MKX Comic "Bundle"?


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I googled and could not come up with any results. Is there a place where I can get all the comics as a bundle and have them shipped to my home? My school has blocked Comixology and I would like to read it throughout the school year and during my breaks at work. My workplace does not have a computer.


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I sure hope they do elae all the mkx comics in 1 big comic. I haent bough anybes I was hoping they ould do this.

Taj Gill

The best thing to do right now is order Volume 1, which has print issues 1-4 in one book, and pre order Volume 2, which has print issues 5-8 in one book. Volume 3 hasn't been announced yet, but that will have the final issues.


No, there are 33 chapters (soon to be 36). Those are the ones we get each week in digital form.
There are 11 issues (soon to be 12), which contain 3 chapters each. They come out every month or so.
And there are 2 volumes (soon to be 3, I guess), which contain 4 issues each (12 chapters total).


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You aren't missing much. I have all the issues released so far and they are just put in a dark cupboard never to see the light of day again until I die.