More than one way to die on some stages!!!!


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RT @RonnyRAGE6669 @noobde @toad1206 Stage Fatalities look amazing. will any Arena's have 2? Noobde: Oh MAN, just WAIT. Just WAIT!!

This game just keeps getting better.

What Arena's do you guys think will have more than one?


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I'm thinking the Deadpool

Fatality 1; Knocked into Acid

Fatality 2; Knocked onto hooks then dipped into Acid while screaming!!!


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Liu Kang getting hit by the car at the end of the Demo made me Laught out Loud.
Esp. watching his crippled headless body after.
2 Funny!!
Goros lair
maybe Goro gets up from his chair or whatever and beats the opponent to a bloody pulp then hangs him in the wall to dry.
opponent gets thrown into a dark hole and gets eaten up by a bunch of oni's.
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While I could see this being the case I am not putting any stock into it yet, Ed wouldnt confirm this sort of thing over Twitter.