Mokap Short Story


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Please listen to this song as you read, it makes the story.
And please forgive me if it gets a bit repetitive, I could find no extended variant.
Also, please do not open the spoiler until you have read the story :rolleyes:

Mobidian Kapulet, the greatest puppeteer and ventriloquist the small town of Overjoy had ever known. A Polish immigrant that settled there in the late 40's, Mobidian was always well liked by children. And he liked them in return. A frail man with a seemingly endless grin on his face, Mobidian' eyes were always referred to as cold, or 'dead' for the way he always hung his head low and looked up from them. But he was a nice man. Always hosting free puppet shows for all the little ones to come and view in his backyard. Smiles were bound to be had when Augustus, his four foot tall puppet, would dance around with a very grim face and tell stories of his Polish homeland.

Augustus was the greatest friend to the children, and he often told them that Mobidian' house was very special. And that if any secrets were to ever leave there, he would go away forever. The children did not want that. So naturally when Mobidian invited a child in to see Augustus' room, they left quiet, their grins became nonexistent. While Mobidian' grew wider and wider with each child he entertained. The children, no longer happy young tikes, just sat silently and watched Augustus as Mobidian made him dance and tell the same stories over and over. They stared at him as if knowing he shared the same pain and dark secrets as they did.

Alex was the son of one Roger Simmons. Alex was known as the most charismatic youngster in Overjoy. He made friends with everyone and everyone agreed Alex was headed places. So when Alex became a shut in, Roger became worried and questioned the other parents if their kids had been acting strange. All agreed, and reported that their children become very defensive when asked about Mobidian. Spooked by their children's sudden lack of energy, the parents become suspicious of Mobidian. Roger fears that foul play is happening and sneaks into Mobidian's home at dusk to look for clues when he leaves for the local market.

Roger finds his home to be completely empty, save a bed, a nightstand and a display case for Augustus. On the nightstand Roger notices a framed picture of Mobidian and what appears to be his family. Mobidian is the only one smiling on the left while his family sits to the right with depressive faces on them. He notices that a boy in the picture looks shockingly like Augustus. Roger looks over to Augustus who seems to be staring dead at him. His usual look of torment fixated on his face. Roger walks towards the display case and opens it. He feels a chill run its way down his spine as he swears he thinks he saw Augustus twitch. He reluctantly picks him up and examines him.

The weight, the proportions, the detail, they are all far too realistic for him to be a mere toy. Roger chalks it up to European customs, perhaps all of their toys are of this quality. That is until Roger notices a small crack on Augustus' face. Curiosity envelopes him as he attempts to peel away at it. He breaks off a small piece and is hit in the face with the most rancid smell he has ever had the displeasure of experiencing. He sees something through the plastic molding, what seems to be dried up and moving. Roger goes to peel more to investigate, but he hears the front door's knob rattling. He quickly places Augustus back in the display case, and the family picture back on the nightstand. He sneaks out the window just in time.

As Roger is sitting in his living room with his thoughts racing he remembers that he forgot to close the display cases' door. As he wonders if Mobidian will notice he begins to hear screams coming from Mobidian's house next door. Too afraid to move he waits a while before it stops. Roger then goes over to check on him. He knocks on his door with no answer. He opens the unlocked door and calls out to him, with still no answer. Heart pounding so much he cannot hear himself think, he slowly makes his way towards his bedroom. The door is slightly ajar, he can see it is vaguely illuminated by the crisp moonlight.

Even slower he makes his way there, pushes the creaky door open and sees no one. Only Augustus, but he is different. He is not in the same position as Roger had left him. He was facing he nightstand. Upon further inspection the hair on Roger's neck stood straight up when he saw that Augustus had the same grin on his face as Mobidian always did. And he was staring intently at the nightstand.

Roger walks towards the nightstand, making sure to not take his eyes off of the puppet. He picks up the picture only to drop it and run out of the house like a mad man. He goes back in the morning to make sure he isn't insane, Augustus was now looking down at the floor smiling at the picture. Roger picked it up again and let out a harsh scream as he looked at it



Not really anything to do with MK.
I've just always thought of Mokap as a puppeteer.
Deal with it :)
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I'm going to read this in the morning.. To scared to right now <_<

(So serious right now)


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Just click the spoiler box. The picture will cheer you up and reassure you that this is a gleeful tale.

That was the first thing I did.. When i opened the thread. No one can resist the all might Spoiler box :hail:

Was that a black hole near the curtains?...


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I honestly want to delete this thread now.

Why open the spoiler box first?
Completely ruined the story.

A brotha be mad salty today.


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I really liked this; you gave a stupid, dumbass troll character a dark and interesting story. I really like the concept of this and would maybe like to see a prologue of this story.

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Amazing story man, although it would fit better as a creepypasta, this is the kind of originality I would like to see in MK characters. Great Job!

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Why does this remind me of the movie The Illusionist? Great job, anyway, I really like the atmosphere that the story gives off


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Sweet that was good but terrifying.

The damn music and this story fuked me all up.
fuk that spoiler button


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Dang son, thanks guise.

I was going for a rebuilding of Mokap, trying to place him in MK10's story. But I got bored and wanted to do something else.
Originally I was going to make him a puppet master that controlled other characters, sort of like Quan Chi's X-ray, only he did it with strings. But then I decided to go for something different.