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Being a member of these forums for a LONG time now, and being a SUPER HUGE NERD GEEK FAN of Mortal Kombat I have this unpleasant love/hate of Mortal Kombat X. Now everyone this is just my opinion please keep in mind this is just my feeling of Mortal Kombat X.

1. As the core game goes, the 3 types of fighting styles is great, smooth and feels right.
2. Graphics as a whole are great, game looks good and plays well. I own the PC version, game looks wonderful.
3. Fun, the game is FUN, me and my buddies play this game a lot since release, lots of replay, lots to unlock. NR great job.

1. Story. The story was good, and bad at same time. What I didn't like is how the game brought certain players back and not others. Example, if Quan Ch got beat so badly and it released his magic on Jax, Scorpion, and Subzero, in my opinion the spell should also have broke for all the other kombations under Quan Chi control. Why does it matter if they are in the same area as him? and 2nd in order for Quan Chi to get these people under is dark magic is they have to be, DEAD. So being released they should have just died, not come back to life. NOW I know this is the realm of Mortal Kombat so I cant over ride how the logic of magic may work in this world, just saying it really doesn't make sense.

What I also don't care for is how NR decided to add Certain Playable Characters to roster and not others. Example. If you beat the game with Kung Lao in his story line ending it enplanes how he fight demons to become good again. So I guess having him in the roster for select-able characters with both Tournament/Aged/ and Revenant makes some sense. But having Liu Kang Aged right off the bat when his soul was never released, not even by the story mode of the game makes no sense to me, I know NR has only so much space for select-able characters but besides being the future possible alt ending new leader of out realm, his role in this game was no more important then Frost, Striker or Baraka. So I really didn't care to much how some of the favorites get right on the select screen when there are other big fan favorites that could have seen the main page, Havok!!!!! Just my opinion.

And my last part of my Dislikes, and I ask the ladies who read the forums please don't be offended. But I miss how the female characters used to look. Yes the big boobs. Now before the bashing, the name calling, and other hateful remarks, I understand some of the devs said they wanted a more realistic look to these women and characters. Yet all the MEN look like huge built action heroes still. I mean if your going to tame the women down to a more skinnier, less busty role why not make some of the guys looks skinnier and toned? Bruce Lee, not built at all but cut and can kick major ass. I just my opinion, not trying to sound like a perv only pointing out how I feel.

Over all. I really do love Mortal Kombat X. I just had some gripes but I understand changes were made. This game is worth buying and its fun.
I hate how the controls are so delayed most of the time or wouldn't follows commands. I also hate fighting the cheap Corrupt Shinnok! And I hate losing.
I personally like the female character models better this way. Women don't need to be busty to be attractive to me. I think the way NRS depicted them this time around is very good.

I do agree with you about the story mode though. It jumped around a little too much for me , and the revenant thing also confused me a bit. I did , however , enjoy the ending when Raiden became the ruler of the Netherrealm. Nice spin.
Wave goodbye to big boobs because they're not realistic.
Regarding steroid pumped males, ever seen those asian ninjas, monks and samurais? Apparently they're fake as well. If they don't bodybuild while getting jacked, they're not ninjas, monks or samurais. Let Scorpion and Sub-Zero act as standards.
NRS - pushing the envelope with realism.
Well, Ermac looks skinny as hell, and so does Shinnok. Not every male character is buff.

There were however some glaring storymode plot holes. The story wasn't bad, and it was a million times better than MK9. I feel like we can forgive MKX for some of its mistakes, just for that reason alone.

Though, there is one thing that I will never forgive boon for if he isn't DLC - Fujin should have been on the initial roster.
I wouldn't call Shinnok nor Ermac skinny, considering their age. Especially Ermac.
If you wanna see what skinny is just look at every single MKX female. Now that's skinny. And small. In fact they all look just about the same.
Whenever I start playing MKX I'm simply suckered in by all the realism. What breaks the immersion are the god awful keyboard controls.
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The women are much closer in appearance than the men. but if you look closer you'll see slight diffrences. Jacqui is clearly the smallest with Mileena and Tanya being taller and thicker. Tanya is really lanky. Mileena looks slightly thicker than Jacqui and Cassie.

Now compared to the other males Ermac is thinner, Shinnok just has thin limbs.
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