Mortal Kombat: Conquests Starts Next Week

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
The live action weekly TV series based on the Mortal Kombat story, <B>Mortal Kombat: Conquests</B> will begin airing the week of <B>September 28th</B>. The episodes will air on local <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">United Paramount Networks (UPN)</A> stations. Most stations will air the episode on <B>Saturday, October 3, 1998</B>. Times may vary for different locations, so check your local listings. Here is a quick synopsis of this week's episode.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD WIDTH="350">
<FONT COLOR="#6699FF" SIZE="-1"><B>Mortal Kombat: Conquest</B></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH="350"><FONT SIZE="-1"><B><I>"Warrior Eternal"</I></B>
Reluctant warrior Kung Lao must decide whether to follow his destiny or his heart. (Part 1 of 2)</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><UL>