MKX: Year Se7en


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Hey Everybody, starting up a new fic set in the seventh year of MKX 25-year span, hope you guys enjoy it :)


Outworld, a realm that was once feared as Shao Kahn’s mighty empire, has now been torn apart by the hands of a ferocious civil war. But amidst the chaos and bloodshed, a new conflict is arising. Deep within the ancient catacombs of the Dragon King…


Nitara stood before a sea of lava, watching as it rose and splashed against the remains of the old emperors temple. How many years had she searched, Nitara thought, how many scrolls did she read through, how many tomes did she master, to reach this place. And how many more did it take to find the means to enter this fiery lake. Nitara watched as a figure slowly arose from the molten rock, moving undeterred as the lava slid down its metallic skin. Inside the beings hands was large glowing orb; Nitara’s gaze became transfixed on it.

“Finally…” she spoke aloud as a smile stretch across her face. The figure soon reached Nitara and handed the orb over too her. Taking the object in her hands she looked towards the being and said, “You have done well my pet.” The cyborg did not reply, it merely stood there, motionless. Nitara looked back at the orb, feeling the power that emanated from its surface. This was the key to her realm’s freedom, she thought, after all these years her long struggle for her people would finally come to an end.

Lifting the orb up above her, she prepared to smash it into the ground. But Nitara suddenly stopped as she looked down to find a sword stabbed through her abdomen. She shrieked in pain as she was pushed to ground, thinking quickly she commanded her robotic slave “Kill!” The cyborg lunged towards the mysterious assailant, but it quickly dodged all of the machines attacks. The assailant counter attacked with a well placed strike to the cyborgs neck, decapitating him.

With her only defense destroyed, Nitara desperately clinged to the orb as the attacker approached. Slowly it pushed her off the object, as blood poured out of her she had neither the strength to smash the orb nor to stop the attacker. “No…” Nitara choked out as the figure picked up the orb and began to walk away. As she laid in a pool of her own blood she looked up at the figure and asked “Why…”

The figure stopped and turned back to Nitara and said “Sorry lady, but my clan wants this orb a hell of a lot more than you do, nothing personal.” With that the figure left as the Nitara continued to bleed out.

She was so close, she thought, after all these years, how could it end like this. Looking up to the sky, she spoke out “Mother… forgive me… I have failed…”


Quick Side-Note: No the cyborg present here is not Cyrax like in the old timeline
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