More Sega Dreamcast Conspiracy

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
According to <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">Gamespot</A>, Babbages has a list of games slated to be available for the US launch of <B>Sega's Dreamcast</B>, and <B>Mortal Kombat 5</B> is on it. The list looks <B>extremely</B> similar to the games mentioned in <B>Bernie Stolar's</B> <A HREF="" TARGET="_parent">keynote speech at the GDC</A>. Since the <B>GDC</B> was a gaming industry event, Babbages was definitely in attendance. This list has some controversy to it. It looks exactly like the list Sega mentioned in their keynote address. In fact, they're in the same order they were mentioned in the keynote, with exception to <B>Soul Calibur</B> and <B>Power Stone</B> being switched. In particular, the first few games listed in the report on <B>Gamespot</B> are <B>"Sonic Adventure, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Cart Racing, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, Geist Force."</B> In the keynote text, <B>"Sonic, VF3, CART, Football, Basketball, House of the Dead 2 and Geist"</B> are all in the same sentence. With the exception of House of the Dead 2, these titles are exactly in the same order. So, this news doesn't really confirm anything about whether or not MK5 is definitely the title of the Dreamcast version of MK. I still stand by the responses I received from Midway employees. Furthermore, I just don't see the reasoning behind the possibility of <B>Midway</B> sharing their most successful franchise with Sega. This clearly has to be a publicity stunt put on by Sega. I'm surprised that Midway hasn't come out with a formal response to this matter in order to protect their franchise. I've sent off another e-mail to Sega, but they just aren't responding. Conspiracy?