Mkx all content released & unreleased + dlc rate it!


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With the successful release of MKX for PS4, Xb1 and maybe slightly well release on PC (but its fixed now, atleast most and playable)
I want to hear what do you guys think! In your own opinion.
With all the skin packs, Jason & Tanya released + all the awesome intro's & hidden brutalities packed in give me your pro's and con's. (likes & dislikes)
I speak to over 500+ people daily on my MKX streams and crazy as it seems, no one really ever has spoken about MKX being bad!

I think Jason was alright, BUT Tanya is absolutely a very fun character to play with. (Naginata FTW!)

All the DLC costumes are mostly cool, I dont play with all of them but definately a nice add on.

Rumours are 2 classic fatality packs are coming (if true) totally awesome

If you're a big MK fan, and know alot about the lore, the intro's should be praised hard and not be skipped (im looking @ you PvP online players) because they're awesome!

Classic stage DLC & Future old school character DLC? I think we can all asume with MKX doing so well, we're definately getting something! Fujin, Reiko, Cyrax, Sektor, or 1 Male 1 Female character? It might take a while but its going to happen (I hope)

All in all with the released DLC the game is only getting bigger, and with the constant patching and balancing updates + free skins & secretly sneaking in extra brutalities, its just getting better & better!

With this all said, I do have 1 con; I wish the krypt was 2x bigger.
I know its already really awesome you can walk around etc etc, and because of time they couldn't put in extra unlocks, but damn could you imagine if they added lets say a chaos realm krypt location? Or make The Netherrealm location as big as the graveyard?

Anyway my rating for the content that is in the game as of now; 9000/10
I know a lot of people dont own a PS4 or XB1, and waiting for old gen to come out, if you can afford it you should walk to the store now and grab a PS4 with MKX or a XB1, and you will not be disapointed.


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Disclaimer: These are all my opinions based on the facts.

Story Mode: 7/10
- The storytelling is alot better than in any past MK games, but the story itself is somewhat boring and very predictable. The only real surprise was D'Vorah being a turncoat, and even that was somewhat hinted at in a screenshot released before the game.

Roster: 5/10
- The characters on the roster are solid, but leaves alot to be desired. Some of the newcomers are boring, but most of them add a fresh breath to the roster. The problem lies in the many returning characters from MK9 while leaving out some of the more expected characters that many have wanted to return from the 3D era, since the story happens after the 2D era, yet most of the characters on the MKX roster are from the 2D era.

Single-player Modes: 9/10
- The game offers alot of modes to play with yourself (lololol). The traditional towers are good for offline play, the Klassic Tower being the typical Arcade ladder, but the real fun begins with the Living Towers which are thematical and updated hourly, daily and weekly. For single-player modes, they certainly add some spice to the typical fights.

Online Mode: 4/10
- The online modes are very neat as well, from the typical one-on-one to the team fights to the King of the Hill modes. However, it is severely hurt by the bad netcode which is ultimately definitive to how enjoyable Online Mode is. Due to the bad netcode and the lag it brings, it becomes close to unplayable. You are lucky to get into a battle where the lag isn't as inhibiting, but they are far between.

The Krypt: 8/10
- The Krypt is a little minigame within the game where you can unlock concept art, alternate costumes, Brutalities etc., which is made more enjoyable with small puzzles made to unlock different new areas (and to prolong the unlocking process). However, the jumpscares are a nuisance and are even preventing some people to even play the Krypt, which is a big problem. Though an alternative is given, to pay real money to unlock everything, it takes away the excitement of unlocking it themselves. Without the jumpscares, it would overall be more enjoyable to more people.

And for the DLC:

Tanya: 9½/10
- Except for a very few nitpicky things, Tanya is overall an amazing addition to the game and has exceeded all my expectations. Her former model left something to be desired, but her new model corrected those things. Her gameplay is amazing, though somewhat technical and tricky, not making her too suitable for the more casual players, however, if you make the effort to learn her gameplay, she can be really fun to play as. The nitpicky things are rather superficial, such as me wanting her flames to be purple, her first Fatality being somewhat boring, her model in Story Mode still not updated, things like that. But it is not enough to prevent me from enjoying her inclusion.

The rest of the DLC: Don't care.

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I'm definitely enjoying it more than MK9.

Story Mode was fun, but predictable. The Living Towers adds replay value to this game a whole lot more than MK9 ever did. I've also been playing online more than I did in MK9 because of the improved netcode (it still sucks though). Loving the fact that there's so much more skins in this game as well, and DLC overall is good so far.

One complaint I have is that if you're going to make unlocking in the Krypt a tedious process, make sure we're entertained enough while doing so. Playing offline Towers over and over again to rack up Koins gets so damn boring after a while, if it was like this in MK9 where there was only one tower, I would damn well have gone insane by now. At least in the 3D Games, you had Konquest to explore as well as playing the CPU to earn koins, which was fun. Clearly this was done to frustrate players enough to splash $20 of real money to unlock the entire Krypt, but I'm not going to give in, as annoying as the process is. Real douche move by WB for that.

But overall, I love the game, I'd give it a solid 8.5/10, the cons being the lack of a Konquest mode, netcode and the tedious Krypt unlocking.


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Story mode:
I love this game more than MK9, at least in gameplay and modes, but in some things (like story and default costumes) I love MK9 more.
It has nothing to do with nostalgia and more to do with MK9 clearly explaining every single character on the roster and their role, even minor roles.
With characters like Erron Black, Ferra Torr, Kotal Kahn, Kitana, Kung Lao and Liu Kang, NRS failed to do that, IMO.
I mean, you literally had to dig through the Krypt and find the concept art to get official confirmation that Liu Kang, Kitana and Kung Lao defaults are just glorified "what if" scenarios by NRS.
At least the MK9 characters all had a better way to relate players with the characters in the game (IMO), and not make them feel like "Who the hell is that?" by the time that the story chapters were done, and all the default costumes actually made sense.
It could be argued that "Yes, Commander, but people know who the characters in thr Trilogy roster are."
Even MORE of a reason to have characters like Ferra / Torr and Erron Black explained better in the story and take more spotlight, and let some of the Trilogy characters sit back a bit in the story, in MKX .

The story mode was fun, but Shinnok not killing anyone and being defeated by someone like Cassie made it seem like he was less threatening (at least to me).
I see why they made Cassie as the 1 who defeated him (to show that the new generation could warrant taking up the mantle), but I feel that it could have been handled better.
Takeda would have seemed like more of a threat, given his weapons and training, but again that's just my opinion.
Speaking of story mode, where was this whole "rise and fall of Kotal Kahn" and various other characters vying for the throne, which Ed Boon kept touting for months on end???
The only other person gunning for the throne on the MKX roster, was Mileena, and IIRC Mileena started off as self-proclaimed Empress and Kotal started the mutiny against her, with him finally being ruler after her death.
That wasn't a "rise and fall" of Kotal Kahn.
It was more of a rise to power and conquer of Kotal Kahn.

The online mode is buggy sometimes, and this is coming from someone who has his PS4 connected to a Cat6 cable (directly into the router) with very high speed Internet.
The match making sucks, and I sure as hell know that it's not on my end.

Living Towers / Factions:

This is where I feel that NRS has excelled with MKX the most.
With the Faction Wars you feel like you are more of a contributing factor to that Faction, given that everything that you do can contribute war points to your given faction.
It's in the Living Towers and Faction War that I feel that Mortal Kombat X has the most single-player replayability value.
The Klassic Tower and Test Your Might can only be done so many times before I was like "meh."
After I got all the character endings, I don't think I ever went back to the Klassic Tower.
The only Living Towers that I feel are a bit lacking are the MK1 thru MK4 Towers.
With characters like Baraka, Rain, Sindel and Tanya having non-playable, no-variation complete AI models, I feel like NRS missed the mark with this.
It would have been pretty cool to have them show up in those towers.
I mainly just play the MK1 thru MK4 Towers once when they've appeared, just to collect the background, icons and borders, and then I don't ever touch them again.
The Daily, Hourly and other Premier Towers are awesome and are a HUGE step up from MK9's Challenge Tower.
With the Premier Tower, people who are on the fence about DLC characters can try them out for a FULL WEEK.
With as much as I disagree with NRS putting in the $20 to unlock the Krypt and Easy Fatality payments, the Premier Tower where people can try out DLC characters is awesome, as I have seen no other company that lets you TRY DLC before buying.
Endless and Survivor Towers are also awesome to play.

Overall, I'd give MKX an 8½ / 10 or a 9 / 10.
MKX is awesome, but it's not perfect.
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compared to MK9:

story: MK9 > MKX

roster: MK9 > MKX, although, I think MKX could have a roster that felt more complete with like four more fighters or so

krypt: MKX > MK9

online: too much effort in that factions crap, completely useless imo and it's idiotic to see something like 'Takeda and ChaosRealm began an invasion' , other than that I just enjoy 1v1 online , I guess the netcode is improved in MKX. MKX > MK9

single player in general: MKX > MK9

overall visual experience: MKX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MK9

my overall opinion is that while visually MKX rocks, the roster count and choices, the straight-up lies while promoting the game (latest Boon lie: DLC characters will have alternate costumes), the no secret fighter at ALL, some too vanilla newcomers and that MK:family edition thing was an overkill. I hope this game was just a transition as some said so some of those oldies can finally be fully replaced for others to shine in the next installment. either way, the game seemed very promising and dark but it was probably more vanilla compared to MK9. predictable story, not as interesting as in MK9, it feels kind of.. idk how to describe this actually but one thing's for sure, if this style continues MK will eventually lose the elements that made it so great in the first place


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Overall, I'd give it a 7. It's a really great game, but it also has some pretty bad flaws.

1. The Netcode. There's honestly no excuse whatsoever that NRS could not improve the netcode. It's next gen, the next game, it's been four years since the disaster that was MK9's netcode, and it's only slightly improved. That is RIDICULOUS. To tell you the truth I quite honestly believe that I had a better experience with Injustices' netcode. Maybe it's because of the tighter links in MKX, but I can't do shit in MKX. Literally half of my characters moveset becomes obsolete because I can't even get it to come out half of the time online. It's so frustrating trying to play the game seriously while at the same time suffering from massive delay, frame drops, and lag spikes. It just doesn't work, and i've given up on it unless NRS decides to release another one of those miracle patches that supposedly will "help" things.

2. The Story. Again, big let down. Don't get me wrong, it's the best they've done so far out of all of the cinematic games to tell a story, but it still falls short. Uninspired characters, boring plot, it just felt so rushed and unneeded. Shinnok looking like a total fool at the end of the game didn't help much either. I don't understand why we couldn't have been given a direct sequel to MK9. It feels so different, and I don't like such a big transition between games. I also don't understand why we couldn't have had already existing characters play a bigger role in the plot, Fujin, Reiko, Havik, Sareena, Bo', the list goes on. I get that they're trying to do it different this time around but what we got was just so disappointing imo. The roster feels so boring character wise, I guessed that after injustice that they would stop putting so many of the same characters in from the same faction and actually focus on a little diversity this time around, but I guessed wrong. That being said I did still enjoy story mode and i'm looking forward to what's in store for the future.

3 - Comic/game inconsistencies. explains itself

4. Costume diversity - another big issue for me personally is that the classic popular characters get most of the skins while the rest of the cast is left in the dark. Scorpion and Sub-Zero both have like 8 skins. Liu Kang has 6 counting his Brazil one, Kitana has like 6 as well, I just don't get it. The new characters could get some really awesome costumes based off their concept art! or how about a simple MK1 Goro alt? Would that have been really so hard to do? Or a MK4 Tanya?

5. DLC - 2 guest characters. Tremor being considered a "klassic" character.

6. No Fujin

Overall it's probably one of my favorite MK games of all time, and I love it to death but these are the things I disliked about it. sure, some of my gripes are a little nit picky but we all have them from time to time.
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Honestly, I think it's the best MK ever. Loved the story, the roster is fine (I'd make some changes if it were me, but I can deal), and the gameplay is the best it's ever been.


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the cons being the lack of a Konquest mode

Yes that would have been amazing!
I do think the story in MK9 was not more interesting but more believable, as cool as Cassie is, no way in hell would she normally be able to rape Shinnok like that, I think Reiko's, Havik & maybe Noobs inclusion would have made the story much better, but all in all I enjoyed it BUT not as much as MK9's AWESOME re-telling of MK 1 2 & 3

Taj Gill

Speaking of story mode, where was this whole "rise and fall of Kotal Kahn" and various other characters vying for the throne, which Ed Boon kept touting for months on end???
The only other person gunning for the throne on the MKX roster, was Mileena, and IIRC Mileena started off as self-proclaimed Empress and Kotal started the mutiny against her, with him finally being ruler after her death.
That wasn't a "rise and fall" of Kotal Kahn.
It was more of a rise to power and conquer of Kotal Kahn.

That's typical Ed Boon not knowing jack shit about his game's story. He's done it multiple times and it irks me to no end, it's as if he's being deliberately ignorant.


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while yes the story was really-
the rise of Kotal, Fall on Mileena - and a bunch of kids running around.


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That's typical Ed Boon not knowing jack shit about his game's story. He's done it multiple times and it irks me to no end, it's as if he's being deliberately ignorant.

Yeah, it annoys me too, because I'm like:
"Shouldn't Boon know EVERYTHING that goes on with the MK games, being that he's the creator of the series? Especially the story and gameplay aspects?"

Taj Gill

He's said some other stuff as well which turned out to be completely false, or he'd give a wrong answer to a question that fans know the answer to. I just can't remember the specifics. I really don't understand why he does that.

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Story Mode: 7/10
The design of it is really amazing, it really looks like a movie, but the story itself is really fast and i think the soundtrack to enhance it is really missing. They could have let us play with more evil characters to see more of the story with their perspective (Quan Chi, Mileena, Shinnok...). Some characters just appeared to say they have appeared, but they have none to zero importance, and i think it was kinda silly. And at least one of the parents should have died at battle: Johnny, Jax or Kenshi to add some more drama to it. But overall, it's far better than the MK9 story (also, loved that one) mainly because of the movie feel that MK9 didn't have.

Roster: 6/10
There are characters that could have appeared (even if as DLC) that would make my rating jump to 10 easily: Rain, Fujin, Reiko and Sareena or Sindel (well, wasn't this MKX Family?! Give us Kitana's mother). What saddened me the most is the family thing. Seriously, i wouldn't mind leting parents just as NPC and showing on the story mode: Johnny Cage, Jax, Kenshi and Sonya (if we were to get another female to take her place) - plus, none of them have died, sadly.

Single-player Modes: 10/10
This is the best MK ever about the single player. You have a lot of things to do and that is really great. I'm just missing the tag team, hope it comes back next MK.

Gameplay : 7/10
I still think it's too fast and you can't even appreciate the characters moving along the arena. But it's not bad. It's pretty obvious that Injustice (which was really fast too) inpired them. Oh well.

Online Mode
Can't say much, since i'm not going to pay PS+ to play it at the moment.

The Krypt: 10/10
Another very well done part of the game, especially the spiders, wolves and the meat guys that jumps from the blood pools. Also, the gambling was a very smart way to keep us playing and getting koins to get all the locked stuff. At this point, in MK5 i would have unlocked it all, it was pretty easy. But i'm still hoping that konquest mode (especially if very inpired from MK Deception) is back next game, that was my favorite way of unlocking things E-V-E-R!

DLC: 4/10
I'm only rating 4 because of Tanya and maybe Tremor. Have zero interest in Jason and Predator.
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That's typical Ed Boon not knowing jack shit about his game's story. He's done it multiple times and it irks me to no end, it's as if he's being deliberately ignorant.
Well, he doesn't write the story, and never has, so it's to be expected. And his lack of knowledge on the story dates at least as far back to Deception, when he referred to Jade as an "Evil Kitana".

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At this point Ed Boon is more of a figurehead than anything else. The story and designs and gameplay are all handled by other people. Boon is the spokesperson for the brand.


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Story: Decent

I thought the story was decent from the previous game. It didn't have as much random fights than the last game, such as Sonya fighting Sub-Zero and actually defeating him (I really don't see her successfully defeating him that easily), and I did enjoy the inclusion of the Quick Time Events.

There were some parts of the story that did wow me such as D'Vorah's lovely kiss to Mileena. Other than that, it was short but I'm not expecting a fighting game to have a story as long as Metal Gear Solid's story.

Overall, it was good, there were some parts that I didn't care for, but it's not that bad as many were claiming it to be at the very beginning.

Online: Booooooooring

I probably should have tried playing at the very beginning, but I never touch the online stuff until bugs are cleared out. However, I can tell that there's still problems with it. I'm also not the kind of person who enjoys playing laggy matches. And the times that I have been able to fight against someone, it's so laggy I feel like the match is really going to disconnect and that really aggravates me. Not a single person I have seen these last few times I've been on have had green bars.

Also, the matches that actually aren't laggy, are boring to play because I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over again. This part is just my personal issues, I doubt others have had this happen to them as much, but honestly, I'm tired of fighting the same thing over and over again. I like a decent match for once.

Characters: Awesome

I do enjoy the roster a lot, and I definitely appreciate majority of the new characters. The only characters I really don't care for are the Briggs, both of them. Neither of them are doing anything for me to like them, but you know, it's okay because I still liked what the developers did for them.

I freaking love Sub-Zero in this game, I love Ferra Torr and the cuteness that goes along with them, Mileena's new moves are fantastic, and I actually like Sonya in this game despite I never was a fan of hers at all.

DLC: Meh

I'm not a Tanya fan, I'm not a Tremor fan, however, I am willing to get them if they impress me with gameplay and other features. I've already admitted that I will get Tanya, now I'm just waiting for Tremor.

I do like Jason, but he's not a go-to character for me.

I've never seen any of the Predator movies, I might pass for that one.

So far, the characters alone aren't impressive for me, I would rather have some other character, but it's not my place to whine because it's not like I don't have to get them... despite that I am... if they impress me enough.

You get the picture.

Gameplay: Awesome

I love the variations, I love the interactions with the stages, it feels very smooth, nuff' said.

The Crypt: Decent

I appreciate that it's big and I can wonder around, collecting different items and such was fun, but it definitely gets tiresome. Honestly, I kinda wish it was like Deadly Alliance's crypt because I always thought that was the best way to do these kinds of stuff. But again, I didn't mind that I get to venture around and collecting things to help me advance throughout the place.

I really liked that part. And I couldn't care less about the jumpscares.

Single-Player Stuff: Decent

I do appreciate the other stuff I can do if I don't feel like challenging people online, but it does get boring after a while. The only entertaining thing is Test Your Luck because I never get two matches as the same. I do feel that there should have been something else to also entertain me, such as a mini-game... *Cough* Puzzle Kombat *Cough* but I'm not going to complain that much.

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Presentation: 9/10
Story: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10
Art Design: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Content: 10/10
Online: 5/10
DLC: 4/10

Overall: 8/10

My main problem is the online being so laggy. I don't really care about the story. The DLC isn't done very well, but there's enough content in the base game so I'm not complaining.

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At this point Ed Boon is more of a figurehead than anything else. The story and designs and gameplay are all handled by other people. Boon is the spokesperson for the brand.

He's both the director and producer of the game. I would imagine he would goes over the script of the game and watches the story mode being made. Either Ed up on what he said in past interviews or plans changed over time. I remember when he said that the sub boss is not Goro and we end up getting Goro as our sub-boss.


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I like MKX a lot, but for some reason my copy is a bit glitchy; there's a big ? on the select screen where Fujin should be.


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I like MKX a lot, but for some reason my copy is a bit glitchy; there's a big ? on the select screen where Fujin should be.

:laugh: :rofl: