Mortal Kombat Arcade Emulator Status

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Dave's Classics</A>, has updated with information on the progress of <A HREF="">MAME</A>, an arcade emulator. The MAME team is hard at work trying to get Mortal Kombat functioning, and it looks like they're very close.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD WIDTH="450"><FONT SIZE="-1" COLOR="#FF8000">The team working on the William's game drivers (Mortal Kombat, Narc, etc), have made some great progress! Mortal Kombat is now fully playable, but there is a bug with the CMOS, so the high scores are not displayed. The graphics are nearly pefect as well. Also, Narc is now fully playable, but the autoerase chip is not correctly emulated, so there is some junk on the screen. Smash TV unfortunatley, is still a ways off, because you can only fire DOWN currently. Speed is also not very good. On a p2/266, its only getting about 16 FPS. This is mainly due to the fact that the processor being emulated is 40mhz. :p</FONT></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><UL>It is not known if the Williams driver will be available in the next release of MAME, but keep your eye on <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Dave's Classics</A> for the lastest word. Thanks <B>Patrick McCarron</B>.