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I am writing this petition as a way to let Warner Brothers and Neatherealm Studio know that there are good reasons, as well as interest from the fans, in the creation of a modern release of Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

When I was a kid, Mortal Kombat Trilogy was one of the best video games ever. I could sit and play that game for hours at a time, day after day. The level of depth of the game was astounding.

As the years went by, the shortcomings of the original versions of this game became more painful. A modern Mortal Kombat Trilogy would have the ability to fix all of these for good. I think if fans read this and think about it, they'll realize how great a game this could be.

So, with that, I will proceed to make my points.

1: All the Kombatants!

The new Mortal Kombat Trilogy would be able to have all the 2D Mortal Kombat Characters from Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, Ultimate 3, and Trilogy. The old Trilogy always bothered me in that neither version of the game was truly complete. The CD Version had Chameleon while the Cartridge Version had Khameleon. There is no reasons that this new version couldn't have them both.

2: All the Arenas!

Even the CD Version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy was missing arenas. The Warrior Shrine could have MK3 graphics redone into stone statues to avoid the legal problems associated with actors from MK1 and MK2. If there would be legal issues using MK3 graphics this way, just keep Goro as the center piece and knock down the other statues to show that time had passed and the island had been damaged after the first Tournament, which I think was part of the story anyway. The Throne Room could sit Shao Kahn on the throne, just like they did in the Courtyard. I never understood why the Palace Gates were removed, and thus they should be restored. Noob's Dorfen should be restored. Honestly, with how easy it is to remove a layer of the background this arena should have never gone missing in the first place. We could also have two version of Goro's Lair, with and without eyes. As well as two versions of the Pit 1 (MK1 and MKT) and two versions of the Pit 2 (Pit 2 and Star Bridge.)

3: Arcade Quality Graphics.

Morta Kombat Trilogy was never arcade quality. If you look at the Playstation and PC Ports, the stages are smaller and the graphics have been shrunken. A good way to prove this two yourself is to compare Sektor's Eye Slit in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and then again in Mortal Kombat Trilogy. The eye slit is clearly black, and obviously so, in UMK3. In MKT, there are poses were the black eye slit almost fades away entirely because the graphics are so squished down in the port. Assuming that they have the graphics in arcade quality on a HD somewhere at Warner for MKT Johnny Cage; the rest can just be recovered from the arcade games.

This is true for Arenas too. Arenas were shrunken spatially. Look at The Cave in UMK3 and then again in MKT. The objects of the Cave are closer together, closer towards the center of the Arena, because the screen resolution for the the Playstation and PC Versions of the game were smaller than the resolution for the arcade. This is why the Kombatants look a lot larger compared with background objects in MKT compared with UMK3. This could all be fixed in a modern MKT that uses arcade quality graphics and content.

4: All the music!

Mortal Kombat Trilogy did not have all of the music tracks. Some of Arenas from the older games had background tracks from the newer games swapped in for them instead. Clearly, with a modern MKT, arcade quality sounds and music could be brought in. This would allow for every Arena to have its proper soundtrack.

5: Online Play

This modern version could have online play, just like Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. (With the online play updates that it has now.)

6: The Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection would serve as the starting point for this new Mortal Kombat Trilogy. This decision, in and of itself, instantly creates what I'd guess would be somewhere between 95%-98% of the game already. I mean, honestly, think about. Mortal Kombat Trilogy could even be a patch to Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection considering all of the elements needed, aside from the MKT Johnny Cage, are already present.

They were so close to making a modern Mortal Kombat Trilogy with Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection that if it were a snake it would have bit them. Literally, with the engine and net code in this modern UMK3 the majority of the work is already done. All they'd really have to do is pipe over the Arenas that they've already sampled at arcade quality in this same project into the UMK3 engine. Bring in some of the MK1 and MK2 characters, do a little bit of extra work (maybe a week or two's worth) and they've got it all done!

7: Bosses

A modern version could have toggle option for bosses to aid with Tournament Play. This option would disable 'boss' characters such as Noob Saibot, Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Motaro, and maybe also Rain.

This would mean that when the bosses are toggled off that their character select spaces could just be blocked off with MK Dragon Logos locking them off from being selected.

Baraka, Raiden, and Johnny Cage would be added back into UMK3. This would also allow all of the backgrounds from MK1 and MK2 to stay present in 'Tournament mode', for a lot more Arena variety than UMK3 really gives you.

'Tournament Play' Should be a Toggle Option for both the single player experience and when creating an online room. There would be an icon that looks like Goro or something that's filled in when the host of the room allows bosses and empty if the room creator is banning bosses.

The bosses are the only real complaint I've seen from people about MKT. If the bosses could be toggled off, and toggled off be default, then I think that most fans agree that a 'Tournament Mode' of MKT would be far preferable to just playing UMK3 all the time. (Because of the return of the three characters from MK2 and the MK1 and MK2 Backgrounds would be back.) For that matter, the MKT Classic Versions of Raiden, Kano, Kung Lao, and Jax would also be usable in Tournament Mode too. There are molded on characters already in MK1 and MK2. So, they really shouldn't be 'broken' for 'Tournament Mode.'

8: Return of the Sorcerer

Shang Tsung could be placed back in the Tournament Ladder, either as a regular character or as a boss before Motaro. He could Morph into anyone, including Chameleon and Khameleon. This is because there would be no major issues with lag, as we've seen with UMK3.

9: Spelling

We could spell Raiden's name correctly.

10: Extended Backgrounds

The extra animations and extended backgrounds of MKT CD and Cartridge versions could be incorporated into UMK3 at arcade quality if the resources still exist on some HD at Warner at arcade quality. This would mean Kahn's Cave could have a glowing floor with clouds moving. This could be made into separate versions of the same Arena, just like the two Goro's Lairs.

11: Combos and Special Moves

This would take more time at coding, but combos and special moves could have a toggle switch that goes between UMK3 and MKT. That way the players could revert back to Sindel only being able to spit one fire ball and the old UMK3 combos for 'Tournament Play' and back to the MKT combos and moves should they desire. This, like the bosses, would be able to be toggled for the single player experience and for Online Play when creating rooms.

12: Home Game Play Options

The Current Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is set up with none of the home special feature toggle options that the home ports of the games (and the original MKT) offered. You can't turn off the clock. You can't switch on, with a toggle, character boxes. You can't turn on one button fatalities. So on, so forth. I think these options should be available for both the single player and online experiences. Certain toggle witches should have icons denoting them being activated or not in online mode.

With all of this, I think that a modern Mortal Kombat Trilogy could be created within the space of two weeks to a month. All the resources are already present. All that would need to be done is transplanting them into the Mortal Kombat Kollection UMK3 engine and doing a little coding. The game should be released on the PC Through Steam, the PS3, and the X-Box 360 for sure. This is because Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is already on these platforms. Also, I like the PC better for this type of thing because consoles might get old and newer versions may (hopefully not though) make it hard to transplant downloaded content from old consoles to new consoles. A PC Version on Steam would allow the game to live forever, regardless of newer hard ware and newer OS releases. Nothing, or very little, would have to be done to keep the PC Version alive. It should also be released for the Wii U, but this isn't as pressing of a matter.

Please vote and please respond with your ideas for the game and how much you think would be fair to pay for it. I think if Warner hears that there is a demand for this game, and realize how close they are to this game already being a reality, they might go forward and do the extra coding work needed to make it happen.

Thank you.
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Personally I prefer NRS to take their time and make MK10 the absolute best fighting game ever made. They already have Injustice coming soon and it's obvious MK10 is in the planning stages so their plate is full and I don't want warner bros to outsource the game to a different developer (we all know what a mess the arcade MK kollection was when it was released.) so my vote is no.
Personally I prefer NRS to take their time and make MK10 the absolute best fighting game ever made. They already have Injustice coming soon and it's obvious MK10 is in the planning stages so their plate is full and I don't want warner bros to outsource the game to a different developer (we all know what a mess the arcade MK kollection was when it was released.) so my vote is no.

I'm fine with the project being outsourced. The only real problem with Arcade Kollection was that online play originally sucked. Eventually, an update was provided that improved the experience. Online play might not be able to be improved any more than it already is. Online play for this game is likely to always suffer at some level due to the fact that the game is so fast paced.

I'm not sure how they went about online play, as this is a port and not an emulation. Most emulation gameplay over the internet just syncs the whole game (from my understanding.) This creates tremendous lag. The best way to do online play, as is possible with a port, is to actually program net code into the game so that only the information needing to be sent back and forth is sent (such as controller input and other basic commands.) This way, lag is reduced. As a port, I'm assuming they've already done it this way. The lag experienced may just be what we'll always have to deal with.

I love Arcade Kollection. The only main problem in the single player experience that I've experienced is that the music track cuts out on the PS3 version during Goro's fight and the fight that leads up to it when Goro makes his sounds. I've yet to experience any true problems with gameplay. (As someone who played the arcade and SNES versions of the game sense he was 7 or so.) I've noticed a few oddities here and there. But, honestly, the games had oddities even in their original form. So, I don't blame the port for that.

Also, as noted originally, this game wouldn't even be a 'major' project. It's all just resource transplanting with some coding. The main work here is the coding, which could be done by anyone and it shouldn't even take that long to do.

Taj Gill

Definitely would be down for this, MKT was one of the best things about my childhood. To see an enhanced version with the things you suggest is definitely worth buying.
I always thought of MK9 as the new version of MK Trilogy since it has just about all the arcade characters and stages available.

Kurtis Stryker

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MK9 is, practically, a modern MK Trilogy. The only difference is no overbearing glitchiness, bosses aren't playable and Freddy.

MK Trilogy was a fun game when I was 11-12. But, in retrospect, it is a giant hunk of shit.

Taj Gill

I don't understand the complaints about this... Why not have an official, arcade quality MK Trilogy that fuses all the 2D games into one game for fun's sake?


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I dont Think ill Happen Sony owns Trilogy its up to them Trilogy will never come to the Market place Sry

Sony doesn't own Trilogy (or any part of the MK series), WB does. All Sony ever did was license it for use on their console. Trilogy was also under license from Sega to appear on the Saturn and from Nintendo to appear on the N64; none of that means squat.


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I still have my PS1 Trilogy disc.
Haven't touched it in years.

Fun Fact, Scorpion actually has a forward version of his Teleport Punch in Trilogy.
Makes for some interesting fakeouts.


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MK9 is, practically, a modern MK Trilogy. The only difference is no overbearing glitchiness, bosses aren't playable and Freddy.

Agreed 100%.

I deleted my game data and re-downloaded the 4 compatibility packs + Rain, and I have UMK3 / MK:Trilogy in MK9.
MK9 IS the new Trilogy.


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Also, after MK11. I'd want a new MK Trilogy based on the timeline of Armageddon but in a totally new direction in story. Every characters should be playable (including the guests from MK9-MK11 plus a new one or two). Or the game can all be just a dream match.

So basically like this...

MK9 = MK1-UMK3 Storyline (Shao Kahn as the main boss.)
MK10 = MK4-MKDA Storyline (Without Shang Tsung. Shinnok is the main boss.)
MK11 = MKD Storyline (Onaga as the main boss.)
MK12 = The new MKT. MKA storyline with a totally new direction or a complete dream match that's non-canon. (Blaze should be the boss.)
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I can not stress enough how awesome this would be, I would dish out 50$ without hesitation to get MKT on PSN. I would just want them to fix the little bugs like how some of the music played in the wrong arenas and stuff, make sure all the mk1 and 2 arenas are there with their stage fatalities active but obviously they would need to remove the pit 2 stage fatality as none of the mk3/umk3 character designs would work with that unless they found all the old character actors and costumes and reshot the falling sequence so just remove that one stage fatality all together. Make sure all the klassic music plays in their respective stages and lastly they should just make it so Shao Kahn, Motaro, Kintaro, and Goro are not playable in online ranked matches but make it so they can be toggled on or off in friendly matches. I would be like a child on Christmas morning if that ever happened, I loved MKT so much as a kid.


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Very nice writeup. And although I have only played MK4. (That was the best of what I had played back then). I am looking forward to buying all the new ones (and maybe old ones too).