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CHP6: Surprise equal

Mileena stands in front of Wolverine spinning a Sai. He just looks back and forth between her and the roaring crowd. CaptainAmerica and everyone in the waiting room watch, except for a few who just sit around talking. The announcer as usual walks up to the two participants.

"Where will the two of you fight? How about giving our audiences something we haven't seen yet!" The announcer suggests.

Wolverine thinks to himself, trying to remember the many arenas that he saw on screen before hand. He smiles with a decision made.

"The great farm looks promising." He replies.

The crowd claps and cheers, within moments the two of them are transported to the chosen area. Mileena stands on the open caged field, looking at a few horses galloping. She checks out her surroundings, also spotting Cows that chew on grass. Mileena sniffs the air, but cannot pick up his scent. The avenger/Xmen walks inside of the farmhouse. He bends down petting one of the pigs, who just squeals. He looks around to see many other caged animals, such as buffalo and lamas.

"This place is not like a farm, it's more of a zoo." He says to himself.

He exits the farmhouse with caution, looking out to see a field with Horses and Cows. He walks onto the field, sniffing the air as well, Logan picks up many different scents. A horse comes galloping at him fast, with Mileena on top of it.

"Let's do this bub!" He says, with his blades blasting out of his knuckles.

He jumps up high landing onto the horse next to her. Wolverine pulls them both off the animal, with them tumbling to the ground. She is first to get up, ready to attack he jumps back putting space between them.

"It's such a shame a mortal like you had to face me first. I am Mileena the leader of a Tarkatan army. You had better enjoy every moment of your life little man, because it ends now!" She yells ready to attack him.

"First off I am not a mortal, I'm a mutant. And second, I'm not the one who is going to die." He replies.

The two of them run at each other, with there blades colliding. She knees him close to his private area, his eyes water up as the reaction. He slashes her in the chest with his claws, as her blood flies out. She stabs one sai into his shoulder, and another one into his left rib. She kicks him to the ground after wards. She rests her boot on his chest, pulling the Sai out of his shoulder. She stabs it straight into his heart. A laugh escapes from her mouth. The crowd goes wild back in the stadium, with some people jumping out of there seats. Flash stands up from his seat shocked.

"I can't believe it, he lost! How is this happening, not only did he loose but she killed him!" Flash yells, slamming his fist on the table.

A lot of fighter's attention is now on flash, who turns his face to a wall. Batman gets out of his chair walking up next to him.

"Don't be upset Wally, I'm betting this match isn't over." He whispers.

Wally turns to Batman with a face of disbelief.

"You know what I think bats. I think you have been in your dark cave a little bit too long. She stabbed a blade into his heart, it's over I'll even put 20.00 on it!" Flash says.

Batman smiles shaking his hand, they both sit down afterwards. Flash right away puts his hand out for his money. Mileena pulls both Sais out of Wolverine, stepping back looking down at his apparent dead body. About to walk away from him, she notices something strange. The areas of his wounds begin to move! She realizes his body is regenerating! He jumps back on his feet to face her. At this moment, Batman puts his hand out in front of the flash.

"Don't tell me that you actually thought I was dead. Someone like me can't be beaten that easily." He tells.

Wolverine jumps over Mileena kicking her in the back of the head. She holds her balance, not letting herself fall. She throws both her Sais at him, as if a projectile. He spins around dodging both blades, running into her with his blades stabbing into her stomach and chest. He pulls them out, and watches her fall to the ground. She holds her stomach, as a good amount of blood gushes out.

"You may have defeated me this time, but there will be a next time." She says.

The part Tarkatan lays in a puddle of dripping blood as her eyes close, she finally dies. Wolverine shows no emotion on his face. He is brought back to the dome to a loud crowd. Flash pouts but is glad Wolverine won as he hands his cash over to the dark knight. He puts it into his utility belt. The announcer and Shang Tsung already stand in the ring.

"The Winner is Wolverine, fatality." Shang Tsung says.

Wolverine quickly steps out of the ring, heading back to the waiting area.

Worlds away

Ralph Bores and his men gather at the docks. The sun shines bright over the City of Gotham, many men in black suits stand around. Ralph steps forward, shaking hands with another man.

"I'm glad you could make it Bernard, this deal must go through right now. So do you have all the weapons?" Ralph asks.

Bernard puts his sun glasses on while smiling. He snaps his finger, and some of his men bring a few of the weapons out of the surrounding vehicles. The weapons are located in steal suit cases.

"I've got your money; let's do this quick before trouble shows up." He replies.

A flying object comes out from a corner knocking one of the cases out of the mobster's hands. The men look around to see Robin jumping off of a wall. The men pull out there guns shooting at him. He blocks a few of the bullets with his cape. He knocks a few of the thugs to the ground.

"Don't just stand there boys, get the damn bird boy!" Ralph yells.

Robin knife hands a guy on the neck, who coughs blood. He kicks and throws a few of them into the Gotham Lake. Bernard pulls out a chain swinging it, Robin dodges it. He round house kicks and uppercuts the mob boss into a nearby truck. He throws bird wiring around the legs of Ralph, who tries to run. He falls down hard, as the boy wonder pulls him back.

"Do yourself and your pals a favor, keep your activities out of Gotham." He tells.

Robin ties them up, leaving a legitimate call to the police. He returns to the bat cave un dressing, and heading up to the manor. Tim heads into the kitchen wetting a rag; he puts it over a bruise on his arm. He walks into the main dining room turning on the TV.

"In latest news the reporter Lois Lane is missing. She was last seen at Archens manufacturing company building." A news man tells.

Tim watches rubbing the wet rag over his arm. He thinks to himself knowing that the crime rate in Gotham has been increasing as of late, he pulls a small phone book out of his pocket. The two first numbers he spots are that of Stephanie Brown and Dick Grayson. He puts the book back into his pocket.

"I think I should be able to handle this myself, If something ever happens to Batman it will be up to me to carry on his heroics. Robin can handle Gotham for a little while." He concludes.

Tim sits back on the coach and relaxes, because when night fall hits it will be time to work. Back in the city of Bludhaven, a ninja stands in the middle of a room. The room is filled with many different weapons from all around the world, with ancient suits of armor.

"Lets begin; I will have a prize for the one who can take me down!"

Deadpool is the ninja who stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by five of his own ninjas. Three of them run in and try and attack him at the same time. They throw kicks and punches at him, which he blocks sliding to the ground. He leg grabs one of them, tossing them over and into a wall. He elbows and neck grabs two other ninjas, slamming one of them onto the cement floor. Deadpool quickly defeats the rest of them.

"You've got to be kidding me right? No wonder that Nightwing punk defeated you all so quickly! You fight like pussy cats." Deadpool says, laughing out loud.

A few of his ninjas look at him with questionable faces, because of the joke he just cracked. Deadpool walks over to one of the displays rubbing his hand against one of the blades of a sword.

"There are just a few more things we need out of this city before we leave. If that winged vigilante shows up again, don't disappoint me boys." He says.

Deadpool pulls out a sword from its holder. He performs a full kata using it. His ninjas watch him as he performs many different advanced moves. Deadpool jumps up kicking a sand bag off of its chain that holds it up.

"I'm not trying to change the plans or anything, but can't we find what where looking for in another city. Like how about New York?" One of the ninjas asks.

Deadpool throws the sword into a dart board; it sticks right into the middle. Some of the ninja's eyes widen at his accuracy! Deadpool turns to face them.

"The precise things I seek can only be found in this city. Don't tell me you're afraid of the knight with wings!" Deadpool says again laughing.

The ninjas are quite not saying a word, Deadpool exits right afterward.

Worlds Away
Ironman has just finished his match and blasts out of the ring, waving to the cheering crowd. Kenshi and Superman have just introduced themselves to each other.

"Ten others including myself have come from our home planet, to take part in this tourney. Are reasons for coming is a bit strange, it's nothing you really need to know about." Supes tells.

Kenshi listens to Superman talk for a bit, before he says anything.

"I'm a blind fighter; I have been this way for longer than I can remember. I'm use to being in the darkness, although it would be nice to see the beautiful colors of the world." He tells.

Superman looks over at the blind man almost feeling sorry for him. Pythena walks into a dark back room, turning on a light to see Kahn sitting at a desk. He looks up at her as she looks back at him, with a confused face.

"I don't even want to know what you were doing in the dark. Everything seems to be going the way I planned, each hero that has fought from the other world! They have won there matches." Pythena tells.

"So will the plans remain the same? The winner of the tournament will fight Shang Tsung?" Shao Kahn asks.

Pythena walks toward Kahn, sitting herself on top of the desk he sits at. She puts her hand on his chin, bringing his face up to hers.

"You know babe I think you should be the one they face in the final round. You're such a powerful man." She says, bringing her lips to his.

Kahn pulls back standing up out of the chair. She looks up at him confused yet again.

"You're a very beautiful girl, but no woman can seduce me. If that is what you want, I will fight against the winner of the final round." He replies.

She sits up straight on the desk, just looking at him for a few seconds.

"When the time comes, I will have to enhance your strength and abilities. Superman will be the person you will fight; there is no one among them all who can defeat him." She tells.

He turns his head away from her.

"Once again you have underestimated the other fighters. Very well I will be prepared for this man of steal. That is what they call him right?" He asks.

Pythena replies by nodding her head. The two of them can hear the roaring crowd outside of the room. Ms. Marvel swings and throws her opponent out of the ring. Shang Tsung and the announcer are quick to get in, announcing her as the winner. She enters the waiting area shortly after wards.

"Nice job Ms. Marvel, I didn't know you could change your body molecules like that."

She looks over to see Superman standing up against a wall with his arms crossed. She stands next to the kryptonian.

"Thanks it means something coming from you. Why don't we gather up those of us who have fought, and go out to eat somewhere? I don't know about you big guy, but I don't think I want to hang in this place all day." She suggests.

Supes puts his arm around her.

"If we are going to go anywhere, we should wait until everyone from our group has fought. It shouldn't be too much longer." He says.

Supes takes his arm from around her, and walks into the crowd of fighters. He spots Flash and Batman sitting at a table, talking with Liu Kang and a few others. Superman takes a seat across from Sonya. Wolverine and Green Lantern, sit at a table playing cards with some other fighters.

"Next match is Hazel Flame vs. Reptile, hurry in you to." The announcer speaks.

Reptile cracks his knuckles.

"It's about time; I don't think I could have waited any longer." He says.

Reptile jumps into the air, doing a front flip over a lot of participants. Hazel Flame awaits him in the ring. Reptile is quick to request the match take place in the dome. With that he and his opponent are left alone to face off.

"So now there is a green ninja, there are way too many participants dressed as ninjas. You should have come up with a better idea bud." Hazel Flame tells.

Reptile just smirks at his comment. The lizard ninja is quick to begin, as he jumps up and punches his opponent across the ring. Hazel Flame pulls out a two sided staff blade, using it to keep him from falling.

"I see you've got a little quickness to yourself ninja, but they don't call me flame for nothing!"

He ties the staff onto his back, as his hands heat up. Both his arms are now in burning flames. Reptile is a bit surprised at this technique, but no where near afraid. He throws and shoots fire balls at Reptile who runs back and forth in an attempt to dodge them. Not to long one side of the ring is on fire! Reptile makes his way over to the safe side.

"You had better keep moving boy, or you will be burned alive."

He shoots a few more fire balls at him, but this time one of them hits Reptile right into the chest. The ninja ends up on his back. Hazel Flame takes this opportunity to shoot as many fire balls onto reptile as he can. He sits there as the whole arena is now covered in flames. The audiences cheer loud.

"I win!" Hazel flame says, smiling.

Movement can be seen throughout the flames, as reptile jumps up high into the air on fire. He lands in front of Hazel flame, throwing punches and kicks onto him. Reptile brutally beats him knocking him out with a punch, as a tooth is knocked out of his mouth. Water hoses come from each direction, getting rid of all the fire. Reptile stands in the ring soaking wet, with his defeated opponent. The crowd is loud as the smoke clears.

"Winner Reptile." Shang Tsung says.

Reptile steps out of the ring, with his half burnt gear.

"I'm definitely going to change suits, this one is basically destroyed." he says, to himself.

Reptile does not return to the waiting area, but to the locker he bought. He pulls out a different suit and changes into it. A few more matches go by.

"Our next match is Veimp vs. The Flash."

Batman turns to him, but only to look up at the TV, to see that he is already in the ring. Kung Lao's eyes are wide, at how he just seemingly disappeared. Superman just smiles. Veimp walks into the ring to see a smiling Flash.

"What's up with the tights man, this isn't exactly a Halloween party!" Veimp tells.

Flash turns to Shang Tsung and the announcer.

"We will take care of this match, right here, inside of the dome. Try not to blink guys it will be over that fast!" Flash tells with much confidence.

Veimp shows a face of anger. The two of them exit the ring, as Flash turns to his opponent.

"Alright fella I'm going to end this quick, this will prove to everyone who is the best around here!" Flash tells.
Veimp has had enough, tightening up his fist he runs at him throwing a punch. Flash runs around him five times before his fist fully extends. Veimp jumps back a bit afraid, as Flash runs around him with great speed throwing in many punches. Veimp is quickly knocked out. Everyone in the audience's jumps out of there seats throwing up stuff! This is the loudest they have been all day! Even Shang Tsung and the announcer are at a loss of words, for his performance.

"Thank you everyone thank you, you're all the best?" Flash says bowing down a few times.

"Damn this is going to be a hard one! This guy is just as fast, if not faster than that guy in the red cape earlier. I don't know who to put my money down on!" A guy in the audience says.

"It looks like Superman has competition after all; I thought this whole thing would be a blow out for him. I'm still putting fifteen thousand on Superman; I didn't see this guy fly." Another man tells.

Everyone is excited in the audience, discussing Flash! Shang Tsung and the announcer are now in the ring. Flash zooms toward them both, giving them both speedy hand shakes.

"Flash wins, flaw lawless victory." Shang Tsung says through the microphone.

This gets the crowd even more pumped up. A huge amount of the crowd chants his name. Flash runs around the ring a few times in less than a second, showing off. Now everyone in the crowd chants his name. He stops in front of the two men.

"So over all how do you guys think I did execution wise, and I do except constructive criticism." Flash says, smiling.

"You sure are an energetic one, I think you did superb. Better than a lot of the fighters out here today!" The announcer replies.

"There was nothing I could see, but your opponent falling to the ground." Shang Tsung says, grinning a little bit.

Flash laughs at his comment.

"I told you it would be quick, after all I'm the fastest man alive!" Flash says, zooming out of the ring.

He spots some cute girls who blow kisses down to him; he stops in his path bowing down to them. The waiting area is filled with confused and angry participants. One guy goes to the extreme of pushing over a table!

"How the hell is anyone going to be able to compete with a guy that fast, except for Super wonderful? I came to this tournament to compete; those two are on a whole different level than the rest of us!" A guy yells.

Everyone's attention is on him. Wonder Woman has her head down, smiling at his frustration. Ermac comes up behind the fighter, tapping him on his back.

"I'm going to have to tell you to lower your voice; some of us are concentrating for our upcoming matches." He tells.

The guy takes a few deep breaths, picking the table up and sitting back down. Many fighters in the room agree with him. Flash re enters the waiting area, zooming over and sitting back down next to Batman. Everyone in the room's attention is turned to that table.

"Am I not the fastest man, or am I?" Flash asks.

Kung Lao shakes his head while smiling.

"Ok you get your props, you are pretty darn fast." He tells.

Spiderman congratulates flash by shaking his hand. Sonya notices everyone staring over at them.

"Can we help any of you?" She asks.

Right away most of them turn, and go into there separate areas. Batman and Superman just sit back in there chairs silent, as everyone else starts up a conversation. Over another hour goes by.

"And now we have Shady vs. Captain America."

Cap finishes his dr. pepper he got from the soda machine, making his way to the ring. He is grabbed by his arm, and turns to see Wonder Woman.

"I just want you to know I hope you do well, I'll be charring for you." She tells.

He smiles at her as they give each other a hug. After doing so, he enters the ring ready to fight. His opponent stands in the ring stretching, trying to get warmed up.

"Where will this battle take place?" The announcer asks.

To Be Continue
Justice Heroes Elite

CHP7: End of round 1

The sun sparkles bright over the stadium. Shang Tsung stands off to the side along with the announcer. The two opponents appear to be intensely focused on one another.

"We will take this battle to the vacant castle." Shady looks away from Cap. "It seems to be my kind of place."

The two of them are quickly transported to the destination of choice. Captain America looks around observing his surroundings within the castle walls. If not for the torches on the walls, there wouldn't be any light. Cap walks down the long dark hall with his gun in hand, along with his shield in the other. He notices a window and decides to take a peek outside. There is a full moon which is partially covered by clouds, along with immeasurable stars.

"Hopefully this guy decides to show himself soon, I hate to wait around." Bucky takes a deeper thought into the circumstances. "He is probably trying to find me as well; after all, this entire place is massive.

Cap only takes a few more steps forward, before hearing the sound of something tumbling producing a clatter resonance. It echoes throughout the many halls. But it is quite clear which direction the sound came from. Captain America takes off running in hopes of discovering Shady. He ventures down and through two halls, finally coming across a suit of armor which lays across the carpet in pieces. Cap quickly concludes that it was knocked over in order to indicate his opponent's location. He is hit across the head from his backside plunging to the ground.

"Looks like I found you Mr. colorful." Shady spits on the ground crossing his arms. "Now get up so we can start this little match."

Captain America jumps up, aiming his gun at Shady who kicks it out of his hand.

"Do you really think that piece of man made weapon will harm me? You must not know me."

Shady stands in place while his entire body begins to glow, Cap takes a few steps back not sure what to do at the moment. This individual quickly creates Shadows of himself that surround Captain America laughing. Back in the stadium, including the waiting area everyone continues to watch.

"Wow that sure is some technique he has there. Hopefully cap overcomes this and is victorious." Spiderman says looking at the shadow figures.

Close by is Wonder Woman with clinched fists, she watches with much emotion and intensity.

"I say that America dude is finished, besides what sort of coward uses a gun."

These words from somewhere in the group of participants angers Diana, but she keeps herself from saying anything. One of the dark shadows grabs and throws cap upward. Shady takes the opportunity jumping up kicking him across the hall. Cap lands on his feet throwing his shield at Shady across the way, but it is caught by a shadow. It throws the projectile back at Captain America who catches it.

"I hope you have more tricks up your sleeve than that, because if you don't this fight will be over very quickly." Shady says.

The shadows of Shady sink into the ground as if they were ghosts. They re appear from beneath Cap, holding him by his ankles. Shady runs across the room, soaring into Captain America kneeing him in the abdomen. He tops it with an uppercut. The avenger falls into a display black knight armor knocking a few of the sections off. Cap kicks up now back on his feet. Shady slides across the floor, punching and kicking at Cap who blocks the hits. Cap performs a spinning round house kick, putting Shady off balance. Cap takes the option to smash his shield into the face of Shady, who falls unconscious. The Shadow's immediately disappear back into the body of Shady. Captain America picks up his gun, watching as he and Shady are brought back to the stadium of the shrill crowd.

"Good match Captain; we will see you in round two." The announcer informs.

Cap steps out of the ring walking across the grass, waving at the spectators. Shortly after he re enters the waiting area to first be greeted by Flash.

"Good match man, for a second there you had me worried but I knew you would end up on top." Flash congratulates.

Cap gives him a smile while patting him on the shoulder.

"Thanks a lot, by the looks of it we will all advance past round one. I think what remains of our group who hasn't fought yet is Green Lantern and Wonder Woman."

Flash scratches his chin a bit.

"Speaking of which, you didn't happen to cross paths with Batman exiting the ring did you?" Flash looks around trying to spot the caped crusader. "He just left from the table not saying where he was going."

"No I didn't, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about." Captain America replies.

Flash agrees zooming off into the crowd. The tournament continues on and with a couple more matches, it is Green lantern called up to fight against Chameleon. Both enter the ring at the exact same time, coming from different sides.

"We would like to duke it out here in the ring, I would prefer not to have outside interferences." Green Lantern tells.

Shang Tsung steps out of the ring along with the announcer. Green Lantern seems to be in a hurry creating a hammer with his ring. Chameleon doesn't have time to react, as the hammer stretches diagonally drumming him across the face. The impact of the attack results in Chameleon being knocked up over twenty ft. Before he even descends fully, Green Lantern creates a hefty shoe stomping over his opponent. The green light around Hal disappears as he goes back to normal. Chameleon lays knocked out in front of Green Lantern. The Audience laughs and cheers, standing to their feet. The Announcer enters the ring alone.

"Lets all give a hand to the Green Lantern!"

The spectators applaud him once again. The shifts in ideas now become apparent among the audience. It had begun with a simple notion that the man bearing the red cape and boots would sweep the tourney, but it has since changed. The feeling can be felt between each individual that the tournament will be won by Green Lantern, Superman, or the Flash. Pythena walks up behind a Shang Tsung with amplified eyes.

"I know it is probably hard for you to take it all in, these warriors are a great deal more powerful than anything you've ever encountered." Everyone looks up as Green Lantern flies out of the ring. "Don't worry too much about it; everything will be taken care of."

Shang Tsung crosses his arms grinning.

"So far what I've seen the only one's to worry about are Superman, Ms. Marvel, the flash, and Green Lantern."

"You haven't seen Wonder Woman in action yet, I think you will find her strength to be impressive as well."

Green Lantern enters the waiting area, and isn't surprised when he is stared down by many. He walks over taking a seat across from Superman.

"That was quick, I felt sure you were goanna let the fight drag." Superman says.

"I could have done that, but I prefer to send a message to all fighters early." Green Lantern looks up at a T. V. smiling. "I'm sure round one should be over soon; it has been a few hours now. From what I can remember I believe round two starts the day after tomorrow, it gives all the remaining participants rest and more time to prepare."

Superman shakes his head agreeing.

"Yes you are correct, originally it was going to take place tomorrow but they updated the schedule just over an hour ago."

Various other matches pass by, and it is now the 2nd to last fight of round one.

"And now we have the sparrow Vs. Wonder Woman!"

"Hmm that sure is something; I can't believe it took this long for you to finally fight." Cap pauses for a second just glaring into her face. "Good luck Diana."

She gives him a smile while giving him a hug. Wonder Woman then makes her way to the ring waving to GL and Supes on the way. Liu Kang sits back in his chair looking up at nothing in a deep train of thought. Kung Lao taps him over the shoulder.

"What's eating you, you look very worried and uneasy?" Kung Lao asks.

"It's nothing much at all." Liu sits up in his chair. "I was just thinking this tournament almost seems impossible for a mortal to win. But that is what has me all hyped up, the chance to defeat the odds."

Kung Lao can feel that Liu is enjoying to moment, and decides to think about it a little himself. The Site of Wonder Woman flying into the ring is already enough to get the crowd raucous. Her opponent possesses wings, flying into the ring as well.

"I don't care of her opinion, but I would like this match to take place in the sky haze." The Sparrow concludes.
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Wonder Woman looks over at him rolling her eyes at his obvious rudeness. She shifts her body turning to Shang Tsung and the announcer.

"I guess it's whatever, that will be fine."

The Announcer walks out of the ring with Shang Tsung. Wonder Woman and the Sparrow are immediately sent to the chosen arena. Once there it is than known that their flying abilities would be proven extremely essential. The two of them stand on separate floating blocks within the sky. Wonder woman looks down and is surprised at what she discovers.

"Either we are up very high, or this world has no bottom. It would be like falling forever."

The sparrow laughs at the expression on Wonder woman's face. He jumps off of his block onto another, and continues to do this getting closer to his opponent. Diana jumps off of her block flying as well as punching into the Sparrow. This individual grabs his stomach bending over out of breath.

"For a lady, you sure pack a punch." He looks up at her with watery eyes. "But there is no way I will loose to a girl."

He jumps back a bit; throwing a punch at her that is grabbed. She cracks his knuckles which are located in the palm of her hand. Using her free arm she swings across punching him in the face. The blow to the head knocks him out cold, she grabs him by his ankle as he nearly falls off the block. The two of them are brought back to the stadium. Wonder Woman lets the Sparrow drop to the ground. It is than that the paramedics come in and retrieve him.

"The winner of this match is Wonder Woman!
She quickly flies out of the ring with the entire crowd cheering her on. Shang Tsung looks up at her with clinched fists. Once in the waiting area she is first greeted by Spiderman and Superman.

"You sure did take that guy out quickly; I thought you would entertain us all, but that's ok. It's good enough that you won." Spidy says.

"I guess it wouldn't make senesce to leave now, we might as well watch the final match of this round. But it sure will be nice to leave this place; it feels like we have been in here forever." Wonder woman tells.

She excuses herself from them walking off; Spidy can't help but look down at her rare end.

"Wow she is such a babe." Spiderman mumbles.

Superman looks down at him with an eye brow up.

"She won't be a distraction to you now will she?" Supes asks.

Spiderman's eyes widen behind his mask, realizing that Superman heard him clearly. He thinks about it for a second, remembering that he did in fact have splendid hearing.

"No she won't, but you do have to admire a woman of her beauty and strength." Spidy replies.

"Don't think about it too much, plus we are here to find Connor. Even if we have been tricked, someone wanted us here so we must stay around to find out why." Superman says.

Spiderman shakes his head agreeing. The final match comes and goes quickly closing up the first round of the tournament. It is than that Pythena steps into the middle of the ring.

"I would like to thank you all for coming once again, round two will take place in two days. But there is plenty of events that everyone can attend in that stretch of time. Tonight just across from this stadium, a party will take place consisting of food, music, and dancing. I encourage you all to attend."

The announcer steps into the ring next to Pythena.

"Don't forget to vote for who you think will take the tournament, the voting booths are now open. The person or persons who guess right will get the money they put in back, including that of those who guessed wrong."

After the announcer is finished speaking, he gives everyone the permission to leave. Flash zooms around in the waiting room, finally stopping in front of Ironman, and Wolverine.

"Have either of you seen Batman, I'm beginning to think he got lost in this place?" Flash asks.

"He didn't pass by this way, I'm sure we'll see him on the way out." Ironman replies.

The three of them exit the waiting room together.

"Whelp only two hundred participants remain; fifty were eliminated from each bracket. We most definitely need to take the day of rest to our advantage." Sonya says to Johnny.

Many spectators still stand in the bleachers cheering on the participants as they walk by to the exit doors. When Superman and Flash come into site, the crowd gets even more energized. They chant their names, and some yell out for autographs. Flash smiles at the site of fame.

"I'll see you guy's outside the stadium, but for now my fans need me!"

Flash zooms off in a hurry toward the crowd. Superman shakes his head laughing a bit at Flash's child like excitement.

"If we take too long you can all travel back to the temple without us." Superman tells.

He gets out of the line to the exits, following flash to the bleachers.

"For once I just wish I were number one to a crowd." Spidy complains looking down onto the ground. "Who knows maybe my day will come soon."

People jump ahead of each other trying to get their pads or cards signed first! Supes just does it as any other normal being would, but Flash does it speedily signing various cards and pads in seconds. A woman steps ahead of everyone with her little girl in hand, she passes a camera to her husband who stands in the crowd.

"We would really like to have a picture with the two of you, if that is ok."

Flash pats the little girl on the head.

"Of course that will be fine; you can have as many shots as you'd like."

The pictures are taken as Superman and Flash continue to write their autographs. Pythena stands nearby watching the activities of Superman and Flash.

"Just as I expected, the two of them are spectator favorites. But after everything is said and done, this world and their world will be ours." Pythena tells.

She and Shang Tsung leave the field entering into a back room. The lines for the voting booths are packed!

"So who are you voting for?"
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"I'm goanna have to go with my boy Flash, the dude's got ridiculous speed. No one can touch him except maybe for the guy in the red cape. How bout you?"

"I'm not sure yet, I'll have my mind made up once we get closer to the front. But it will either be Superman or the green lantern."

Many conversations go on throughout the line. A little over an hour passes before Flash and Superman are finished signing autographs. They walk out of the exit side by side. The two of them talk and laugh about the days events. When outside of the stadium, they find a familiar comrade standing up against a wall with crossed arms.

"Hey Batman, why is it that you are still here? Where're the others?" Flash asks.

"They must have left with the rest of the crowd earlier; I didn't see any of them. I was looking around to see if I could find anything strange, but came up with nothing. Hopefully this tournament isn't just a set up for something big." Batman tells.

"What do you mean by that?" Superman asks.

"Let's just hope we aren't going to regret attending this affair. I'm willing to bet someone has something to gain from this all, but than again I might be wrong." Batman replies.

The three of them are silent for a few moments.

"What I think our whole group should do tonight is attend the dance! That should relieve any stress we might have. Of course we would have to come without our patrolling slash hero costumes on." Flash suggests.

Batman leans forward off of the wall.

"You Clark and Everyone else maybe, but I have work to do. Tonight is the night I want answers. Something just isn't right about all of this." Batman says.

"In all honesty you just need to chill out a bit. You just seem so uptight about everything, trust me bat's a little fun would do you well." Flash advices.

"You might be right, but I don't plan on sharing my true identity with any of the avengers. Or anyone for that matter." Bat's tells.

"Alright that's enough; let's make our way back to the temple. We've probably kept everyone waiting long enough." Superman says.

The three of them begin their journey back to the temple. Miles away both Kung Lao and Liu enter the Shalion temple. Awaiting them in the front room is Raiden.

"So how did the two of you do?"

Before saying a word, both shalion fighters bow to their sensei.

"Well I guess you could say we did well, considering we both passed the first round. I'm not going to lie to you, but this is goanna be a tough one to win." Liu replies.

Raiden glances back and forth at each of his students.

"I know who you speak of; it is the fighters from another world. But I can feel the confidence throughout you both, just believe in yourselves and you can accomplish anything."

"Thank you lord Raiden, it is greatly appreciated." Kung Lao says.

"Dinner is being prepared for the two of you and should be ready in the next ten minutes. I think it would be a good idea if you guy's just rest for the remainder of the evening." Raiden tells.

Liu looks up at a close by clock seeing that it is thirty minutes past five. Superman, Batman and Flash return back to the temple. They take the elevator up to their floor, by way of Bat's and Supes parting ways with Flash. When inside their room, Bruce takes the cowl off of his head, sitting down in a chair.

"I really do think you should take Wally's advice, a little relaxation never hurts anyone. Come on Bruce, you wouldn't even know where to begin looking for answers." Superman says.

Bruce stands up, getting un dressed out of the rest of his suit. He gets into a pair of tan slacks, and a sky blue tea shirt. He additionally puts on some shades along with a hat, with black Nike shoes.

"I'm going on a short walk, which should give me a little more time to think it over." Bruce tells.

He opens the door slightly; looking out to make sure no one is present in the hall. All is clear, so he exits the room walking down the hall to the elevator. Wolverine talks with room service on the phone.

"Could you please repeat again how much weight in total you'd like?"

"No particular weight, just make sure it is over 400." Logan says.

Hal and Peter just sit around waiting for their ordered tuxedoes to arrive.

Miles away

Pythena, Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung work on the preparations for round two. Kahn looks over the shoulder of Shang Tsung, getting a glimpse of the fighters who remain.

"Maybe you are right about this Superman; so far our men in the booths count him having a splendid amount of the votes. But it isn't quite clear between him and the one who goes by Flash, who holds the most votes." Kahn says.

Pythena discusses further matters with Kahn, while Shang Tsung continues to set up each individual 2nd round match.

To Be Continue
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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP8: Close call

Baraka along with a couple Tarkadens barges into the room which Shang Tsung works in. The sorcerer glances up from what he is doing, presenting a face of agitation.

"If you have come here to talk, it will have to wait till later." Shang Tsung looks down over the brackets. "If you're that anxious, Pythena and Shao Kahn are just in the next room."

Baraka signals the two tarkadens to have a seat on the nearby sofa. He strides over taking a seat across from Shang Tsung at the lengthy table.

"I just spoke with prince Goro, and he informed me that he will begin fighting against tournament participants who make it past round 3. Shouldn't he be fighting sooner?" Baraka asks.

"You of all people should know Goro loves a challenge, he is waiting for a handful of the weaker fighters to be eliminated." Shang Tsung looks up from what he is doing. "If it is those super powered fighters you are worried about, don't worry. Pythena has orchestrated a plan which includes them all being demolished."

Baraka sits back with a wide smile across his face.

"That's great, but that does nothing. The real problem is Raiden and his group of earth defenders that is who Pythena should be targeting. Those meta humans have nothing to do with our world."

"I guess Kahn didn't let you in on the whole plan, but we are going to take over this globe and the one they come from. Pythena came to us directly for help to accomplish this plan."

Much excitement runs throughout Baraka, but he still does not fully trust their new found ally. Over two hours pass and the sun has fully set over the mountain tops. Logan reaches over turning off the water handle. He steps out of the shower wrapping a towel around his body. He opens his nearby hand bag, getting ready to shave. He doesn't spend more than five minutes in there before finishing up and leaving. When in the hallway, he looks over to see Batman.

"If you are looking for any of the others, you probably won't find them. They all left for the primetime event." Batman informs.

"I already knew, but thanks for telling me any how. Not to assume anything, but youaren't going are you?" Logan asks almost certain.

Batman looks down pulling something out of his utility belt, throwing it to Logan.

"Here are some coupons I picked up earlier from the stadium; you can use them tonight or on something in one of the gift shops."

The avenger/Xmen glimpses through them, seeing what discount each of them gave in depth. He looks up from the slips to an empty hall. A nearby window is open in company of the wind from outside brushing against the plants.

"Now I can see why this guy hasn't been killed yet, his awareness and technique is crazy. For someone with no super human abilities, he is a bit impressive."

Afterwards Logan walks off into his room getting dressed.

Lin Kuei temple

Subzero along with many of the other Lin Kuei fighters spar amongst each other. Standing before them is the grand master, who takes notes of each individual fighter. After doing so he calls time, which ends the training session.

"I'm glad to see that most of you are showing improvement from the past few weeks, but loads of you still have a long road ahead of you. Our goal by the next mortal kombat tournament is to have at least ten of you representing along with Subzero."

The grand master has the entire group of rookies step aside, he sends a veteran fighter out to the middle of the room to face off against Subzero.

"I want you all to watch them carefully, pay close attention to their execution of moves."

Outside of the temple reptile runs through a forest jumping over a log. The resonance of splashing water is present seeing that the ninja continues crossing through a lake. He looks around, making sure he isn't being followed before proceeding. When coming to a stop Baraka awaits him by a camp fire. Another individual steps from behind a tree.

"I'm glad to see you made it on time, we must hurry and discuss the future plans before anyone gets suspicious." The sorcerer Quan Chi leans a bit on the tree. "Baraka has some information that is sounding promising."

"Oh really, and what might that be?" Reptile asks, not sounding too intrigued.

Quan Chi steps forward putting a hand in front of him.

"Patience Reptile let Baraka speak before forming your opinion. This looks to be a perfect opportunity to resurrect lord Shinnock."

The ninja decides to listen taking a seat on a nearby rock. Baraka clears his throat before speaking. He starts off by telling them about the new alliance between Pythena the outsider, Shang Tsung, and Shao Kahn. Across from the tournament dome, many people enter the building where the revelry will take place. Most of the attendants are directed outside through the back doors, with many tables set up and a view of the beach. Clark and Diana enter with wrapped arms taking a seat near the beach front.

"Wow that really is some view, it sure is stunning tonight." Clark sits back, opening a menu. "So do you think we should start off with some appetizers first?"

The princess stares into the night sky, seemingly lost in her thoughts. Diana wears a pink dress with long pink gloves, while Clark wears the casual black suit and tie. He takes a moment to observe her; she notices a smile from him.

"Is something wrong?" Diana asks.

"Ah it's nothing really; you just look so beautiful tonight. Where did you get that outfit?"

She looks away from him blushing.

"Tony Stark purchased this for me just an hour ago, I'm glad you like it."

"Figures, I should have known it was him. Tony's got so much money it's amazing, just like someone we know."

Diana rests her elbows on the table's surface.

"I really wish Bruce would have come, sometimes it just feels like Batman has completely taken over his life."

"Yeah maybe so, but that is a part of who he is. Both Batman and Bruce are the same individual, just two different sides trying to bring some good to the world."

Bucky walks across having a seat next to Diana, it is than that Clark changes the subject.

"So are the others all here yet?" Clark picks up a menu. "There certainly are a lot of things to choose from."

"Yeah most everyone should be making their way through the front entrance, but I do believe Wolverine and Batman might be running a little late. I didn't see either of them." Bucky replies.

Wally enters alongside Peter, the two of them head right over to the bar area.

"Don't worry about reaching for your wallet, this one's on me." Wally tells.

Both of them order large sprites, sitting at the stools in front of the bar. Tony, Carol, and Hal make their presence known walking across the cement floor finding a table.

"You must enjoy having that super speed; I bet you're never late for anything. I can't even count how many times if I had just been there minutes earlier things could have been different." Peter reveals.

"You'd be surprised, because even with my immense speed even I haven't made it on schedule every time."

Most everyone's attention is taken away from what they are doing, with the sound of booming music. It is then that a DJ enters the main stage along with his crew. Through a microphone they encourage everyone to come out on the dance floor, which a lot of people do almost instantly. Wonder Woman stands up from her chair, grabbing Bucky by his wrist.

"Come dance with me, it will be a lot of fun."

He smirks looking optimistic at the princess.

"It would be my pleasure." Bucky replies.

"While the two of you are out there I will order some buffalo wings and nachos as an appetizer." Supes tells.

The two of them leave the table holding hands while walking out onto the dance floor. Tony steps onto the dance floor as well, he just looks around finding a woman who stands alone. Hal and Carol just sit at the table watching.

"The two of them sure have taken a liking to one another, it's almost like love on first site wouldn't you say?" Carol asks.

Hal rubs his chin for a few moments reflecting on it.

"I guess that means I'm not the only one who noticed, so what do you have planed for tomorrow? I think I'll just sit back and relax, training won't be necessary for most of us."

She sits forward resting one of her legs over the other.

"I haven't really decided yet, but I might just go on a little tour of this island."

Hal stands up from the table walking forward.

"I've decided I'll go for a few rounds, if you change your mind you can come on out." Hal tells.

He disappears into the crowd of dancers. While the bar tender looks the other direction, Peter webs a can of Pepsi pulling it over to his side. He leaves money in its place. The fast paced music switches over to a slow pace. Diana relaxes her head on the shoulder of Bucky as they dance around in circles.

"Hey Pete I'll be back in a minute, I need to ask Superman something really fast. You should really go out there and dance, it looks enjoyable." Wally tells.

Not far away up a hill and on the pinnacle of a brick temple is Batman slouched over, looking down on the entire event through his binoculars. He looks in all directions, making sure there isn't any form of deception. But he appears to come back to a certain someone, the princess of Themyscira. Her appearance of much attractiveness seizes his concentration. The dark knight finally comes to a realization there is nothing gruesome about the party, deciding to take his search for answers elsewhere. He places the binoculars back into his utility belt gliding off of the roof top.
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"I saw you looking down on the dance, what are you some kind of assassin? You're good at sticking to the Shadow's but so am I"

Batman looks over to see a suited up fighter with crossed arms standing up against a tree. He takes a few steps forward to get a clearer view.

"I remember you from the tournament, your that ninja. Isn't it Scorpion you go by?" Batman asks.

"I see you have a good memory as well, but I have to tell you something. I don't like guys who sneak around, why don't you cut to the chase and tell me what you're really here for."

"I'm sorry but that's just none of your business. I'd back off if I were you; you're getting into dangerous territory." Batman replies.

Scorpion laughs at his comment seeing it as a challenge. He pulls out his rope spear twirling it around.

"I don't know what it is your thinking, but I'd put my weapon away if I were you. Take my word for it; you don't want to fight me." Bats tells.

"I've heard enough of your talking, and you're obviously hiding something! Maybe If I beat on you enough you'll have a change of heart." Scorpion says.

"As I said before it's none of your concern, but if you insist just try me."

Scorpion smiles under his mask, seeing as the dark knight has accepted his challenge. Hanzo wastes no time, throwing the rope spear out at Batman who jumps out of the blade's lane. As a quick counter he pulls out four batarangs throwing them at the ninja spectre. Two of them pierce Scorpion in the shoulder as he dodges the other two remaining. Both Scorpion and the dark knight perform a flying kick, knocking each other to the side. Scorpion once again throws his rope spear out at Batman, who just knocks it down with his gauntlets.

"Had enough yet? Quite honestly you're just wasting precious time of mine. I have things that I have to do other than fighting." Batman notifies.

Scorpion leaps forward into a front flip, coming down behind Batman kicking him into a bush.

"I don't care who you are or what you want, we will fight till the end. Either you will kill me, or I will kill you."

The Dark knight gets to his feet knowing that he won't kill Scorpion, and really has no desire to fight him either. The battle continues as Scorpion races over toward Batman, throwing a few punches and kicks. Some of which are blocked, while others he lands perfectly. Batman steps back putting power into a round house kick, knocking Scorpion off balance. Batman steps into it punching him across the face, watching as Scorpion goes down hard. The ninja shows signs of dizziness, but is quick to get up kneeing bats in his left side of his ribs. The dark knight yells out in pain as he is uppercut fourteen feet into the air. The ninja spectre takes the opportunity to throw his rope spear up. It tears right through the stomach of Bats, but doesn't quite make it out of the other side. Scorpion pulls it out and watches as Batman falls to the ground in a somewhat bloody mess.

"Well it looks like this fight is over, quite honestly I expected a much better match." Scorpion says.

He looks down on Batman, and can tell he is in tremendous pain.

"You really are pathetic; I guess I'll take the liberty of beating on you some more before I finish you."

It is obvious Batman cannot get up after Scorpions previous attack. Hanzo walks over stomping on the dark knight's chest, watching as more blood squirts out from his body. He then picks him up by a bat ear on his cowl brutally striking him in the face, before slamming his head to the ground. He now bleeds from his nose and mouth.

"I could just leave you here to die like a dog, but I'd rather finish you off with something remember able." Scorpion tells.

He steps back a few yards spinning his rope spear at a high speed. He focuses looking down at Batman's chest, in the area of his heart's location. The rope is thrown with more than enough distance but the blade just drops to the ground. It all happened so fast, but Scorpion notices the rope had been sliced while air born. He looks up in time as he is slashed across his chest and punched to the ground.

"You messed with the wrong man bub!"

Scorpion jumps up putting some space between him and this unknown person.

"And who are you supposed to be? I take it you must be a friend of that bat." Scorpion asks.

"The name's Wolverine and you don't have much longer to live! How dare you attack and kill Batman! I'm goanna cut you open and watch as the roaches feast on your dead carcass.

"I think I'd rather not waste my time on another worthless fighter, who knows maybe you'll fight against me in the tournament. Until than, so long you fool."

Logan watches as Scorpion disappears into thin air. The avenger falls to his knees, punching at the dirt in rage! It destroys him within; given the reality he didn't show up sooner. Many thoughts float through his mind, but what sticks out most is what he would have to tell the others. And how would he do so. The sound of Batman calling for him can be heard within. But after a few seconds, he realizes something. Standing and turning to his other side, Batman lays in the dirt alive calling for him. Logan immediately makes his way over to his side.

"Batman can you hear me?" Logan asks.

"Help me u..uu.. up. No wa..Wa..way will I d…..d..di.e like this." Batman struggles to say.

Logan takes off his tuxedo vest, wrapping and tying it around Bat's stomach to stop the bleeding. After doing so, he puts Batman's arm over his shoulder lifting him up and walking slowly.

"The infirmary is near by; it is the same one that the participants in the tournament earlier in the day went to if needed. After they patch you up and everything, I'll take you back to the temple. Just don't die before we get there."

Logan proceeds down the hill with Batman slumped over on his side. Back in the party area Peter and Wally have moved over to the side of Superman.

"Besides going by Superman, what is your civilian identity?" Peter asks innocently.

All he gets from the big man is a smirk.

"You most likely won't get an answer from him; he probably wants to keep it private." Wally says.

The three of them sit back, but it isn't too much longer before they are served their food. Over another four hours pass before the event ends. It is than that everyone exits from the premises.
"Wow that was actually really fun, hopefully they have more of these parties. Heck there was a lot of fine babes in there as well!" Wally says.

Bucky puts a hand on his shoulder laughing.

"Yeah I'll have to agree with you, that was a lot of fun. It took off a lot of the pressure from the tournament."

The group talks amongst one another while on the way back to the temple. Back across from the stadium, Logan looks through the glass window watching over Bruce who lies on a comfort table hooked to oxygen. His wounds have since been cleaned and patched up. The nurse by his bed side after some time finally leaves exiting the room.

"It's a good thing you brought him when you did, if it had been five minutes later he would have passed on. He will be just fine; all he needs now is a lot of rest. Your friend won't be able to get up on his own for at least two or three days. Do you have any idea how this happened?"

"No clue misses ah umm." Logan looks down at her name tag. "Ms. Deana, I just found him this way." Logan replies.

She lifts up her clipboard writing something down.

"Well I have another patient to check up on, you can stay here as long as you wish. He probably won't be up and back to 100% for two weeks at quickest."

"That can't work; he is a participant in the tournament." Logan replies.

"I'm sorry but that's just the way it is, he will have to be taken out of the event. Just let him rest, that is the best way for a nice speedy recovery."

Deana puts the clipboard down to her side walking down the hall. Logan looks downward at her legs and backside whistling. She turns around as a response, but he hastily looks the other way. Logan then looks through the glass to see the eyes of Bruce open. But what happens next surprises him more. Bruce sits up taking the oxygen off of his face, hopping off of the table. It is then that Logan enters the room.

"What in the name of god do you think you're doing, in your present state you shouldn't be up?" Logan asks.

Bruce takes off the hospital pajamas throwing them to the side. He steps over to the chair located by the table picking up and getting dressed into his bat suit. Logan watches at the side amazed, at how Bruce moves around as if he hadn't been injured at all. Bruce puts the cowl back over his head last, turning to Logan.

"Let's get out of here before she makes another round to this room." Batman says.

Logan wants to say something but is at lost for words. Instead he just shakes his head agreeing. Batman takes the lead as they hurry through the hall to the exit. Once outside they are almost soaked down with the heavy rain all around.

"We will just call it a night and make our way back to the temple. Let's just keep it between us what happened tonight." Batman tells.

Logan shakes his head agreeing walking through the downpour.

"Hopefully you don't have another encounter with that ninja; you might not be so lucky next time."

The comment seems to have the dark knight stunned, or perhaps angered. Whatever it may be it is known that he puts much thought into it.

"There is one thing you don't know about me Logan, and that is I don't repeat the same outcome twice. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying, but if he and I meet again it won't be the same."

"Whatever the case, I'm glad you made it ok. Just try and be more careful when sneaking around, I won't always be there for your assist."

Back at the temple Diana finishes up in the bathroom, slipping into a long tea shirt returning to the room. Both Carol and Bucky are sound asleep. She tip toes across the carpet over to Bucky's bed. She looks down at him having much desire in her eyes. Rubbing a hand across his face, she bends down a bit bringing her lips closer to his. Feeling a bit uneasy she pulls back standing, walking across the room and getting into bed with Carol. At Shao Kahn's fortress Shang Tsung looks over his completed round two brackets.

"It all looks good; you have done a fabulous job as usual. I'm about to go get some shut eye." Pythena emphasizes.

Shang Tsung looks over to see her wearing a robe in the midst of her bra and thong revealed. He does a proficient task of trying to hide his interest. She blows him a kiss goodnight leaving the room.

To Be Continue
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