Mortal Kombat: Changing Tides


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Hello everyone, as most of you probably know I already posted one of my ongoing fanfics recently, and yea heres another cause I been working on this one for a while, MK: R.E.D. was a relatively recent project, so yea here goes, tell me what ya think…

MK: Changing Tides

Prologue: Downfall

Shadows rose and fell from Shao Kahn’s dungeon, its twisted halls echoed with the despair of those who dared turn against their lord and master. Cells carved into the walls reeked with the rotted corpses waiting to be feasted on by the ravenous Oni. In one of these cells however, life remained, the unconscious body of a brutalized man lay chained. All that could be heard from the man was the stunted breathing of its occupant, but their far larger amount of noise going on inside the man’s mind.

How could you…

Power is my right!

Have I taught you nothing…

Leave now

You shall pay for your ignorance

Rain what have become?

“Arggh!!!” Rain broke free from his comatose state, attempting to breath he only ended up coughing out blood, his entire body felt like it was on fire. Rain moaned in agony as he attempted move. He fell backwards, which caused more pain on his apparently damaged back. With no power to try again, Rain simply laid there, stair up into the darkness. After what felt like centuries Rain managed to scrounge up enough power to lift himself back onto his knees. Though his body still throbbed in pain, it had a little more manageable for Rain to fight it. As he lifted his arms Rain finally noticed the chains attached to him that were keeping him in place. Rain tried to break free of his bindings but found he was too weak to even make the attempt.

As his arms slumped back down, Rain found himself wondering how he ended up like this, his general memory was a blur; he could barely remember what realm he was in. Rain quickly tried to look deep inside his thoughts to remember the past few days “NNNAGH” Rain screamed as a sharp pain shot through his brain; he once again fell back on his back as mind felt like it was being torn apart. Rain attempted to fight back but was soon oppressed by the voices that had plagued his comatose.

What have you done child...

Rain looked up into to the darkness above him and involuntarily screamed “ I DID WHAT WAS RIGHT!!!”




Rain slumped down further “No…I…I”

Failed… Everyone

Rain’s gave a slight whisper “I-I didn’t I...I” suddenly an image flashed before his eyes, that of a warrior standing over a burning village, the survivors begged for mercy but the warrior showed them none as he cut them down, when his deed was done the warrior removed his mask, and to Rain’s shock and horror the warrior shared his face. Rain finally breaking down into a state of confusion and anguish over events that he could barely remember, all there were fragments of whatever life he had. Rain could not take it, the pain his body had felt was nothing compared to this. “P-please…” he begged to no one “make it stop.”

“Hahaha, but darling, we haven’t even started yet~” a voice came from outside the cell, startling the confused Rain. “Oh, Rain dear don’t be frightened…” the mysterious figure said as it approached, as it grew closer a pair of piercing yellow eyes became visible. Rain tried to push himself to the back of the cell but the chains kept him in place. Finally the being showed itself, it was a woman, with short black hair, and a revealing purple outfit; she looked down at Rain, visually reveling in his fear. Despite fearing her, Rain admitted to himself that he had no idea who she was or what she wanted with him.

“I know you may be tad… confused” said while giggling to herself, “But I assure you…” as she spoke the woman opened up Rains cell and stepped inside, “I am only here to make you feel…comfortable.” The woman raised one of her fingers and had moved towards Rain’s chin; slowly caress it from top bottom, before suddenly pulling back, digging her nails into Rain’s chin and cutting him in the process. Rain let out a small grunt of pain from the sudden motion, he quickly tried to tug aty the chains again to escape, before finding he gasping for air as the woman grabbed his throat. “Now, now dear, I know it can be rough sometimes… as it can be for many of my little pets but…” the woman’s grip got tighter and tighter as she spoke, Rain thought he was going to the die right then and there, until she suddenly let go and continued “Like any pet, you need to learn OBEDIENACE” and with great force hit Rain across the face, followed by another, until she fully began beating Rain in every way she could muster.

While this severe beating went, fragments in Rains mind slowly drag out in to some form of memory. Slowly the name and status of his tormentor became clear to him, just managing to dodge the woman’s attack, Rain hissed out “Mi…Leena”. Mileena let out another small giggle as she responded “Aaah, so you do remember me, I was starting to your mind was completely hollow.” Rain once again attempted to break free of the chains, this time in attempt to lunge at Mileena; he screamed “Release me from these chains you half breed abomination!” Mileena responded by slowly wrapping her fingers around the back of Rain’s head and whispered “Now there’s no need to be rude, haven’t you heard of biting the hand that feeds you…” Mileena’s fingers then dug into Rain’s head and slammed his face into the ground. Mileena then knelt down and whispered in Rain’s ear “Well you have certainly made a habit of that haven’t you~” before getting up and slamming her foot on top Rains head.

The beating went on for quite sometime, for a moment however Rain slipped back into unconsciousness, lost in the darkness, another memory began to be pieced to together, soon Rain remembered why he was here.


Rain pushed pass the guards to Shao Kahn’s throne room, at first they attempted to stop, but recognized his status as general and allowed him entrance. “No more waiting” Rain said to himself as he approached the Emperor’s throne. Shao Kahn appeared to be discussing matters with another one of his generals as Rain reached him. “You will meet with the Lin Kuei assassins at the portal to the north, they have agreed to give us their sonic disruption devices for the Invasion, in return we shall give them our soul transfer magiks, you are to make are make the trade and nothing more, now go Kotal.” The Osh-Tekk warrior bowed and replied, “As you wish, Kahnum”, as he left he passed by Rain, giving him a look that read, “don’t anything foolish”.

Rain ignored him and moved to bow before Kahn, “My Emperor, I wish to have a word with you” Rain requested, Shao Kahn stared at him for moment before replying, “Speak”. Rain raised his head and said, “I have done much in your name, and proven myself as fearsome, yet I am still without an army.” Shao Kahn’s face remained emotionless as he said “ Rain, as I have explained to you before, it-“ he was quickly cutoff by Rain “I know, it is not the right time, but is it true that with the invasion of Earthrealm approaching that you will need as many skilled warriors as can to lead it.” “Perhaps” Shao Kahn replied “But after our recent betrayal of our other Edenian warriors, you should not surprised that I am hesitant to enlist another.” Rain now stood up, frustrated at being refused once again and said “I deserve an army!” Shao Kahn simply replied “The answer is no”. Rain clenched his and nearly yelled “You will give me what I want, I demand it!”

This time the Emperor yelled back “You can demand nothing of me, you whelp!” Rain moved back, slightly startled at his tone as Kahn continued “It is by my will alone that you still draw breath!” with a single finger he motioned towards the doors “Now leave my sight!” Rain stood there, awash with fear and anger, he stared at the Emperor before lightly saying, “Very well, if you won’t give me power then…” without warning he began to run at the Emperor and screamed “Then I shall take yours instead!!!” As he headed straight for the throne, Shao Kahn remained still. As he ran, Rain was intercepted by one of Shao Kahn’s guards and Mileena. The Guard attempted to stab Rain with his spear, but he deflected the attack and kick the guard in the stomach and finished his opponent of by snapping his neck. Mileena pounced on Rain, but he was quickly knocked against a wall as Rain hit her with a rush of water.

With no more obstacles in his way, Rain leaped into the air and went to take a critical strike at the Emperors face. Rain never saw the hit coming, but he did feel as he was launched halfway across the throne room. After his brain registered what happened he attempted to get up but ended up on his hands and knees coughing up blood, before receiving a swift kick in the ribs from Shao Kahn. “I tire of these attempts on my life” the Emperor said to himself as he grabbed Rain threw him against a pillar. Rain, dazed and crippled, could do nothing as Shao Kahn grabbed him again and smacked him across the face, again and again. Until Rain was nothing but a bloody mess, Shao Kahn gripped Rain by the head and whispered in his ear “You are nothing, just a pawn that has forgotten his place, you make take that knowledge to your grave.”

Mileena approached the Emperor and said “Father, let me tear him apart!” Shao Kahn dropped Rain and turned to his daughter “No, at least not yet.” Shao Kahn walked back to his throne and continued, “He shall be publicly executed, an example of what happens to those who think I am vulnerable.” Shao Kahn motioned for more guards “Take him to the dungeon”, two guards entered the room and carried Rain away.


“Do not think you slip away so easily darling~” Mileena struck Rain again jolting him back into consciousness. Rain could barely move his brutalized body as he faced his assailant “P-please stop” Mileena laughed at his begging and replied “Don’t worry darling, it won’t hurt for much longer” she pulled out a Sai blade. She raised her Sai and aimed it at Rain’s face, she move to strike, “That’s enough Mileena”. The princess stopped and aimed her Sai at the direction of the voice “Who dares!” A man walked out of the shadows, from what Rain could see he had a pale complexion with strange markings all over his body.

“I do,” replied the man, “Now let go of him” motioning towards Rain. Mileena retorted “You have no power over me Sorcerer!” The man only smiled and said “Yes but I do have power with your “father”, do not test your value to him over mine.” Mileena paused for moment, staring at the man with a cold expression; she quickly let go of Rain. Mileena whispered in Rain’s ear “Will have to resume another time” she then cell but before fading out into the shadows she turned to the man and said, “This isn’t over Quan Chi”.

Quan Chi barely glanced at Mileena as she disappeared and said to himself “It will be soon” as he entered Rain’s cell. Rain looked up wearily at the sorcerer and said, “Are you here to torment me as well?” Quan Chi shook his head and replied, “No, I’m actually here to help you.” Rain gave Quan Chi a confused look “Who are you…” The Sorcerer gave him a bemused smirk “You should know who I am, though you may not remember much anything right now.” Rain scoffed at that comment “How do you know.” Quan Chi raised an eyebrow and said “Tell me, who attacked you just now?” Rain was surprised at the sorcerers question, had not seen what had just happened “What kind of question is that, it was Mi…umm” Rain was at a loss for words as he found he could no longer remember his tormentor for last two hours, even his memory of how he got there were beginning to fade. Rain shook his head “No…I-I have remember…remeb-AGHHH!!!” Rain mind once again felt as though it was going to burst from his skull.

He almost fell backwards again until Quan Chi caught him and said “Your mind has been tampered with by Shao Kahn’s sorcery, he does it to his prisoners to keep them docile, it won’t be long before you become nothing but a shell.” Amidst his pain, Rain looked Sorcerer and said “Make…it…stop” Quan Chi lifted up his hand, which began to glow green with Magik, “With Pleasure.” Quan Chi began feeding his Magik into Rains body. To Rain it felt as though his entire body was burning, was the sorcerer attempting to kill him, he thought. But soon the burning sensation faded, and soon Rain more soothed than hurt. Quan Chi stopped the flow of Magik and said “It is done”. Rain sat back up, he body felt refreshed, he scanned himself and found that all his injuries have been healed. “Can you remember now?” Quan Chi asked as he stood back up. Rain went into deep thought, once again trying to recollect the past, and this time he found it.

Every memory returned to him, Mileena’s identity, Shao Kahn’s betrayal, the Edenian Resistance, all of pieces were put back in place. Rain looked back at the Sorcerer “I do remember, Quan Chi.” Quan Chi smiled and said “Excellent, then my work here is done” the sorcerer then turned to leave. Rain began to tug at his chains again but Quan Chi said from behind “Do not attempt escape” Rain gave Quan Chi and incredulous look “Why, should I wait to be executed?” Quan Chi shook his head “No, but with the Invasion on, it would be unwise to try to get past Shao Kahn’s forces.” “Then what will you have me do?” Rain asked, now not sure how the Sorcerer thinks he could survive. “There is going to be a changing of the guard soon, when that time comes you may make your move.”

Though Rain did not truly understand what he meant, he trusted him enough to go by his words, but one question remained in his head, Rain looked up at Quan Chi one last time “Why are you helping me?” Quan Chi stopped, turned around and said, “What reason would I need to help a god?” Rain was taken aback by his words “Wait, what do you-“ but Quan Chi was gone. The next few days felt like an eternity for Rain, he mostly time mediating and keeping himself limber for whatever opportunity may come. To Rain’s surprise Mileena never returned, which he thought was a shame because if she had Rain would have made her pay, no matter the consequences. On the seventh day Rain was beginning to give up hope of escape, but soon began to hear voices coming from down the dungeon corridor, at first Rain could not discern what they were saying but as they grew closer they too grew clearer. “Why are we down here in thissss filth, we should be in Earthrealm avenging the Emperor!” the other voice replied, “Fool, the front was lost when Shao Kahn and Sindel died, besides we are under orders from Empress.” The first voice gave out an annoyed hiss “I sssstill don’t understand why Mileena wants to continue with the executions after what happened.” “For Power” the second voice replied before continuing, “Even Mileena knows that without Shao Kahn, Outworld is going to tear itself apart, she needs instill fear in our less honorable subjects to keep them in line.” As the second voice finished the figures that they belonged too, Rain recognized them immediately.

The assassin Reptile and the Jailer Sheeva, but what Rain focused on the most was that, Shao Kahn was gone. This was it, he thought, this was the opportunity Quan Chi had foretold. He just had to be smart and freedom would be his; as the jailer approached Rain he feigned injury, he needed to look as weak as possible to avoid suspicion. “Rain” Sheeva said as she opened his cell, “Consider it honor that your death shall serve a greater purpose.” As she reached for the keys to unlock his shackles, Rain made his move. “Not today” he said as he rose to his feet, he tore his arms free of the chains, with his hands free he molded water over them until they were transformed into blades. He slashed at Sheeva, cutting an x into the shokan’s chest. Her screams of pain were cut short as Rain proceeded to roundhouse kick her to the ground. “Traitorous ssscum!” Reptile screamed as he disappeared. Rain walked out of his cell, scanning the area for his invisible opponent.

For most it would be difficult to find Reptile in his translucent form, but Rain’s control over water made finding him simple. Rain can sense the movement of every particle of water in the air, especially when they have been disturbed by something moving through them. He felt that very disturbance right behind him, without hesitation turned around, just in time to block Reptiles claw. Rain pushed Reptile back and hit him with a few volleys of water. Reptile however managed to avoid the second volley and dashed around Rain, slashing at his back. Rain grunted in pain but recovered quickly dodging few of Reptiles acidic spit. Charging in, Rain struck at Reptiles chest, landing three powerful blows. With Reptile reeling from his assault, Rain formed another water blade and slashed at Reptiles face, cutting through his mask and mouth.

Reptile hissed in agony as he covered his mouth. Rain decided to finish the fight by striking at Reptiles neck, knocking him down. With what little strength he had Reptile looked up at Rain and hissed out “Bassstar-“ before be silenced by Rain’s boot. Rain looked over his feat, incredible, Rain thought, he felt even more powerful then he was before. But there was no time to revel in his victory; he had to escape before more guards arrived. Rain ran to the exit, on his way he began hearing the cries of the dungeons other prisoners, they begged Rain to free them from their fate. He paid them no mind, why would he waste his time trying to save these lowly dogs, Rain thought, it would only hinder his own chances of escape.

Rain thought he would ever see the outside of that dungeon. He found it refreshing to breathe in the cold night air. Rain looked around and recognized that somewhere in the eastern edge of the fortress. Rain still wasn’t safe, he thought, no doubt the guards have already been alerted to his escape, and with the blood thirsty Mileena as ruler she would stop at nothing to wipe out all her enemies. He needed to get out of the capitol, looking down at the rest of the city he found that most of the citizens were gathered at Shao Kahn’s statue, most likely mourning his loss.

Good, Rain thought, with the public distracted he could slip through and escape in the darkness. From there though he was not quite sure where he would, perhaps to the Golden Desert or…

Will he still be there, waiting…

“Who’s there!” Rain called out, as he turned around prepared to fight, nothing, not even a disturbance in the air. Rain stood there slightly startled by the phenomenon that felt strangely familiar. “Just the wind” Rain said to himself “Just…the wind.”