do with that." Pythena tells in disdain.

Getting up slowly Spidy turns the other way heading toward the ring's exit. His sudden surrender brings a smile to her face, she is once again in full control.

"You're a liar!"
Spiderman turns around webbing her in the face jumping up and kicking her to the ground. Running forward Baraka tries to attack Spidy, but has no luck being webbed up by his legs tumbling to the ground. Ripping the web off her face is an enraged Pythena!

"I think I should go out there and stop this before things get really ugly." Captain America sets down his shield.

Not even taking a step he is grabbed from behind. Turning around he glimpses over at the Amazon princess, who also shows emotion in her face. It's noticeable she feels for the Avenger members, the loss of a teammate always hurts.

"You wait here, I'll take care of it." Diana tells.

Cap nods holding back a tear. Inside the ring Pythena blocks the attempted strikes by the spider countering and slapping him off balance and onto the ground. Rubbing the area of his face, he realizes she is definitely stronger than that of a human. Getting up to throw a punch something wraps around his wrist.

"That's enough Spiderman, if you don't stop I'll have to take you down myself. You have reacted in the wrong way, drop it before you're disqualified."

Spidy calms his mental strain taking a few deep breaths and is surprised when turning to see that it is in fact Batman who holds onto wiring wrapped around his wrist. Without any effort at all he rips the wiring off throwing it to the side. Noticing the group of security approaching the ring, he decides to take Batman's advice.

"It would seem he is the brains of your little group, I'd take his suggestion and leave." Pythena utters.

He does not say a word exiting, what really bothers him is the terminology of Batman. Only a coward would say such things, but than again he was most likely looking out for his best interest and trying to keep a low profile at the same time. Stopping in place Wonder Woman watches from a distance seeing that Batman had beat her to the punch. Whatever the case someone has to have a talk with him, after what just happened he will need someone at Spidy's side. Back near the ring Pythena calls off all security; throwing her hair back and smiling at the fact that she has now got into the head of one of her hated enemies.

"Diana take him back to the waiting area, and don't take your eyes off him." Bats tells.

"Yah sure thing."

Bats glares at her facial tendency, she's clearly still heated at him for something which he didn't do. But that could be discussed later, right now they have bigger problems. Trying to wrap an arm around him he just shrugs her off walking past she and bats at a prompt pace. Looking back at Batman she exhales.

"Just let him go, he'll need some time to himself."

He follows her out of sight and into the back room. Just when things seemed to be going so well, little by little it seems to be falling apart. Somehow they all need to come together keeping their minds on the important task ahead. The announcer steps into the ring apologizing to all viewers in the stands for the slight interruption. After saying a few words the tournament continues on; the next fighters are called to the ring; which are Hoxz and Ironman. Trying to catch up to the wall crawler Diana stops seeing as he exits the dome.

"Hera I sure hope he doesn't do something he'll regret."

Arriving to the ring fairly quick, both fighters consent to battle within the dome a bit skeptical with all the outside interferences. Stepping out of the ring the announcer gives them the ok to begin.

"I haven't really seen any of your past matches, but I'm sure with all that Iron around your body it's hard to move. Try Dodging this!"

Ironman easily rolls off to the side watching Hoxz shoot some blast from his mouth. Taking advantage of him being off guard Tony charges up a beam blasting his opponent out of the ring and into a brick wall which shatters on impact. Hoxz stands to his feet outside the ring, walking a bit off balance before falling to the ground unable to continue.

"The Winner of this match by way of knockout; Ironman!" The announcer says stepping back into the ring.

He is applauded by many, conversations within the audience speak of his quick victory. Some have even considered changing their booth vote over to this individual. Ironman blasts off into the air exiting the ring while waving at the cheering crowds. Some hold up tea-shirts, notepads and other merchandise for an autograph.

"Look at them they just love these super powered fighters; it looks like the days guys like us were appreciated is over." Kung Lao says watching from a distance.

"That may be true but I didn't come here to loose; it doesn't matter if I win them over, as long as I'm still champion in the end. Though I will have to say the chances of that are next to none." Liu tells.

It's too bad he won't have the same chance as Liu, remembering back on the loss to that Spider guy only infuriates him. He felt for sure this year would be his time, but that is what most believe when entering; and if you don't you've already lost. Round three comes to a close with the final four matches finishing up. At this time many of the spectators make their way over to the booths, while the participants egress off the premises. Hovering above Ms Marvel spots Green Lantern side by side with Ironman flying down by their side.

"So what happened, how'd we do as a group? Will everyone be in round 4?"

Walking in silence neither of them say a word. Not receiving a reply after another few seconds she becomes worried.

"Wolverine is dead."

Ms Marvel looks over in the direction of the familiar dark voice! This is no joke, the expression on Batman's face says it all!

To Be continue