Mortal Kombat 0

hear me out i havent thought this through properly but here goes...
Mortal kombat before the tournament happened and how the characters came to be involved in the tournament
Each's story,well an adventure game..Kano killing special forces troopers,sub-zero mythologies,scorpion hunting the map,than getting killed..Can't find any space for cage,kan or raiden
There's already a topic like this, and it's called Mortal Kombat Zero, surprisngly enough, it's got the -exact- same idea.

methinks the both hath copied
>Cage learning martial arts, chasing someone who knows of the torunament, killing assassins, then going to the tournament
>Rayden chasing Shang Tsung, fighting him, then learning of the tournament
>Liu defending the White Lotus from evil ninjas and such
>and maybe a secret Reptile thing where he finds his race dead, fights those who ended his race, then killing off those who oppose and going through the backdoor of the tournament
It sounds pretty good, and maybe if it does get released then maybe we might find out the origins of the characters and the very realms themselves