More Koncept Art Surfaces as MK: Shaolin Monks Nears

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
As the release date of <a href="/games/mksm">Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks</a> (<strong>Xbox</strong>, <strong>PS2</strong>) looms in one week, <a href="">Midway's Boards</a> has released two more <b>koncept artwork</b> pieces for our consumption. This time around it is a sketch of <b>Mileena</b> and a full color drawing of <b>Kung Lao</b>.

<center><a href="/images/mksm/artwork/22.jpg"><img src="/images/mksm/artwork/22_t.jpg" width="120" height="100" class="newslink" /></a> <a href="/images/mksm/artwork/23.jpg"><img src="/images/mksm/artwork/23_t.jpg" width="120" height="100" class="newslink" /></a></center>

Also, if you're interested in seeing what TV commercial will be appearing on Comedy Central, FOX, MTV, Spike and WWE events, check out the <a href="">MK Monks TV Spot</a> (3.8mb, WMV).

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