More Kombat Kodes for the New Revision

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Here are the Kombat Kodes to play at the rest of the stages in the new revision of MK4 in Chicago, IL.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD><FONT FACE="Arial"><B>011-011 Goro's Lair<BR>022-022 Scorpion's Furnace Stage<BR>033-033 Elder Gods (Blue Faces)<BR>044-044 Tomb<BR> 055-055 Rain Stage<BR>066-066 for Reptile's "Snake" Stage<BR>202-202 Living Forest</B></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><UL>See yesterdays news entry (below) for the Shaolin Temple and Prison stage Kombat Kodes. Thanks go out to <B>Da Sawman</B>