Mortal Kombat 4/Gold HD Remake (Ideas)


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Title: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Gold

* The roster would be everyone in MK Gold. This time though, secret characters (Goro, Noob Saibot, and Sektor) will have their own slots and should be unlocked by beating arcade mode (Master 2) as certain characters (1 on 1 or 2 on 2). Shinnok for Goro. Sub-Zero for Noob Saibot. Cyrax for Sektor.

* Every time Mileena does a fatality, her mask will be off. Her sai toss fatality would actually look like they impaled the opponent and not just glued on them.

* Baraka's impale fatality would be reanimated to look like he impaled the victim.

* All characters will have a total of 4 costumes. The first 2 costumes will just be primary outfits with different colors. The following are the alternate costumes that each character would have.

- Kitana: 1) A green palette swap of her primary outfit with a darker skin tone (resembling Jade) and would have the staff weapon (from Kai's secret weapon). 2) Her MK4 outfit in the N64 version or a Sareena skin.

- Mileena: 1) An outfit resembling Sheeva. 2) The same outfit as Kitana's primary (UMK3) with a mask on.

- Goro: 1) A Kintaro skin. 2) His MK1 outfit.

- Baraka: 1) His MK2 skin. 2) A skin resembling the unreleased character, Belokk.

- Noob Saibot: 1) Same 3rd outfit from MK4. 2) Human Smoke skin.

- Sektor: 1) A partially human form. 2) Cyborg Sub-Zero or Hydro skin (blue).

- Cyrax: 1) Same as MKG. 2) Cyborg Smoke skin (grey).

- Tanya: 1) Same as MK4. 2) Sindel skin with Shinnok's Naginata.

- Shinnok: 1) Demon form from Mortal Kombat Mythologies (but of course in his human size). 2) Shang Tsung skin (MK2 or MK3).

- Johnny Cage: 1) Same as MK4. 2) Stryker skin with the same gun as his other secret outfit.

- Sonya: 1) Same as her MK4. 2) Her MK3 outfit. (Her hair can be pulled all the way back without the bangs and just be like her usual look in MK4 but just add the headband and the top and bottom outfits from MK3.)

- Fujin: 1) His MK Mythologies outfit without the cape. 2) A Nightwolf outfit.

- Reiko: 1) Shao Kahn skin. 2) His MKA primary outfit.

- Jarek: 1) MK1 Kano skin. 2) MK3 Kano skin.

[These are just some of the ideas I have for costumes.]

* Shinnok's move set should just have one move from the main fighters of MK4 rather than copying other fighters move sets. The following should be his moves.
- Johnny Cage: Shadow Kick
- Tanya: Corkscrew Kick
- Sonya: Kartwheel Kick
- Liu Kang: Low Fire Ball
- Reiko: Shuriken Throw
- Kai: Falling Fireball
- Quan Chi: Air Grab
- Jax: Ground Pound
- Jarek: Vertical Kannonball
- Raiden: Teleport
- Reptile: Invisibility
- Fujin: Dive Kick
- Scorpion: Spear
- Sub-Zero: Ice Clone

* Fatality inputs should be simplified and changed. Especially Tanya's Kiss of Death (should be down, down, forward, down + HP for example).