Mortal Kombat (2011) Now available for pre-order!!

why is it already for pre order lol. why wouldnt they wait till like december or january. it just seems a little early.
Preorders allow the manufactorers(I hope I spelled that right) to get a better idea of how many games they need to make. In turn it allows for bigger profits because you don't have a stupid amount of games sitting on shelves collecting dust, and you don't have a stupid amount of people waiting to get it either.

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Already pre-ordered this last month. Now I play the waiting game.... or SSF4 until then. :p

I wonder if anything MK related will be released before MK(2011)? That supposed MK1-3 HD collection would rule so much, especially with online play.
I've had mine preordered since the beginning of July. It may be early, but at least I'll have a copy fully paid for by the time March rolls around.
I don't pre-order games more than 2 months ahead of time. I'd lose the receipt holding onto it for almost a year...

That said the Collector's Edition (which there's sure to be one) is getting Pre-Ordered as soon as I have a confirmed release date.
Depending on where you order, you don't have to hang on to your receipt. GameStop stores all of that information in their computers.

But, I agree; I will pre-order, as soon as I hear about a Collector's Edition.
Bah I shall wait with preordering until I know whether there will be a collector's edition (which there probably will) and if it is even coming to Europe.