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This week's <b>Mortal Movie Monday</b> presentation is a home made presentation by yours truly. Many people are unfamiliar with one of the most fun shooter games ever made, Midway's own <a href="">The Grid</a>. It was made by the <b>Mortal Kombat Team</b> between <a href="">Mortal Kombat 4</a> and <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</a>. It also served as one of Midway's final games put out to the arcade before their switch to the home consoles. I was a big fan when I first saw the game in testing around Chicago, and immediately started the creation of <a href="">The Grid Guide</a> here for TRMK all those years ago. I was even lucky enough to have my name added to the game's <a href="">awesome end sequence (YouTube link)</a>.

Back to the feature at hand this week. Last fall I personally purchased three cabinets of The Grid from the former collection of the Chicago arcade, <b>Dennis' Place For Games</b>, that had <a href="">gone out of business in late 2007</a>. A month ago I finally got all three cabinets moved into my garage and had friends over to play the game for the first time. I setup a digital camera on the wall, and let it record the chaos which is The Grid multiplayer carnage. I split the videos into three chunks of good gameplay, and had to edit out some colorful language.

The videos are some rare glimpses of this game in action available today, and really also helps show how much fun people have playing the game. I plan on doing more videos at a later point, as demand You can watch the first video below, and then there are links for the other two below the video.

<b>Video 1</b><br/>
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<a href="">Watch Video 2 (YouTube link)</a><br/>
<a href="">Watch Video 3 (YouTube link)</a>


We're still looking for great clips to showcase, so don't forget to <a href="">suggest us a future video</a> to be featured. Check back next Monday, for another great <b>Mortal Movie Monday</b> feature.
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